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31 Jul 2021
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice right 22:28:05
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice fb has been watching our talks 22:28:10
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice I see posts about TA's and TNN all the time now 22:28:20
@_discord_243096365658406920:t2bot.iohytiek mfers 22:29:46
Download 20210731_180242.jpg
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice On today's episode of eating with Greg. 23:09:55
Download 20210731_180837.jpg
Download 20210731_180827.jpg
@_discord_312391742408228864:t2bot.ioRYN227#7135 i can't keep up greg 23:34:56
@_discord_312391742408228864:t2bot.ioRYN227#7135 i am still eating fried fish lol, next up cheesesteaks 23:35:09
@_discord_206651155755827200:t2bot.ioPanda Did you drop a socket into that wok? 23:36:51
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice Ha na that's the eggplant all shiny 23:37:15
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice It's amazingly noms 23:37:49
Download 2021-07-31.jpg
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice Eggplant is so fun good 23:42:04
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice And my spicy pickled green beans ate the noms 23:42:04
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice I did let it cool a little too long on one side so it's a bit uneven 23:42:57
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice But was good anyway overall cook time was spot on 23:43:11
@_discord_206651155755827200:t2bot.ioPanda Eggplant is fantastic. There's a Japanese recipe with sesame oil and cooking it rather thoroughly. Mmmm 23:45:37
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice yeah I used sesame oil 23:52:14
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice well olive to cook then a little sesame to finish 23:52:36
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice I do prefer mine a bit more al dente though 23:53:32
1 Aug 2021
Download unknown.png
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic#9008 kaen01 00:38:54
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic#9008 i dunno why it says confused tho 00:39:01
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic#9008 but anyhow, kaen - can we get matching cat mazdas? 00:39:10
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice haha 00:46:30
@_discord_243096365658406920:t2bot.iohytiek greg the foods look great man! 06:08:54
@_discord_341245670453149707:t2bot.ioimgregrice thx it was legit 14:19:23
@_discord_699060490068033556:t2bot.ioZebadiah joined the room.15:03:29

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