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20 Feb 2019
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18:15:50@jakobr_107:matrix.orgjakobr_107I just successfully installed lineage os
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19:35:46@wtp2018:matrix.orgCurious Cat
In reply to @abreu:matrix.org
Guys, I'm no longer able to read the messages my friend sends from a specific device, her cellphone.
that would happen, I believe, if your friend did a LOGOUT without first backing up keys and reloading them at a later LOGIN. I assume you can read earlier messages from friend in that room? ...is she using AndroidRiot? miniVector? Gstore versions?
19:37:59@wtp2018:matrix.orgCurious Cat
In reply to @jakobr_107:matrix.org
I just successfully installed lineage os
congrats. I'll do same ASAP (once I can decide what new device to buy -- any tip?)
19:38:44@abreu:matrix.orgA B R E UAndroid Riot from F-Droid. She could read earlier messages. She did not logout. Actually I suggested that that might fix it, but she refreined from doing so because she forgot her password. 😅
19:40:08@abreu:matrix.orgA B R E U So we tried creating a new room, clearing the cache, revalidating each other's Device ID, but to no avail.
In reply to @wtp2018:matrix.org
congrats. I'll do same ASAP (once I can decide what new device to buy -- any tip?)
Get one where lineage and twrp is officiall supported
19:49:26@rucslu:matrix.orgrucslu Curious Cat: in case you fancy seecond-hand (sustainability):
I am still digging my old samsung note4 with lineageos.. 🙂
if it would break today I would get the same one again:
SDcard, removable battery, easy to tear apart..
19:50:15@wtp2018:matrix.orgCurious Cat on my current device, it's not supported. I need to decide before the end of this month what to buy that fits BEST (i.e. continued support prospects)
19:52:42@wtp2018:matrix.orgCurious Cat thanks rucslu , is it "small"? (i.e. easily fits in shirt pocket)
19:54:58@rucslu:matrix.orgrucslu Curious Cat: hum, no. 🙂
it is slim in terms of thickness but it is a 5.7" display..
so not compatible with small pockets.. sry
20:40:59@wtp2018:matrix.orgCurious Cat

5.7 and SLIM might fit.
(the MOTO i considered was TOO FAT ) -- thnx for pointer (but I fear drifting into OFF-topic & getting hell for it)

A B R E U hmmm, could the problem have originated at your end? Can you implement coffee's advice ? (i.e. rageshake both)
and the Fdroid Riot Android is what you are both using? 0.8.2x release or beta? and you say, friend can still read your older messages (in first room) but you can't? ... and neither of you could read each others newer posts suddenly? Had either of you left that first chat room, and who had invited whom to the 1st and the 2nd room? and who had turned on encryption? (btw, I have no idea, what next to suspect, but without rageshake, that info is needed, for amateur detectoves like me ;-)

20:48:15@abreu:matrix.orgA B R E U I'm using miniVector, she is using Riot Stable. My device doesn't detect rageshake and the option to send Bug Reports is unavailable. She has already sent a Bug Report. Both of us can read each other's previous messages, only I couldn't read her messages from a given point onwards. Both left the room, she had invited me to the first room and turned on the encryption, in the second room it was I. The behaviour persisted.
20:48:47@rmmm:matrix.org@rmmm:matrix.org set their display name to rmmm.
20:48:50@wtp2018:matrix.orgCurious Cat
In reply to @madduck:madduck.net
In an encrypted room, I cannot read the messages from my peer anymore. I am told that they didn't send keys, and I have to re-request from another device. I just recently did this, and now the problem is back. Right now I don't have access to another device, hence I was wondering if this can be fixed somehow. What is going on??
similar problem to abreu ???
20:49:33@abreu:matrix.orgA B R E UThat looks like it.
20:49:56@abreu:matrix.orgA B R E U I also don't have access to another device currently.
20:50:01@rmmm:matrix.org@rmmm:matrix.org changed their display name from rmmm to Rob.
20:53:43@wtp2018:matrix.orgCurious Cat I had encountered that problem when someone turned on encrytion suddenly in a public room recently (using mV Gplay release mV -- I also asked, twice already, why I'm unable to send a bug report...)-:
20:55:29@aaron:raim.istAaron RaimistMiniVector is not the same thing as Riot Android so I wouldn’t be surprised if they disabled the bug report functionality. Feel free to ask in #miniVectorAndroid:matrix.org
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23:15:19@madduck:madduck.netmadduck ➬My issue is the same with riot.im in Firefox. So I now have two devices that don't have access to keys
23:36:25@wtp2018:matrix.orgCurious Cat Aaron, I understood mV to be identical to RA in code, except one function removed. that said, mV 0.8.22 (which added LL and more) has been released on store, RA hasn't --but on F-droid it has iirc. Abreu asked his question here about RA . And I expect that a problem (introduced in 0.8.22?) will likely show up in RA-0.8.22 also. So let's just keep exploring the problem HERE a bit longer, O.K.?!? I currently use both mv 0.8.22b and RA-0.8.21 -- abreu's case are Fdroid released 0.8.22 of both iinm...
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21 Feb 2019
print("Syntax highlighting doesn't work on riot android client")
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