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22 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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26 Aug 2019
03:16:38@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter)hey guys
11:08:54@gitter_khomyak-sibiryak_gitlab:matrix.orgKhomyak-sibiryak (Gitter)Hello
11:16:26@gitter_khomyak-sibiryak_gitlab:matrix.orgKhomyak-sibiryak (Gitter) It seems that I found a parameter due to which the size of the lw window was not remembered. Responsible for this privacy.resistFingerprinting. Now I do not know whether it is worth disconnecting it at all. What do you think? https://www.ghacks.net/2018/03/01/a-history-of-fingerprinting-protection-in-firefox/
16:22:18@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter)uh huh
16:22:57@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter) i'm pretty confident we should keep resistFingerprinting even though it isn't very mature yet
27 Aug 2019
00:04:26@gitter_khomyak-sibiryak_gitlab:matrix.orgKhomyak-sibiryak (Gitter) At least it's better than nothing. Therefore, this should be included. The comments mention these 2 parameters privacy.window.maxInnerWidth and privacy.window.maxInnerHeight. We can use them to slightly change the size of the window that opens, but this will not open the window in full screen mode (--maximize).
2 Sep 2019
17:03:08@telegram_420415423:t2bot.io@telegram_420415423:t2bot.io left the room.
22:44:56@gitter_beatlink_gitlab:matrix.orgBeatLink (Gitter)hey guys. With school starting tomorrow, and a lot of other projects i really wanted to nail down, ill have to step away from librewolf for a while. Right now i cant say for how long exactly so i cant ask you guys to hold your breath :c
22:45:37@gitter_beatlink_gitlab:matrix.orgBeatLink (Gitter)at the very least itll have to be after i finish my todo app im working on, since i need it to organize school and coding and everything. Once i finish that then ill librewolf is next
22:45:41@gitter_beatlink_gitlab:matrix.orgBeatLink (Gitter)sorry guys :C
3 Sep 2019
10:48:32@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter) 'kay
10:48:40@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter)all the best Beatlink.
10 Sep 2019
16:54:19@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter) @BeatLink_gitlab where can i learn how to help with the stuff you work on?
16:54:41@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter) i'm ultra-busy with exams right now, but once those are out of the way, i'll be slightly free-er
16:55:26@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter) and i don't want to let this project die before we even get to 1.0.0
16:56:45@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter) "stuff you work on" wrt librewolf, that is
16:57:14@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter)@ me. thanks.
19:16:34@gitter_beatlink_gitlab:matrix.orgBeatLink (Gitter)well, mostly its bash scripting
13 Sep 2019
11:38:22@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter)uh huh
11:38:43@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter) btw @BeatLink_gitlab, I think https://github.com/features/actions could help us big time
11:39:01@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter) in conjunction with https://github.com/nektos/act maybe
11:43:33@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter)(as much as i hate suggesting a switch back to GH coz confusion)
14 Sep 2019
13:05:48@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter) if you're too busy to explore it, i'll take a look into it after my exams
13:06:02@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter) it's really cool though
13:06:07@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter)just fiddled with it a tiny bit today
13:06:23@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter)
  • it has windows + linux + mac machines (free for public repos)
13:06:33@gitter_shreyasminocha:matrix.orgShreyas Minocha (Gitter) (edited) + it ... => plus it ...

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