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14 Apr 2021
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedyeah I had a few06:16:58
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend anyway i just ordered a new powerbank yesterday 06:18:43
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedwhat's the capacity06:19:19
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend 30k mah 06:19:29
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend * 30k mah 06:19:33
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedhow thiicc06:19:40
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend dunno, havent got it yet 06:19:52
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend but they said it weight 750g 06:20:09
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend i also found a powerbank for like 3$ with 30000mah lmao but that looks fake to me lol 06:20:45
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedsounds like a bomb of a deal06:20:54
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend it is 06:21:03
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend i checked the review on that in curiosity and it's fake capacity lmao 06:21:29
@_discord_253923956967473163:t2bot.ioaosync#3115 openvmlinuz 06:21:37
@_discord_253923956967473163:t2bot.ioaosync#3115 why is the kernel file sometimes called vmlinuz 06:21:58
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend but surprising amount of people thinks it's a good deal and bought it then left a bad review xd 06:22:11
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedvm linux zlib, idk06:22:19
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedvm is virtual memory06:22:34
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend i think the z was because it was compressed? 06:23:18
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend vmlinu(zipped) 06:23:35
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend also while going around i found a rj45 to usb female lmao 06:29:17
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend i have no idea how that would work 🤔 06:29:46
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend maybe i think this is how it works 06:37:36
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend the adpater plugged to the router, unplug the router and plug a m usb-a to m usb-a from a 5v source to the adapter 06:38:45
@_discord_185316010474078208:t2bot.ioopenvz: the legend POE?? 06:39:00

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