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26 Mar 2020
12:06:31@freenode_eduardas:matrix.org@freenode_eduardas:matrix.org a3f: thank you a lot, though I still can not get my head around what is really happening
12:06:48@freenode_eduardas:matrix.org@freenode_eduardas:matrix.org if you could elaborate in layman's terms, that would be great
12:08:02@freenode_BloodSurfer:matrix.orgBloodSurferOn another topic: Does anyone know why the linux kernel does not boot after extracting, when prior to the kernel optee has booted and has hand over to the normal world? I suspect the kernel expects the cpu/mmu to be in a certain state which was modified by optee.
12:09:22@freenode_BloodSurfer:matrix.orgBloodSurferas mentioned yesterday by emantor I already deactivated CPU_IDLE and activated PSCI
12:15:06@a3f:matrix.orga3f eduardas: Device tree nodes use a compatible property that contains a plaintext string that drivers match against. This has proven to be a good idea. Linux NVMEM doesn't use a compatible string and for suitably named at24 EEPROM device tree nodes all child nodes are assumed to be NVMEM cells, even the partitions { compatible = "fixed-partitions"; }' node that barebox has fixed up into the node.
12:16:58@a3f:matrix.orga3fMy patch is an attempt at fixing this while maintaining backwards compatibility.
12:19:31@freenode_eduardas:matrix.org@freenode_eduardas:matrix.org a3f: thank you, that is much clearer... I am surprised this came up only very recently (patch is dated 2020-03-23)
12:21:44@a3f:matrix.orga3f eduardas: If you change of_partition_binding in barebox to legacy, barebox fixes up partitions nodes which aren't in a partitions { } container. By sheer luck, these nodes are valid NVMEM cells as well, so all is fine and dandy. So people either patches it for themselves, uses of_partition_binding, had NVMEM support off, didn't store state on EEPROMs or they use older kernel like you :p
12:43:22@freenode_eduardas:matrix.org@freenode_eduardas:matrix.org a3f: can verify that the patch works for me, barebox-state and rauc status now work after applying it on Linux 5.5.12
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27 Mar 2020
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28 Mar 2020
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29 Mar 2020
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