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26 Apr 2021
@1hamidr:matrix.orgHamid Di did10:22:00
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org Hamid D: coool, so you should be able to upload your key then 10:22:38
@1hamidr:matrix.orgHamid Di did10:22:43
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org Hamid D: cool 10:22:50
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org soooo we're cool right? 10:23:03
@1hamidr:matrix.orgHamid D:)) no dude. i just created an account. so you assume if i can create an account i should be able to push and create a branch?10:24:30
@1hamidr:matrix.orgHamid Ddoesn't seem secure if i can!10:24:45
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org Hamid D: naa, since you've created an account, you should be able to upload you ssh key 10:25:26
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.orgthen fork the repo and push to it10:25:35
@1hamidr:matrix.orgHamid Dwell i did. then what?10:25:38
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.organd make a PR10:25:40
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.orgwhy do you need me to add your key then?10:26:01
@1hamidr:matrix.orgHamid Doh fml10:26:06
@1hamidr:matrix.orgHamid Ddont want to add me as a contributor... i see10:26:32
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org Hamid D: ahhhhhhhh, now i get it 10:26:45
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org you said "add my public key" dude, don't be ambigious 10:27:12
@1hamidr:matrix.orgHamid Dok let's fix it later.10:27:32
@1hamidr:matrix.orgHamid Di'll be back later10:27:45
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org Hamid D: just added you to the project 10:28:44
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org Hamid D: cool 10:29:00
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3 May 2021
@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org@freenode_lxsameer:matrix.org Hamid D: hey buddy, are you still interested in that clang-format changes ? 19:29:15
5 May 2021
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6 May 2021
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7 May 2021
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