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21 Nov 2019
13:34:20@telegram_980527122:t2bot.iodickwantingalienLol doesn't Ubuntu install snaps by default?
13:35:53@fun_times:privacytools.ioFun Times (pt)oof
13:36:35@telegram_980527122:t2bot.iodickwantingalienwhat distro do you use?
14:49:05@teylver:matrix.orgteylverGod. Riot.im on Tor is slow af lol.
13:36:52@telegram_980527122:t2bot.iodickwantingalien Edit: what distro do you use?
In reply to @telegram_391216694:t2bot.io
what issue do you run into? It should just work?
i allowed outgoing connections but blocked incoming. if i do that tor cant seem to connect
13:45:29@_discord_251900066111946753:t2bot.ioAngélis changed their display name from Angélis to Angélis#1000.
13:45:30@_discord_251900066111946753:t2bot.ioAngélis changed their display name from Angélis#1000 to Angélis.
14:07:39@_discord_490591665980047372:t2bot.ioXBAZZAGUTSX joined the room.
14:07:44@_discord_490591665980047372:t2bot.ioXBAZZAGUTSX changed their display name from XBAZZAGUTSX to XBAZZAGUTSX#7504.
14:07:58@_discord_490591665980047372:t2bot.ioXBAZZAGUTSX set a profile picture.
14:08:01@_discord_490591665980047372:t2bot.ioXBAZZAGUTSX changed their display name from XBAZZAGUTSX#7504 to XBAZZAGUTSX.
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If you guys buy anything online you better use ebates
Don't spam here
14:53:31@_discord_251900066111946753:t2bot.ioAngélis changed their display name from Angélis to Angélis#1000.
14:53:31@_discord_251900066111946753:t2bot.ioAngélis changed their display name from Angélis#1000 to Angélis.
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i allowed outgoing connections but blocked incoming. if i do that tor cant seem to connect
Allow input to localhost
15:16:25@utsav15poudyal:librem.oneUtsav Poudyal ‮Your thoughts on firefox send??? https://send.firefox.com
15:16:47@_discord_605358463714983977:t2bot.ioEl Primo the thicc gae god It’s pretty good personally
15:16:56@_discord_605358463714983977:t2bot.ioEl Primo the thicc gae god Quite useful in many cases
15:17:29@_discord_605358463714983977:t2bot.ioEl Primo the thicc gae god I would say that the biggest downside is that it screws with the file names
15:17:48@utsav15poudyal:librem.oneUtsav Poudyal ‮Like???
15:19:39@_discord_605358463714983977:t2bot.ioEl Primo the thicc gae god I couldn’t find out what pics were which because it would rename them to

15:20:06@_discord_605358463714983977:t2bot.ioEl Primo the thicc gae god There is a 64 files limit
15:20:33@_discord_605358463714983977:t2bot.ioEl Primo the thicc gae god The 2.5gb file size limit is pretty good
15:20:38@utsav15poudyal:librem.oneUtsav Poudyal ‮Ohh, you mean even if we upload a pic with perfect name, it messes them... Hmm...
15:31:06@utsav15poudyal:librem.oneUtsav Poudyal ‮But it seems to be fixed now. I tried with a test picture file and it seems to perfectly work... https://send.firefox.com/download/fefa8b69ae2dfbe8/#MUS4lQMVcMNeny8UzeBejQ
15:51:59@fantasycookie17:matrix.orgfantasycookie17^ according to nmap, microsoft.com most likely runs with Linux 3/4 (or some embedded/printer system 😸)
15:52:55@wiesiek:matrix.orgwiesiekprobably som high performance load balancers that are in front of web servers

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