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17 Sep 2019
02:07:59@_discord_224424754898141185:t2bot.io👻 achyif 👻 WRAITH'S BOOK I mean, they can like what they like
02:08:06@_discord_357567447739531266:t2bot.ioVVo1F and i dont watch anime either because it is a giant time commitment that i can be use for some other things
02:08:08@_discord_354105878733127681:t2bot.ioSponsored by BitTorrent I wouldn't mind one of those pillows ngl
02:08:17@_discord_357567447739531266:t2bot.ioVVo1F i'm sure those are comfy
02:08:18@_discord_354105878733127681:t2bot.ioSponsored by BitTorrent It's the covers that are off-putting
02:08:18@_discord_224424754898141185:t2bot.io👻 achyif 👻 WRAITH'S BOOK Wolf an ascended manga reader
02:08:33@_discord_224424754898141185:t2bot.io👻 achyif 👻 WRAITH'S BOOK You realize you can just get a normal pillow cover
02:08:51@_discord_224424754898141185:t2bot.io👻 achyif 👻 WRAITH'S BOOK Seriously, those long pillows are actually so comfy
02:09:07@_discord_224424754898141185:t2bot.io👻 achyif 👻 WRAITH'S BOOK For a while ikea had a stiff foam cylindrical pillow and that shit was cash
02:09:57@_discord_224424754898141185:t2bot.io👻 achyif 👻 WRAITH'S BOOK They're called bolsters
02:10:00@_discord_538186369155989505:t2bot.iozeroman1o1 yeah, plus that stuffs (apparently) real expensive
02:10:09@_discord_538186369155989505:t2bot.iozeroman1o1 the body pillow
02:10:14@_discord_538186369155989505:t2bot.iozeroman1o1 just get the normal one
02:10:20@_discord_224424754898141185:t2bot.io👻 achyif 👻 WRAITH'S BOOK Not really, depends on the material
02:10:34@_discord_224424754898141185:t2bot.io👻 achyif 👻 WRAITH'S BOOK Usually the cover and the stuffing are sold separately when it comes to the body pillows
02:10:41@_discord_538186369155989505:t2bot.iozeroman1o1 fair
02:10:47@_discord_538186369155989505:t2bot.iozeroman1o1 i'm smol bran
02:10:51@_discord_357567447739531266:t2bot.ioVVo1F just buy the pillows without the giant naked boobie monster on it
02:10:52@_discord_357567447739531266:t2bot.ioVVo1F bam
02:10:54@_discord_538186369155989505:t2bot.iozeroman1o1 don't mind me /o/
02:11:00@_discord_538186369155989505:t2bot.iozeroman1o1 hahahaha
02:11:03@_discord_538186369155989505:t2bot.iozeroman1o1 stonks
02:11:16@_discord_224424754898141185:t2bot.io👻 achyif 👻 WRAITH'S BOOK No, buy the long snake girl one
02:11:48@_discord_538186369155989505:t2bot.iozeroman1o1 ye
02:12:01@_discord_538186369155989505:t2bot.iozeroman1o1 monster musume grill
02:12:19@_discord_538186369155989505:t2bot.iozeroman1o1 stuffs the long cat of pillows
02:12:55@_discord_354105878733127681:t2bot.ioSponsored by BitTorrent Big anime tiddie mousepad
02:14:01@_discord_224424754898141185:t2bot.io👻 achyif 👻 WRAITH'S BOOK No no no
02:14:10@_discord_224424754898141185:t2bot.io👻 achyif 👻 WRAITH'S BOOK Big anime tiddie mousepad is amateur shit

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