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25 May 2018
21:27:02@kythyria:berigora.netkythyria The water pistol thing is Twitter and Apple purposefully ignoring the spec.
21:27:14@kythyria:berigora.netkythyria As in, if you see water pistol for the Gun emoji you have a broken font.
21:27:26@kythyria:berigora.netkythyria They can't get around this, they are intentionally being broken.
21:27:47@zottel:matrix.zottel.netzottelOk, that's different, then.
21:28:09@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaMoreover, there's no technical reason why do that, it's a blatant PR move.
21:29:01@zottel:matrix.zottel.netzottelBut that's just another reason not to use the system font.
21:29:07@kythyria:berigora.netkythyria.... there's a "hushed" emoji?
21:29:10@rix0n:matrix.orgRixon Yea please don't do that
21:29:27@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaYeah. Get away from vendors shipping intentionally broken fonts.
21:30:25@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaSeveral of the ones in that article, I'm not sure all the vendors actually read the spec
In reply to @zottel:matrix.zottel.net
looks like all those have been fixed already, so it seems like they're generally moving to a more standardized direction
21:31:01@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaI'm not sure why 😍 is even on that list. Those three look pretty much the same to me
21:31:54@rix0n:matrix.orgRixon Yea the thing that annoys me is that there are so many Android devices out there on old versions that don't get the new gBoard that updates the emoji font to have the later set with the extra modifiers
21:32:02@fladd:matrix.orgfladdRiot Android just asked me to sign in again to create keys (again?). Is this normal? And why was this happening?
21:32:16@zottel:matrix.zottel.netzottel tulir: And know, and it makes sense to do so. But still, for a chat app where emojis transport certain feelings, I think it's important that my chat partner sees what I sent, not something else which might not transport what I wanted to transport. Plus, there's many old devices out there where those are not fixed.
21:32:19@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaBut then, I'm not one of those people who lost their heads because apple changed the peach glyph in their font
21:32:37@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaI'm not sure what half the emoji are even meant to transmit
21:32:58@zottel:matrix.zottel.netzottels/And know/I know/
21:33:08@tulir:maunium.nettuliryeah, using a bundled emoji font by default is fine IMO, but it shouldn't be forced.
21:33:09@kythyria:berigora.netkythyria 👌 for instance, seems to have a range of meanings from "okay" to "like, whatever"
21:33:32@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaAnd 🅱 has absolutely no meaning whatsoever.
21:33:41@zottel:matrix.zottel.netzottelOk, opt-out of the emoji font is ok, of course. But the default should be the bundled one.
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23:25:48@biostasis:matrix.org嘘死夢幸 How about add a warning that to send public keys to server in riot when you reloged your keys would be regenerated? It's not obvious!
26 May 2018
06:55:38@juho:node.fiJuho YlikorpiHmm. Someone broke html rendering in the latest release 💩
07:01:59@juho:node.fiJuho Ylikorpi https://github.com/vector-im/riot-android/issues/2280
08:24:01@tulir:maunium.nettuliras you can notice from the issue creation time, someone broke html rendering already a week or two ago
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