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17 Jun 2024
@_discord_140282920995782656:t2bot.iofedorable Truly baffling 06:26:05
@_discord_144600822737534976:t2bot.ionoriah "while I go on about explaining how I'm entitled to talk at people who don't care what I have to say, and also twist your words to unnecessarily and ineffectively attempt to gain the moral high ground, i will also attempt to imply your behavior/words could be interpreted as having bad intentions, despite nothing pointing to that otherwise." 06:46:34
@_discord_274573296199270401:t2bot.iorobinwils I do not care about a moral high ground. But let's keep it at this. We have other perspectives I just wanted to share mine. 07:01:35
@_discord_274573296199270401:t2bot.iorobinwils I didn't ask is just something that I have seen people use out of bad intentions. Although I get that he saw my opinion as personal which wasn't my intention so of course he replied with that. It makes sense. 07:04:20
@_discord_140282920995782656:t2bot.iofedorable My homeslice 07:21:43
@_discord_140282920995782656:t2bot.iofedorable Again 07:21:44
@_discord_140282920995782656:t2bot.iofedorable You pinged me with a reply 07:21:53
@_discord_140282920995782656:t2bot.iofedorable Unfathomable for you to continue holding this position 07:22:20
@_discord_140282920995782656:t2bot.iofedorable You could not fit the archetype more perfectly if you tried 07:22:57
@_discord_140282920995782656:t2bot.iofedorable It is okay to just not type actually 07:26:51
@_discord_274573296199270401:t2bot.iorobinwils I did not, Nora used a reply. 07:26:56
@_discord_140282920995782656:t2bot.iofedorable I'm still referring to the initial reply here, which you insist didn't happen 07:27:52
@_discord_274573296199270401:t2bot.iorobinwils Ah well sure whatever. I thought that was discussed already. 07:28:37
@_discord_140282920995782656:t2bot.iofedorable Let's leave it at that then 07:28:59
@_discord_695400715887050782:t2bot.iookashi_o fedorable this Robin guy is a debate pervert 10:12:08
@_discord_695400715887050782:t2bot.iookashi_o Weirdo behavior 10:12:11
@_discord_695400715887050782:t2bot.iookashi_o Gotta go Okashi style on him (sexual harassment) 10:21:26
@_discord_140282920995782656:t2bot.iofedorable No we really do not 10:44:03
@_discord_206794847581896705:t2bot.iokar krill truly based 11:07:38
@_discord_695400715887050782:t2bot.iookashi_o Eh, better idea than giving a serious response to him 11:42:59
@_discord_695400715887050782:t2bot.iookashi_o I'll always win a race to the bottom 11:43:35
@diamondburned:matrix.orgDiamond (it/she)
In reply to @_discord_206794847581896705:t2bot.io
krill truly based
wipes tears we did a good job
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@diamondburned:matrix.orgDiamond (it/she)unless22:48:15
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19 Jun 2024
@_discord_366199736765513729:t2bot.iomisha_opstal changed their display name from Misha_Opstal to misha_opstal.12:56:58

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