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2 Dec 2023
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedI had Tailscale expiry off though I wonder why that happened00:57:38
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@strum355:matrix.orgstroem - sourcegraphI forgot matrix exists for 2 weeks16:13:09
3 Dec 2023
@_discord_499118217491644416:t2bot.iobobby 05:39:41
@_discord_437207769896976395:t2bot.iofumolimo that means u have a life 07:30:55
4 Dec 2023
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@_discord_191178780763619329:t2bot.ioqwarten 17:03:14
@_discord_569218696351055882:t2bot.iosillvgosling i don't think that's true 22:28:35
5 Dec 2023
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@strum355:matrix.orgstroem - sourcegraphunfortunately not true14:37:54
@strum355:matrix.orgstroem - sourcegraphjust #work $job 14:37:58
@_discord_676594114560524298:t2bot.ioatlas 2: electric boogalooimage.png
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@_discord_676594114560524298:t2bot.ioatlas 2: electric boogaloo funny image 22:41:15
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnednoo poor dwarf register :(22:47:43
6 Dec 2023
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7 Dec 2023
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8 Dec 2023
@_discord_257954736689512448:t2bot.ioym555 radare2 nightmares 04:48:03
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11 Dec 2023
@suckless_shill:matrix.orgvizis there a nice way i can figure out what DNS server is being used by a running process? or something to that effect that will allow me to figure out the DNS server11:52:32
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedit should just be using systemd-resolved or whatever your system DNS resolver is12:25:33
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburned so nslookup will yield the same output 12:25:41
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedapps may choose to cache its own DNS though12:25:49
@suckless_shill:matrix.orgvizthat's the problem, i think emacs is stuck caching an out-of-date DNS 12:41:59
@suckless_shill:matrix.orgvizcuz when i change the interface, some requests made by emacs fails but others pass 12:42:12
@suckless_shill:matrix.orgviz(with the interface change, the DNS server changes)12:43:01
@_discord_253923956967473163:t2bot.ioaosync if you use wireshark, you can see the destination of dns requests 14:37:13
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