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20 Jan 2021
@cerda:fairydust.spaceFriendTelegram was blocked, but unblocked currently11:54:30
@jau2o-dk45a3:matrix.orgNemesisStableThat is fucked up11:54:55
@temporalcausality:matrix.orgtemporalcausalitywhere is here?11:55:24
@reon2021:matrix.orgreon2021Mostly Middle-East.11:55:48
In reply to @reon2021:matrix.org
We're not allowed to have privacy.
In reply to @meyriu:privacytools.io
@random_guy52:matrix.orgrandom_guy52what is IFPS? I am hearing it more and more often12:02:09
@random_guy52:matrix.orgrandom_guy52sorry i meant IPFS12:03:22
@random_guy52:matrix.orgrandom_guy52 * sorry i meant IPFS12:03:31
In reply to @random_guy52:matrix.org
sorry i meant IPFS
Imagine it's HTTP server but with P2P elements.
@random_guy52:matrix.orgrandom_guy52thats cool, do you know any sites which uses IPFS?12:04:53
In reply to @random_guy52:matrix.org
thats cool, do you know any sites which uses IPFS?
You gotta get a client as far as I know.
In reply to @cerda:fairydust.space
You gotta get a client as far as I know.
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@testuser:kde.org@testuser:kde.orgAny good alternatives to cloudflare for ddos protection and stuff?12:36:50
@temporalcausality:matrix.orgtemporalcausalityplenty, usually big cloud providers have some options12:38:43
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@temporalcausality:matrix.orgtemporalcausalityI would check first with your hosting provider12:39:40
@thematrix5000:matrix.orgthematrix5000does anyone know a good way to soften a scratch on a phone screen12:41:42
@cyberjunkie:matrix.orgcyberjunkie random_guy52: IPFS is something like TOR, but it's a scattered internet, like what freenet might have been 12:48:10
@cyberjunkie:matrix.orgcyberjunkieAnyone here use it actively?12:48:24
@biscuitsboars:matrix.orgbiscuitsboarsI am using island to sandbox all apps that is needed, closed source or doesnt have gd foss alternate. Is there any way to mask device identifier . And I get aurora store option on developer option mock location can that be applied to sandboxed app as well12:57:59
@chuck_vandersneed:matrix.orgchuck_vandersneedI use the IPFS link when I download stuff from libgen13:01:49
@kn0rke:matrix.orgfrnk changed their profile picture.13:03:54
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