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31 Jan 2019
14:57:33@dokterbob:chat.weho.stdokterbobIt's 1h15 driving from Porto, 45m to Vigo and super quiet though 20m walking from the camino the Santiago and 15m driving to Parades de Coura.
15:00:38@dokterbob:chat.weho.stdokterbobWe're looking for people able to make their own income, at this stage, as the forest we intend to grow will take 10-15 to reach ROI, if at all. We do expect to be able to pay two people (one of which is Diego) a modest salary for forest management, based on subsidies, grants and donations.
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2 Feb 2019
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3 Feb 2019
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4 Feb 2019
15:54:12@dokterbob:chat.weho.stdokterbobGoogle Earth file with borders of the land https://cloud.dokterbob.net/s/pZ265wrBcet3RAE
15:54:40@dokterbob:chat.weho.stdokterbobWe're very seriously considering to go for this one. There's many lands for sale around it as well
16:16:45@jeukku:matrix.orgjeukkuThat looks nice. I've been checking out some places in spain.
16:18:11@jeukku:matrix.orgjeukkubut sadly it looks like I'm not going to be able to join or buy land in the near future
5 Feb 2019
18:02:57@tg:disroot.orgTG dokterbob: ah nice, who's the 'we' so far?
6 Feb 2019
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10:01:34@dokterbob:chat.weho.stdokterbob TG: So far, it's me Diego and possibly his girlfriend. Diego is a forest designer.
10:01:43@dokterbob:chat.weho.stdokterbobhttps://vimeo.com/313453950/8bd2b886f8 :p
10:02:14@dokterbob:chat.weho.stdokterbobWe're actually very much looking for additional participants. I hope to send out an update on that next week.
13:53:18@telegram_448356154:t2bot.ioDiego Reimondez (Telegram)I'm Diego!
14:43:21@_oftc_dreamer:matrix.orgdreamer even better, you are Diego Reimondez (Telegram)
14:43:26@_oftc_dreamer:matrix.orgdreamer(some telegram-bridge to matrix?)
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7 Feb 2019
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9 Feb 2019
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12 Feb 2019
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13 Feb 2019
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15 Feb 2019
12:32:57@dokterbob:chat.weho.stdokterbob\o/ our land offer got accepted!
12:33:16@dokterbob:chat.weho.stdokterbobWe are soon to be owners of a 2 hectare piece of land and actively need participants who will come live there with us! :)
16 Feb 2019
09:39:37@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygapscongrats dokterbob
10:07:55@DzzzzzzR:matrix.orgdazinismCongrats dokterbob, Diego Reimondez (Telegram), checked the photos, looks nice
17 Feb 2019
The struggle is still against the language of the powers that be, in order to create by merry pranks new links between things (i.e. networking) and break any old hierarchy.
-- Luther Blisstett - Notes on the Nature of the Conspiracy
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