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12 May 2023
@atepomaros:matrix.orgatepomarosFor the moment19:28:54
@dragosnfy:matrix.orgDragosyeah, unless you use it for the "base" and code for the advanced stuff19:57:37
In reply to @atepomaros:matrix.org
Blank theme
any other blank theme you recommend (apart from html5 blank theme)?
In reply to @atepomaros:matrix.org
You'll never get a "fast and lean" website with any builder
i'll only ever consider divi/oxygen for fast development.
for fast and lean site blank theme!
In reply to @u8353v:matrix.org
any other blank theme you recommend (apart from html5 blank theme)?
In reply to @dragosnfy:matrix.org
but yeah, html, css, js is my go to whenever possible
my next experiment 😉
In reply to @u8353v:matrix.org
any other blank theme you recommend (apart from html5 blank theme)?
@atepomaros:matrix.orgatepomarosBoth are great21:15:16
In reply to @atepomaros:matrix.org
Both are great
will give underscores/Generic/html 5 blank a go!
@u8353v:matrix.orgu8353vwhichever of the 3 work best for me is what i'll use for serious projects!21:17:23
13 May 2023
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16 May 2023
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18 May 2023
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@techstartup:matrix.orgtech startup set a profile picture.05:19:24
@techstartup:matrix.orgtech startupHey any WP devs with good backend knowledge to fix woocommerce issues message me. Pay is in crypto05:21:16
@techstartup:matrix.orgtech startup changed their profile picture.05:22:47
22 May 2023
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25 May 2023
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@marioyd:matrix.yourdevice.ch@marioyd:matrix.yourdevice.chHello people, my wordpress Woo commerce shop articles and products are getting a 404 page not found from time to time. I'm not changing anything and the product links exists 13:57:24
@psrpinto:automattic.comPaulo Pinto Hi marioYD, I would recommend you ask in the WooCommerce plugin support forum, the plugin’s developers and support community can help you there. 14:19:40
@psrpinto:automattic.comPaulo Pintohttps://wordpress.org/support/plugin/woocommerce/14:20:14
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@marioyd:matrix.yourdevice.ch@marioyd:matrix.yourdevice.chOkay will try thankyou14:22:08
27 May 2023
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@qbi:matrix.kraut.space@qbi:matrix.kraut.spaceRedacted or Malformed Event20:26:43
28 May 2023
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29 May 2023
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1 Jun 2023
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