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1 Jun 2023
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburned if he says stupid shit, he gets stupid consequences 07:49:19
@_discord_384267923948306433:t2bot.ioyep, april showers all software is written by spherical humans in a vacuum that have no identity and are nonpolitical 07:49:49
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburned if he shits on one of the best software developers in the world for expressing their identity, people are gonna get fucking mad! 07:50:00
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburned and rightly so! 07:50:04
@yemou:matrix.orgyemoui want a stadiometer 07:50:22
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburned a lot of these don't even have to do with politics, it has to do with respecting others and shutting the fuck up 07:50:33
@_discord_363968669178658818:t2bot.ioHypadr1ve Each time I've KDE'd on nixos it sucked ass 07:57:40
@_discord_363968669178658818:t2bot.ioHypadr1ve Back to xfce I go 07:57:52
@yemou:matrix.orgyemoukde has been fine for me on nixos in the iso image atleast08:03:35
@yemou:matrix.orgyemouthats the only place ive used it 08:03:40
@_discord_363968669178658818:t2bot.ioHypadr1ve Yeah it works fine there 08:03:51
@_discord_363968669178658818:t2bot.ioHypadr1ve But with a proper install there's hardware acceleration issues (?) 08:04:09
@_discord_363968669178658818:t2bot.ioHypadr1ve Like windows are randomly flashing on wayland 08:04:40
@_discord_363968669178658818:t2bot.ioHypadr1ve And graphical bugs 08:04:45
@_discord_363968669178658818:t2bot.ioHypadr1ve On x11 everything is just really choppy 08:04:59
@_discord_363968669178658818:t2bot.ioHypadr1ve Might be cuz nvidia 08:05:19
@_discord_363968669178658818:t2bot.ioHypadr1ve On nouveau all animations run at like 50x speed 08:05:40
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburned that does sound like an nvidia thing 08:14:18
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburned both of them have been perfectly fine for me 08:14:26
@_discord_363968669178658818:t2bot.ioHypadr1ve Sadge 08:16:48
@_discord_363968669178658818:t2bot.ioHypadr1ve Xfce is completely fine tho 08:16:53
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend hey db 08:27:44
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend da pine tabby 08:27:44
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend ist shipin 08:27:46
@_discord_183608621832077313:t2bot.iooshaboy#1673 "kinda obvious" means "not obvious" 09:18:15
@_discord_183608621832077313:t2bot.iooshaboy#1673 He explicitly wrote he is doing that as protest against the sexualization of children and attacks on women. 09:19:23
@_discord_183608621832077313:t2bot.iooshaboy#1673 * He explicitly wrote he is doing that as protest against "the sexualization of children and attacks on women." 09:19:29
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedno it was pretty obvious to me09:38:08
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedI don't watch his videos enough though, maybe that dilutes it09:38:25
@_discord_183608621832077313:t2bot.iooshaboy#1673 plausible deniability 10:00:38

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