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23 Dec 2023
@_discord_160877998155759616:t2bot.ioskillman623 At the moment? No.
At some point in the future there may be.
Not much point in donating until there's some development momentum going IMO.
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28 Dec 2023
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30 Dec 2023
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3 Jan 2024
@_discord_160877998155759616:t2bot.ioskillman623 Update - it got approved.
Hopefully relatively soon I can get a WIP implementation.
@_discord_422784254729256972:t2bot.iojavaimpact That’s amazing news it’s really a new hope for the project 09:30:47
6 Jan 2024
@_discord_160877998155759616:t2bot.ioskillman623Redacted or Malformed Event17:40:44
@_discord_160877998155759616:t2bot.ioskillman623Redacted or Malformed Event17:40:46
@_discord_160877998155759616:t2bot.ioskillman623Redacted or Malformed Event17:40:48
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@_discord_160877998155759616:t2bot.ioskillman623 The auth server now works (tested on prism). It will now need to implemented on the leafish side. 17:46:07
@v90c:matrix.homelab.wf@v90c:matrix.homelab.wfpretty sick! do you have a bitcoin/monero donation address?17:49:56
@_discord_160877998155759616:t2bot.ioskillman623 I will not be accepting any donations for my personal use. Long term, the project itself may. 18:34:57
8 Jan 2024
@_discord_422784254729256972:t2bot.iojavaimpact This seems like it might be of interest to us: https://github.com/Eveeifyeve/minecraft-auth/blob/Stable/src/lib.rs 16:39:24
@_discord_422784254729256972:t2bot.iojavaimpact * This seems like it might be of interest to us: https://github.com/Eveeifyeve/minecraft-auth/ 16:39:32
@_discord_160877998155759616:t2bot.ioskillman623 Agreed. I had seen that one previously.

The only issue would be that we would have to commit to making the entire project GPL (due to the linking clauses of it). I don't have any issues with that though. Switching to that would also resolve #245

We could switch the main project and to it and then review license compatibility of each component later.
@_discord_160877998155759616:t2bot.ioskillman623 https://github.com/Lea-fish/Leafish/issues/245 17:13:01
19 Jan 2024
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7 Feb 2024
@cyastis:matrix.orgCyastis apparently its successor (https://github.com/minecraft-essentials/minecraft-essentials) is licensed under the AGPL interestingly 23:38:56
18 Feb 2024
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28 Feb 2024
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29 Feb 2024
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19 Mar 2024
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@libreivan:envs.netCHAOTIC ivanYo! As a means of improving my rust skills and contributing to open source stuff I like, I'd love to start contributing in Leafish. Do you guys have any advice on getting started? :)16:02:09
20 Mar 2024
@chillerdragon:matrix.orgchillerdragonmicrosoft login13:25:54
4 Apr 2024
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12 Apr 2024
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