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4 Apr 2020
18:25:02@kompowiec2:junta.plkompowiec2 * David: great article, current article on Wikipedia is rotten fuck shit up
18:25:55@kompowiec2:junta.plkompowiec2https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Comparison_of_cross-platform_instant_messaging_clients&oldid=922997158 before
18:26:17@kompowiec2:junta.plkompowiec2Aevann it idiot
18:26:48@kompowiec2:junta.plkompowiec2just one advantage it add "federated servers"
18:30:56@kompowiec2:junta.plkompowiec2btw. article from google docs have a issue, riot/matrix no mobile/web version?
18:31:26@kompowiec2:junta.plkompowiec2and XMPP not suport audio/video just jingle
In reply to @andrej25:matrix.org
Both techlore and the ceo are good speakers
Sir thank you I am very self conscious about that interview because I felt I didn't add anything to it. I've been listening to random interviews since then to learn how to be a better interviewer 😂 this means a lot! Thank you
18:46:35@valynor:matrix.orgValynor Vicky: it seems to be in the vietnamese Apple app store: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/signal-private-messenger/id874139669
In reply to mydarkstar
they had a donation round once
the bot
19:04:47@telegram_834047763:t2bot.iomydarkstarso they do make money
19:04:59@telegram_834047763:t2bot.iomydarkstarquite a lot actually
19:05:05@telegram_834047763:t2bot.iomydarkstarwe're talking billions
In reply to Nathan
the bot
19:06:22@telegram_654169829:t2bot.ioNathan * backed by @durov
In reply to mydarkstar
we're talking billions
19:06:55@telegram_834047763:t2bot.iomydarkstartake it from the US government
19:07:15@telegram_834047763:t2bot.iomydarkstar https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/1/17186004/telegram-presale-open-network-app-ico-cryptocurrency-ton
19:07:18@telegram_834047763:t2bot.iomydarkstartake it from someone else
19:07:35@kompowiec2:junta.plkompowiec2donates meh
19:07:34@telegram_654169829:t2bot.ioNathanTON funds were used for Tg
19:07:47@telegram_654169829:t2bot.ioNathan* TON funds were used for Tg
19:08:25@kompowiec2:junta.plkompowiec2XMPP servers is full and I don't have to ask anyone.
In reply to @kompowiec2:junta.pl
donates meh
public money = public code

signal servers remain open source
19:09:32@telegram_654169829:t2bot.ioNathanis this logic true
19:09:49@kompowiec2:junta.plkompowiec2without federation?
19:10:14@kompowiec2:junta.plkompowiec2it's useless
19:20:52@fantasycookie17:matrix.orgFantasyCookie17 The latest FSF newsletter contains some alternatives to Zoom and such.

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