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15 Jul 2018
12:01:45@nextsux:matrix.orgnextsux left the room.

(Oh or maybe it is, I seem to have a Telegram-tab on my contacts..)

basically, I'd like to invite my Android contacts (whatsapp for example) to Riot

13:24:25@kuarup:matrix.orgkuarupmost of my contacts (trust neighborhood) have abandoned the email.
In reply to @julyk:matrix.org
hodanh: hai
13:30:03@kuarup:matrix.orgkuarupmy contacts are organized like this: friends and family, work, others. all users of IMs (wattsapp, telegram, others)
13:31:58@kuarup:matrix.orgkuarupit would be useful to import contacts from your device. Or not?
13:32:55@kuarup:matrix.orgkuarup My apologies if you're wrong. 🌞
15:58:45@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade joined the room.
16:03:11@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade Hello there. This is written "send a message (not chiffred)" in the text input placeholder. Is it normal ? Should I do something?
16:08:23@tulir:maunium.nettulir it should probably say "unencrypted" instead of "not chiffred" (unless you're using some weird language)
16:23:09@julyk:matrix.orgMeeps It says "unencrypted" ...
16:23:24@swedneck:matrix.orgswednecki'm guessing french
16:24:10@swedneck:matrix.orgswedneck"ne chiffre pas" sounds like what it could be in french (haven't checked) and he puts a space infront of the question mark
16:24:56@tulir:maunium.nettulir ("weird" as in a mix of translations, but I guess the whole text including "send a message" was actually translated)
16:25:12@tulir:maunium.nettulir((and reedwade was just retranslating it when asking))
16:25:53@swedneck:matrix.orgswedneckmy guess as well
16:26:18@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade Sorry, just a bad translation from "non chiffré"
16:26:33@swedneck:matrix.orgswedneckdamn, i was close at least
16:27:18@swedneck:matrix.orgswedneckbut yeah that's completely normal
16:29:49@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeI learned from the other chanel that this message is normal. In wich case rhe room is encrypted?
16:33:20@swedneck:matrix.orgswedneckno it means it's not encrypted
16:37:01@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeThe room or only my messages ?
16:37:26@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade I have to really read the matrix doc. Don't answer me x)
16:37:44@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoregThe whole room
16:40:14@swedneck:matrix.orgswedneckpretty sure you can't have encryption on the room/your messages but not the other
16:40:27@swedneck:matrix.orgswedneckif room encryption is on, you have to be encrypted as well
16:43:13@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoreg In theory, you can send unencrypted messages in an encrypted room, but Riot doesn't really give you a way to do that
16:43:19@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeTy dudes
18:58:23@rix0n:matrix.orgRixonI just noticed the last line of text disappears sometimes if you scroll up and back down a bit... Maybe triggered by wrapped links?

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