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2 Feb 2023
@_discord_170132746042081280:t2bot.io_diamondburned_#4507 all the packages on my Pi are transparently cross-compiled from x86_64 11:05:00
@_discord_170132746042081280:t2bot.io_diamondburned_#4507 that's insane 11:05:01
@_discord_170132746042081280:t2bot.io_diamondburned_#4507 anything that I need to build for aarch64 is built on x86_64 and not in binfmt/qemu 11:05:24
@_discord_170132746042081280:t2bot.io_diamondburned_#4507 insane 11:05:25
@konata:midov.plkonataRedacted or Malformed Event12:01:46
@konata:midov.plkonataRedacted or Malformed Event12:01:52
@konata:midov.plkonataRedacted or Malformed Event12:03:11
@konata:midov.plkonataRedacted or Malformed Event12:03:14
@konata:midov.plkonataRedacted or Malformed Event12:04:03
@_discord_239093717552594948:t2bot.iognome/systemd/linux user I have no one in my friend group that remotely cares about software 13:31:37
@_discord_239093717552594948:t2bot.iognome/systemd/linux user éjmetappabrusseltouseul 13:32:44
@konata:midov.plkonataRedacted or Malformed Event14:32:29
@konata:midov.plkonataRedacted or Malformed Event14:32:29
@konata:midov.plkonataRedacted or Malformed Event14:32:29
@konata:midov.plkonataRedacted or Malformed Event14:33:02
@konata:midov.plkonataRedacted or Malformed Event14:33:15
Download sample6.png
@konata:midov.plkonata diamondburned#4507 here's a better view -- are you sure the dm icon is too big? I think it looks flush with the guild icons, but maybe it's a little plain 14:43:04
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedyeahi think it's too big14:47:08
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedthe diagonal length is larger than the diameter of each avatar I think14:47:23
@konata:midov.plkonatathe diagonal length is actually equal to the diameter -- perhaps it's not the icon size, but just that the portions look weird, which make it look too large?15:01:28
@konata:midov.plkonataRedacted or Malformed Event15:01:47
@konata:midov.plkonatawhat do you think about the papirus status-available icon15:03:19
Download clipboard.png
@konata:midov.plkonata* how about just using this as the png/icon15:04:40
Download clipboard.png
@konata:midov.plkonataimo too small but others may find it just right15:07:54
@_discord_196574963673595904:t2bot.io42#3979 changed their profile picture.17:13:20
In reply to @konata:midov.pl
how about just using this as the png/icon
I think just adding some padding into the material icon will do
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedI'll look into it in a bit22:33:05

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