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18 May 2021
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanStable at 4.6Ghz01:25:04
@_discord_398661839182888960:t2bot.iosetLillie Wat 01:26:42
@_discord_398661839182888960:t2bot.iosetLillie lucky? 01:26:50
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanI'm exhausted and it sounded cool01:27:39
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin felsan wait a couple years and sell it off to some hooky collector 01:27:30
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin or keep it so you can tell your grandkids about the good ol' days 01:27:51
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-sanActually was bummed I couldn't fit it all01:28:00
@fel-san:matrix.orgfel-san.. @electrlyte that's not how that works01:28:33
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin :>> 01:45:52
@_discord_179666462821187587:t2bot.ioPorkyofthepine#0767 Next level is using vim 01:51:01
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin Porkyofthepine and where does gnu/nano come ? 01:52:52
@_discord_179666462821187587:t2bot.ioPorkyofthepine#0767 That would go before vim but after notepad 01:54:36
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin i see 01:54:48
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin so vim is more complex ? 01:54:56
@_discord_179666462821187587:t2bot.ioPorkyofthepine#0767 vim is more complex than nano 01:59:25
@_discord_179666462821187587:t2bot.ioPorkyofthepine#0767 Nano is vim for babies 01:59:31
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin and what about echo 02:00:49
@_discord_179666462821187587:t2bot.ioPorkyofthepine#0767 that'd be after vim 02:26:40
@_discord_179666462821187587:t2bot.ioPorkyofthepine#0767 imagine echoing an entire LaTeX document 02:26:40
@clover:ironrobin.netclover I used nano... When I was still in my mother’s womb 03:33:32
@clover:ironrobin.netclover I started using vim and got laid a lot more 03:34:20
@_discord_95524042743742464:t2bot.io33YN2 Seems legit 03:36:40
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin hm 03:39:04
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin 33YN2 go use vim 03:39:16
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin clover what happens if you use echo ? 03:39:45
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin Porkyofthepine how do you make phonecalls from sxmo cli ? 04:11:06
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin and receive calls ? 04:11:16
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin any example what that looks like ? 04:11:29
@porkyofthepine:camptorres.xyzPorkyofthepinefrom cli? they have vis-menu but i haven't tried that with calls. It uses dmenu for calls. I posted a video in #bulletin the other day showcasing sxmo that shows what it looks like when you make and recieve calls04:12:47
@_discord_724294488842960986:t2bot.ioMarvin oh 04:13:31

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