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16 Feb 2019
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17 Feb 2019
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18 Feb 2019
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19 Feb 2019
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00:51:25@freenode_jharl:matrix.org@freenode_jharl:matrix.org Administration > refresh monitoring configuration dose nothing it just dose not change screen
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06:55:11@freenode_oitc-bot:matrix.orgoitc-bot <nook24> ```
07:02:38@freenode_Tampa:matrix.orgTampaHow to not get help 101
07:43:40@freenode_oitc-bot:matrix.orgoitc-bot <max> Hi @Tampa, as Daniel already mentioned your System has been modified from a standard Installation which has been done by yourself. This is an opensource product so you can either fix this selfmade misconfiguration by yourself or -in case you cant- get paid support from the company behind openITCOCKPIT. Please keep in mind that every support you received until now was on a voluntary basis.
07:52:45@freenode_Tampa:matrix.orgTampaI have already fixed the installation and returned to testing integration
08:04:51@freenode_Tampa:matrix.orgTampa I would be shocked if there was no voluntary support given based on the fact the project accepts voluntary contributions in code. It is a win-win for all around, open and free software, testers reporting bugs in return, paid support for those who can't be bothered. Writing off an issue or concern as regards to a non-standard system configuration, when the resulting failure resolved itself after the apt repo supplied an actually
08:04:51@freenode_Tampa:matrix.orgTampa properly built version. You have every right to be defensive about your choice of installation routine, it works for you no need to change it, I was merely commenting on the potential problems an installation failure seems to cause as the install scripts don't clean up properly requiring manual removal of files and dependencies before anew installation can be attempted, bar fixing the actual problem it encountered in the first place.
08:04:52@freenode_Tampa:matrix.orgTampaRegardless of whether this is not an issue receiving paid support there are certain expectations and unwritten rules regarding what installation scripts should and should not do, so in the interest of not being seen as unprofessional or downright damaging to a system I elected to voice my concerns. You are free to ignore them however, I am merely very direct and blunt which is not meant as an attack in any way and I still thoroughly
08:04:57@freenode_Tampa:matrix.orgTampaenjoy using and handling openitcockpit for my own infrastructure and that of my customers.
20 Feb 2019
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