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18 Sep 2020
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19 Sep 2020
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20 Sep 2020
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@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogium a3f: hello there ! :) quick question… I'm trying to make a default env still, and buildroot appears to go and set in CONFIG_DEFAULT_ENVIRONMENT_PATH. That implies we must port the entire stock env from barebox, plus our additional things on top, yes ? Right now for whatever reason the barebox env that gets embedded despite this config being set is still the default one. I'm at a loss 09:57:06
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogiumif anyone else has idea on how this can happen and how to solve…09:57:22
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogium I don't get if it is buildroot that is broken or if I somehow did something that would have caused barebox to totally ignore the new path 10:10:25
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21 Sep 2020
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22 Sep 2020
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