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A space for neuroatypicals, especially autistic or autistic-adjacent people, that centers our needs. Allistics must understand their place here. Self-dx is valid! No bigots, no fascists (no TERFs, no SWERFs). Message @zuggtmoy:matrix.org for an invite!11 Servers

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27 Mar 2021
@kenoiyan:matrix.org@kenoiyan:matrix.org * Yet it holds practically no relation in terms of origin and traits/characteristics with it... 🙄 The only reason it was invented in the first place because schizophrenia was the closest thing psychologists could put it to at the time, having no separate diagnosis for autism.00:03:34
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ehh that definitely sounds too positive abt asperger imo
* It's actually what happened. There's plenty of evidence supporting it. Read NeuroTribes and do your own research into his life and work. Despite how he has been slandered in the media lately, Asperger was NOT a bad man. He was a good human being, not without faults, but trying his best to do the right thing during a very-very difficult time in history, and stuck on the wrong side.
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) izzy I found you on Mastodon and sent a follow request, I hope you don't mind. 12:54:14
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)Anyone else here on masto and want to connect? 12:55:11
@kunsi:franzi.businessFranziska@kunsi@chaos.social, but i post mostly in german12:55:34
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)I already follow a couple of people here judging by avatars! 😊12:55:41
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)I'm @petrichor@scholar.social12:56:08
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) Franziska I follow a few people who post mainly in not-English, mostly German, French and Dutch. I feel like the exposure and occasional attempts to understand are probably good for my language processing. 12:58:27
@kunsi:franzi.businessFranziskai see13:04:56
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathan changed their profile picture.18:21:16
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izzy I found you on Mastodon and sent a follow request, I hope you don't mind.
ooh that was you :) i knew the name was familiar
31 Mar 2021
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4 Apr 2021
@ijyx:matrix.orgizzyhttps://qua.name/izzy/ctioning-q172 i wrote something on functioning labels11:13:54
7 Apr 2021
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)Whaaaaat... the local ASD diagnostic centre just sent me an SMS telling me to phone them to confirm my email address... 😖11:07:02
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)This is after I was told the waiting list is 24 months long, so I guess this is good news?11:45:20
@djkhalis:matrix.orgdjkhalisThat's great!:)19:17:16
9 Apr 2021
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@juunka:matrix.org@juunka:matrix.orghello ;-; 22:57:17
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10 Apr 2021
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@ijyx:matrix.orgizzymy grandma got me a box of candy for easter i dont actually like them, but theres one thing colorful candy is always good for~19:12:47
17 Apr 2021
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4 May 2021
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)Anyone got any favourite resources for explaining things like autistic burnout, shutdowns, etc. to others? My manager at work is great, and I want to provide them with some better info than I can manage to explain first hand.14:36:43
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)These seem pretty good: https://www.autism.org.uk/advice-and-guidance/topics/mental-health/autistic-fatigue/autistic-adults; https://www.autism.org.uk/advice-and-guidance/topics/behaviour/meltdowns/all-audiences14:42:39
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)Also thinking of maybe sending them this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SttrxcnDJI (CW for a pretty raw 1st-hand description of a meltdown by an autistic adult)14:42:54
5 May 2021
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7 May 2021
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)in case anyone's interested in this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/schnumn/sensory-life-on-the-spectrum16:55:41

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