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5 Mar 2021
@a3f:matrix.orga3f vdl: Does barebox itself need access to something on the daughter board or does only Linux use it? 19:32:22
@freenode_vdl:matrix.orgvdl a3f: only linux 19:32:54
@a3f:matrix.orga3fThe recommended way to boot with barebox is to use the bootloader specification. That's a file at a well-known location that tells barebox where to find kernel, device tree and bootargs. Here is an example: https://git.pengutronix.de/cgit/DistroKit/tree/configs/platform-v7a/projectroot/loader/entries/boneblack.conf19:34:38
@a3f:matrix.orga3fbootloader spec files can contain a devicetree-overlay proeprty that points at a device tree overlay to apply on boot19:34:56
@a3f:matrix.orga3fSo just like your daughter board overlays new HW functionality, you can have a device tree overlay that only describes your board.19:36:18
@a3f:matrix.orga3fBut it's a case by case thing, really. Sometimes it's better just to patch the kernel device tree at build-time instead of overlaying at runtime. Depends on how often you change the daughterboards and such. What shouldn't be needed s to patch the barebox device tree. You can boot the kernel with the barebox device tree, but it's always more flexible to have a separate kernel device tree that you can update without touching the bootloader19:37:59
@freenode_vdl:matrix.orgvdl a3f: it's like extlinux.conf files I suppose 19:38:05
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerst@a3f[m]: thanks! For another platform we also want to boot on the same boards (RTEMS based, kind of a unikernel image): is there a library for barebox-state we could use? We have no normal shell or commands there20:03:16
@a3f:matrix.orga3f peerst: barebox-state is a small wrapper around dt-utils. If you are fine with linking against GPL-2.0 code, you could adapt it for your needs. There are people who reimplemented state access from documentation, but there's no public library I know of besides dt-utils 20:06:02
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerstGPL is a problem for us20:06:28
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerst So for our GRiSP platform we'll probably reimplement it but do so in Erlang (GRiSP is RTEMS+Erlang VM run directly on hardware) which will be less work, so thats fine 20:07:58
@a3f:matrix.orga3f peerst: there must be some concept of processes ther? perhaps change barebox-state to listen to a message queue or something? 20:07:59
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerstNo processes in RTEMS its only threads20:08:25
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerstEverything liked together20:08:40
@a3f:matrix.orga3f peerst: so you can't use any GPL-2.0 code there without making it all GPL-2.0? 20:08:50
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerst Well Erlang has proper processes inside (more lightweight that threads but real processes) so we don't miss them that much 20:09:19
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerstYeah we can only link against it20:09:29
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerstRTEMS is under a special license that would not be a problem because its GPL with application linking exception (not LGPL they invented their own)20:10:06
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerstBut the Erlang VM is Apache 2 which is fine against RTEMS but not vanilla GPL20:10:47
@a3f:matrix.orga3fI see. 20:10:58
@a3f:matrix.orga3fIf you decide to implement state, here are the docs: Here's the format description: https://www.barebox.org/doc/latest/user/state.html20:11:11
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerstYeah looked at that and felt lazy so I asked20:11:59
@a3f:matrix.orga3fYou likely won't need to implement all of it, just the parts you decide on using (there are wear leveling and such, you might not need if you use EEPROM)20:12:10
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerstThe current Linux based project is already solved through barebox-state so thats fine20:12:34
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerstYeah we have a EEPROM available20:13:08
@freenode_peerst:matrix.orgpeerststate is pretty fancy20:15:43
@a3f:matrix.orga3fyes, it's nice20:48:07
6 Mar 2021
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