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24 Mar 2018
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10:38:40@freenode_hendry:matrix.orghendry (IRC) hi there, i have alerts here: https://prom.dabase.com/alerts but they aren't being sent to https://alerts.dabase.com/ ... any ideas why?
10:38:55@freenode_hendry:matrix.orghendry (IRC)I swear it used to be able to spot the alertmanager, now not so
10:39:41@freenode_sasaniak:matrix.orgsasaniak (IRC) i don't see the alertmanager set up here: https://prom.dabase.com/config
10:40:27@freenode_sasaniak:matrix.orgsasaniak (IRC) https://prometheus.io/docs/prometheus/latest/configuration/configuration/#<alertmanager_config>
10:40:30@freenode_sasaniak:matrix.orgsasaniak (IRC)hendry: ^
10:42:18@lawrencedudley:matrix.orglawrencedudleyHey, struggling to find an elegant way of getting the maximum value of multiple queries in prometheus
10:43:12@lawrencedudley:matrix.orglawrencedudleyI've got 4 queries all graphed and am looking to get a value of the top one at a given point in time. Doing this with (query1 > query2) or (query2 > query1) sort of works
10:43:23@lawrencedudley:matrix.orglawrencedudleyBut then I get a bad request when doing this with a regex selector
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