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26 Jun 2017
10:50:25@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter)The problem is that even if I add a single function to the gulpfile.js, the build fails. Idk why? This should not be happening :worried:
12:04:04@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter)I know, it is weird. Are you sure you have rebased the current master branch?
12:04:58@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter)Maybe the test need a deeper review. Do not worry to much now in this
14:54:34@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter)Yes I am sure! I have done things correctly! I made a new branch went initially to the latest commit in the upstream and the tests pass. But now if I add even a single function, builds fail. Need to look in a bit more detail! :thumbsup:
15:20:12@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter) thanks for checking the tests @krshubham!
15:22:07@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter) @/all, I will have a holiday week starting from tomorrow. Please, help me answering @krshubham during this period if he ask in the channel :smile:
27 Jun 2017
5 Jul 2017
15:28:24@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter) Hi @atd I was working with SEO part of the Teem application and we have this
15:29:20@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter) But does it really work? and I know the fact that we can't execute Js while the bot hits the web page so we need to have something like a pre rendered version of our app that the server can hand over to the bot
7 Jul 2017
03:45:11@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter)Is there any place where I can have a look at the configuration of nginx or apache that teem is using?
08:05:45@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter) Hi @krshubham, I have sent you the nginx config file to your email.
25 Jul 2017
15:13:51@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter) changed their profile picture.
15:13:53@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter)What should be the standard way to edit the wiki page in Teem if I want to do so?
15:13:54@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10642928/how-to-pull-request-a-wiki-page-on-github#11481887
15:13:58@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter)Is this ^ alright?
16:19:31@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter) changed their profile picture.
16:19:32@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter) @krshubham, as we just discussed, just change the wiki and send us the changes so we can review them
16:19:33@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter):)
16:22:05@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter)Okay!
4 Aug 2017
15:27:09@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter) @atd, we are experiencing something weird with our nginx configuration... without changing anything a redirection that used to work stopped working. We have restarted the service without getting results :(
15:50:51@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter)It is working now :)
7 Aug 2017
15:21:54@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter) The problem that we are facing now is that the container that we implemented for generating the meta content for the teems is , somehow, unable to fetch results from https://swellrt.teem.works
15:22:22@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter)Doing a curl request from inside the container also returns nothing!
15:23:00@gitter_krshubham:matrix.orgKumar Shubham (Gitter) @atd @pablojan please have a look!
9 Aug 2017
17:03:39@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter) @atd, as @krshubham said, we are not able to access our own domains addresses from a docker container we have created. Did you have a similar problem? do you know why it might happen?
23 Nov 2017
01:34:14@gitter_almereyda:matrix.orgjon r (Gitter) changed their profile picture.
01:34:14@gitter_almereyda:matrix.orgjon r (Gitter)Teem is very slow these days.
24 Nov 2017
15:58:26@gitter_atfornes:matrix.orgAntonio Tenorio-Fornés (Gitter) @almereyda , sorry, we are going to fix this in the next weeks. We have a server with slow disk that will upgrade soon
1 Oct 2018
16:31:22@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter) joined the room.
16:31:23@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter) is there any update or new release of Jetpad(angular)
I am facing a problem of memory utilization of existing release. it uses 75% of CPU utilization.

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