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15 Oct 2019
In reply to @vikramaditya:matrix.org
western right wingers have managed
Only because jews keep banning lol MDE was cucked compared to the modern descendants
In reply to @code_god:matrix.org
Now I just want to keep my bloodline pure
Don't want any liberal DNA in my family
In reply to @vikramaditya:matrix.org
freedom goes against dharma. it leads to degeneracy
True. No discipline, no morals nor ethics.
In reply to @code_god:matrix.org
BC I used to believe endogamy as dated and orthodox.
Idk why people hate it so much it makes things easier
12:17:57@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityaliberalism and enlightenment philosophy is literary based on equality and liberty. no wonder why its so degenerate. its completely adharmic
12:18:05@ifuckredditsnitches:200acres.orgifuckredditsnitches Unless you're madly in love keep it in caste
In reply to @vikramaditya:matrix.org
liberalism and enlightenment philosophy is literary based on equality and liberty. no wonder why its so degenerate. its completely adharmic
It's based on semitic delusions
12:19:13@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityahindu lolbertarians make me even more mad
12:19:36@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityai see them on bakchodi or indiaspeaks all the time
12:21:03@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityathey just dont get it. small government wont work in 21st century. secularism, freedom, pure capitalism, etc will also destroy the country inside out slowly
12:20:59@ifuckredditsnitches:200acres.orgifuckredditsnitchesIndiaspeaks is all lolberts and neocons
12:21:06@ifuckredditsnitches:200acres.orgifuckredditsnitchesAnd they all worship jews
12:21:16@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityabut it happens slowly so they dont realize it
12:21:36@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityathe whole civilization rots from inside out
12:21:47@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityacontrol over culture is the most important thing
12:22:13@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityayou cant give people freedom to show anything they want to the public
In reply to @vikramaditya:matrix.org
control over culture is the most important thing
by culture, i mean all forms of media, education, news
12:23:45@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityathey all should be dharmic. if it goes against dharma, it should be banned
12:24:17@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityaraita wingers just dont get it. muh freedom
12:24:27@ifuckredditsnitches:200acres.orgifuckredditsnitchesYep, freedom of media leads to rule by (((mlecchas)))
12:25:07@ifuckredditsnitches:200acres.orgifuckredditsnitchesThey always talk about fairness too
12:25:16@ifuckredditsnitches:200acres.orgifuckredditsnitchesBitch take care of your own
12:25:47@ifuckredditsnitches:200acres.orgifuckredditsnitchesYour own people are what matter
12:25:58@ifuckredditsnitches:200acres.orgifuckredditsnitchesCritical finance needs to be lynched
In reply to @vikramaditya:matrix.org
yeah thats how i have always seen it
democracy = political egalitarianism; gender equality = gender egalitarianism; secularism = egalitarianism; affirmative action = ethnic egalitarianism
In reply to @ifuckredditsnitches:200acres.org
Critical finance needs to be lynched
he's so annoying
12:28:02@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityaalso alpha_sashi_tharoor
In reply to @ifuckredditsnitches:200acres.org
They always talk about fairness too
mAh xeNoPHobIA: critical finance
12:29:01@vikramaditya:matrix.orgvikramadityai dont give a shit about mlecchas

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