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4 Jul 2021
@techtimo:matrix.orgtechtimoprobably I could use lampp, but I thought there might be easier versions to accomplish this.19:23:57
@corrinado:matrix.orgcorrinadoThere are: lots of ways to accomplish this. You19:25:50
@corrinado:matrix.orgcorrinado… you'll have to find something you like:19:26:03
@corrinado:matrix.orgcorrinadoLots of folks like Vagrant; it works on all platforms. If you want to do a full virtualized environment Virtualbox also works with Ubuntu. As an alternative I use KVM/VMM as my virutalization platform on Linux; but it isn't as GUI heavy as Virtualbox.19:27:54
@corrinado:matrix.orgcorrinadoAs a last set of options, you could always go the containerization route with Docker and/or lxc/lxd (Ubuntu naitive)19:28:52
@corrinado:matrix.orgcorrinadoIf you want something pre-built for Wordpress virtualization, check out the solutions (free) at Turnkey Linux. They are easy to get up and going19:30:27
@corrinado:matrix.orgcorrinadoI'm out for a few hours; but will check back if you have any questions19:31:07
5 Jul 2021
@techtimo:matrix.orgtechtimoMhh I think to set up a whole VM just to test seems quite bulky to me. I have tried to run wordpress with docker compose, I really liked the idea. But there I had problems with wp-cron which was not executed regularly. I think I'll go for a lightweight solution with just a webserver and php installed locally. Thanks for your ideas 🙂06:55:15
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6 Jul 2021
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@bodqhrohro:matrix.orgЮля, якій сьогодні впадлуRedacted or Malformed Event10:43:45
@bodqhrohro:matrix.orgЮля, якій сьогодні впадлу Why do wp_title hook or wpseo_title/wpseo_metadesc filters not work for me? They are executed, but don't affect the output, despite being registered at the plugin constructor stage. Could it be that the head is printed this early already? how do I check it? 10:44:14
9 Jul 2021
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10 Jul 2021
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14 Jul 2021
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17 Jul 2021
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19 Jul 2021
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20 Jul 2021
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22 Jul 2021
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23 Jul 2021
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