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14 Dec 2017
18:08:35@mdrouet:disroot.orgmdrouetOK it works fine with matrix apps enabled. Thanks!
21:15:09@davmac:matrix.orgdavmac joined the room.
21:15:56@davmac:matrix.orgdavmacI'm having a strange issue with Riot on my Android phone, is this the place to report it?
21:22:35@ji-ef:matrix.orgJi-eFdavmac: Sure, go ahead, someone will surely read it at some point.
21:22:49@davmac:matrix.orgdavmac Ji-eF: thanks
21:23:45@4kn30x:matrix.orgAxel joined the room.
21:23:51@davmac:matrix.orgdavmacBasically I am getting garbled messages. My own outgoing messages are duplicated throughout my chats. All incoming messages seem to be just shown as a red rectangle with the text "A body" appearing next to it.
21:25:19@davmac:matrix.orgdavmacIt's happening in this room, too, to a lesser extent. Only on my phone; it's fine in the web client.
21:25:47@ji-ef:matrix.orgJi-eF Oh wow. Won't be able to help you by myself, but this sure is kinda strange.
21:28:49@ji-ef:matrix.orgJi-eF Maybe yannick will probably help you more, You'll have to wait until tomorrow (UTC) now as he's probably not here.
21:29:06@davmac:matrix.orgdavmacYeah, it's pretty ... odd.
21:29:40@ji-ef:matrix.orgJi-eFIs this room encrypted ?
21:29:55@davmac:matrix.orgdavmacOk, I'll wait and see what happens. Worst case I guess I can delete all the app's data and hope that fixes it.
21:30:14@davmac:matrix.orgdavmacthe one in the picture isn't. It hapens in encrypted and unencrypted chates.
21:30:59@ji-ef:matrix.orgJi-eFYeah. Which version do you use ? F-Droid or Google Play ?
21:31:18@davmac:matrix.orgdavmacGoogle Play
21:30:27@nathan:vanbeelen.orgNathan davmac: also be sure to send a rageshake. You can do so from shaking your phone or by selectin 'report bug' from the menu.
21:34:31@davmac:matrix.orgdavmac Nathan: did that. Thanks.
21:35:49@ji-ef:matrix.orgJi-eF If you want, you can test a beta build apk (see topic), as they are a bit more up to date. If you do so, be sure uninstall the official release first, and check "Allow untrusted apps" under "Android Settings > Security"
21:37:25@davmac:matrix.orgdavmacOk, I might give that a go in a bit. Thanks!
21:37:44@ji-ef:matrix.orgJi-eFOh also
21:38:06@penguinlover:matrix.orgpenguinlover left the room.
21:38:46@ji-ef:matrix.orgJi-eF I'm not really experienced with this, but before uninstalling, you'll have to export your ecrypting keys
21:40:24@ji-ef:matrix.orgJi-eF Riot settings > "Export E2E room keys"
21:39:32@nathan:vanbeelen.orgNathanAnd, adding to that, it might be good to know that it would also change your device keys and thus people need to verify your device again.
22:15:25@davmac:matrix.orgdavmacHmm. Will wait until tomorrow and see what I hear before I do anything, but it's good to know this is an option.
15 Dec 2017
04:31:53@crypto_lord:matrix.orgCrypto Lord joined the room.
04:32:39@crypto_lord:matrix.orgCrypto Lordhello everyone. i start orbot with vpn mode. riot show me infinite load

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