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24 Mar 2018
00:22:25@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpo Because I have krombel's f-droid repo, there are updates all the time anyway
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02:25:26@PoquerMcBeerdy:matrix.org@PoquerMcBeerdy:matrix.orgHey all is there a next big milestone date for riot/riot on Android/matrix?
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08:17:57@walle303:kek.communitywalle303does riot android not support DTLS/TLS TURN?
08:22:11@walle303:kek.communitywalle303i ask because i've been told that it crashes every time they try to accept a call
08:22:46@walle303:kek.communitywalle303but it works in riot-web just fine
08:23:53@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeIt crashes completely? Please tell them to rageshake for that.
08:24:45@walle303:kek.communitywalle303I can reproduce it on my devices too under v0.8.2-dev and v0.8.4-dev
08:25:06@walle303:kek.communitywalle303you just need to have a TURN server set up in TLS/DTLS only mode
08:28:26@walle303:kek.communitywalle303Where are riot-android's logs stored?
08:28:39@walle303:kek.communitywalle303Are they in its own data/app.blah folder?
08:29:23@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffee I don't know, and good chance the devs won't be back before monday.
08:33:58@walle303:kek.communitywalle303It crashes so hard there's nothing in the logs other than it initializing the call
08:34:29@walle303:kek.communitywalle303 D/RestAdapterCallback: Trigger the event [downloadKeysForUsers] is the last thing before it crashes
08:35:17@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeNothing in logcat either?
08:35:39@walle303:kek.communitywalle303let me crash it again
08:37:30@walle303:kek.communitywalle303 java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void org.webrtc.PeerConnection.setRemoteDescription(org.webrtc.SdpObserver, org.webrtc.SessionDescription)' on a null object reference
08:42:04@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeIdk what to tell you at this point. You could make an issue on the tracker and put all this up for the devs to find.
08:42:52@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeOr you could continue to debug this and go straight for a PR 😉
08:44:03@walle303:kek.communitywalle303well this is probably a top priority issue considering it's involving TURN security and complete application crash
08:44:50@walle303:kek.communitywalle303anyway, it's late, i'll open a bug report tomorrow
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11:49:36@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpoI hit a bit of a confusing UI bug in Riot just now
11:50:24@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpoIt turns out that the cert for vurpo.fi (which the client API is behind, but not federation) expired, and I did not renew it in time
11:50:49@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpoBut Riot instead complained in big unfriendly letters that the certificate has changed, and that I should not trust it
11:51:43@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpoI actually manually verified that the cert has not changed, only expired (since Riot displayed the key fingerprint)

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