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4 Aug 2021
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioElectr0Lyte nope 12:21:22
@_discord_95524042743742464:t2bot.io33YN2 I mean the mini PC I showed didn't use thunderbolt for that anyways, it was a pcie m.2 slot 12:21:35
@_discord_95524042743742464:t2bot.io33YN2 (which there is an adapter for a GPU for) 12:21:59
@_discord_398661839182888960:t2bot.iosetLillie#5644 GIGABYTE B550M AORUS PRO (AM4 AMD/B550/Micro ATX/Dual M.2/SATA 6Gb/s/USB 3.2 Gen 2/PCIe 4.0/HDMI/DVI/DDR4/Motherboard) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089FWXH3S/

33YN2 ^
@_discord_398661839182888960:t2bot.iosetLillie#5644 Ryzen 5 5600X is next to buy. I also need a better cooler than the wraith stealth. 12:29:18
@_discord_398661839182888960:t2bot.iosetLillie#5644 what is recommended? Maybe something from noctua? 12:29:32
@_discord_398661839182888960:t2bot.iosetLillie#5644 Well maybe it won’t be too toasty. I dunno. 12:29:51
@clover:ironrobin.netcloverim using Noctua NH-U9S chromax.Black 13:53:31
@clover:ironrobin.netcloverand a case fan13:53:43
@clover:ironrobin.netcloverhavent had any issues13:54:23
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanCan't go wrong with noctua14:41:25
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanThere are aio liquid coolers as well14:41:41
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanGamers Nexus and LTT did a series each on pro and con of name to off brand coolers and performance variance14:42:59
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanIf it fits the case, tight (not too tight) to the die and covers the whole thing, properly applied paste and good case air flow... Almost anything goes14:44:06
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanNoctua is quieter14:44:20
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanLiquid coolers are a beast14:44:36
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanAnd make sure the case has filters14:45:27
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanAnd the amd stock fan isn't bad14:47:02
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-san* And the amd stock fan isn't bad14:47:10
@_discord_95524042743742464:t2bot.io33YN2 keep in mind liquid cooler = extra cost too setLillie 15:14:17
@clover:ironrobin.netcloveri don't ever hear my computer and its less than 3 feet away from my face15:42:59
@clover:ironrobin.netclover * i don't ever hear my computer and its less than 3 feet away from my face15:43:06
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanAio and noctua are about the same costs16:37:11
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanIt's preference, really16:37:34
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanI've never water cooled. 16:37:56
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanSo it's not that I am promoting something I do, just an option16:38:28
@_discord_309439864259215360:t2bot.ioayayagames for amd i'm good with my 3900x until my rig completely dies so maybe like 7000 or 8000 series lol and i'll be fine with a 6900xt lol once i can get one 17:34:50
@_discord_95524042743742464:t2bot.io33YN2 3900X is more than fine for a few years 17:38:26
@_discord_95524042743742464:t2bot.io33YN2 Even my 2600 isn't shabby... Though it's memory tolerance is just not great 17:39:24

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