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30 Jan 2023
@Stooge:libera.chatStooge Bogo Shopov: you are living in Bulgaria but coming just for FOSDEM? do you know Bulgarian IT in Belgium? 14:54:49
@bogofosdem:matrix.orgBogo Shopov Sylvain31: at the ULB website there is good info in the accommodation section 14:55:36
@bogofosdem:matrix.orgBogo Shopov Stooge: no and to;) 14:56:33
@bogofosdem:matrix.orgBogo Shopov* Stooge: no and no;)14:56:53
@Stooge:libera.chatStoogeдобре! 14:57:10
@fuuuuuuuuu:libera.chatfuuuuuuuuu Marcin 'hrw' Juszkiewicz: thanks! Well i can see where the pentabarf xml and speaker html are generated at least, but don't see anything else that I could use at first sight 14:59:33
@Sylvain31:libera.chatSylvain31 Bogo Shopov, Thanks, let's have a look. 15:06:00
@Sylvain31:libera.chatSylvain31Stooge, thanks too. Was looking for facility other than hostel first. ;-)15:06:41
@Sylvain31:libera.chatSylvain31 Bogo Shopov, found something https://www.ulb.be/fr/vie-sur-les-campus/logement great, thanks. 15:10:34
@bogofosdem:matrix.orgBogo Shopov Sylvain31: you are welcome. See you there 15:11:04
@Sylvain31:libera.chatSylvain31 Bogo Shopov, I booked a bus, quite long, but I've code to write. ;-) I should arrive the day before on Friday morning, I will probably come to ULB to offer my help, carrying stuff around or such. ;-) 15:17:41
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@Stooge:libera.chatStoogeSylvain31: you might want to check the site to see how to apply to help instead of just randomly going at the place 16:47:02
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@Sylvain31:libera.chatSylvain31 Stooge, good idea. Let's see. ;-) 17:41:17
@hrw:fosdem.orgMarcin 'hrw' Juszkiewiczand you may get orange t-shirt with it17:54:13
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@lkcl:libera.chatlkcl folks when's the setup day, is it thursday or friday? we've a group of about... seven people coming and i kinda volunteered them to volunteer :) 20:38:22
@lkcl:libera.chatlkcl istrc it's friday 20:38:55
@lkcl:libera.chatlkclalso is there someone i can check in privately with regarding on-side medical / first-aid? (please PM me)20:39:56
@shin.ice:fosdem.orgShin.Ice @ FOSDEM lkcl: it's friday :) 20:39:52
@mark:fosdem.orgmark lkcl: there's a red cross stand 20:42:52
@mark:fosdem.orgmark lkcl: if any of your friends is passing by Leuven by any chance on Thursday evening, there's some van loading work to be done 20:43:57
@mark:fosdem.orgmarkit should be manageable with the group there is, but a few more wouldn't hurt20:44:16
@mark:fosdem.orgmarksee volunteers.fosdem.org20:44:24
In reply to @Sylvain31:libera.chat
Hello, I finally decided to join FOSDEM 2023. :-) About hosting at low cost nearby, not to far? Do you have any good advice?
Great! There used to be a community of couchsurfing in Brussels before it got sold, many of them moved over to bwelcome.org ; good chance you'll meet some fellow FOSDEM visitors

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