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19 Oct 2018
16:35:27@trung:matrix.org[RTA] TrungIt seems
16:35:55@trung:matrix.org[RTA] TrungTo start really fast
16:36:19@trung:matrix.org[RTA] TrungGreat work benoit
16:46:56@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcus (BubuIIC)
In reply to @benoit.marty:matrix.org
Hi folks, Riot 0.8.18 is now live on the Play Store for every one.
only 5 hours after the f-droid release :D
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19:08:51@groo:meshspace.degrooIt's great that matrix/riot development is so fast paced. I am happy that the room directory search is working again - and it's very fast now (except for the notorious matrix.org directory)
19:09:19@groo:meshspace.degrooThanks for the work everyone put in!
19:10:27@/dev/saces:saces.de/dev/sacesdo you have an own fdroid repos or is the app in main fdroid?
19:11:57@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcus (BubuIIC) krombel: has a repo, otherwise it's in the main repo
19:25:08@benoit.marty:matrix.orgbenoitAs a reminder, do not hesitate to activate the lazy loading of room members in the settings (Labs section). It improves the startup time a lot :-).
19:29:21@benoit.marty:matrix.orgbenoit I'm also working on the RTL version of the application, which is totally broken and unusable for now
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21:39:55@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygapsnice that rtl is coming
21:40:12@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygapswas asking about that in the past :)
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20 Oct 2018
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05:15:38@xialvjun:matrix.orgxialvjun The room list need to slide horizontally, that's not user friendly
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