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2 Jul 2021
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3still feel like ROTT is in a perpetual cycle of someone making a new port, people ignoring it because of some unspecified bug, and then asking for someone to make a good port :P02:59:51
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3Although I am a bit surprised that no one has fixed the precision issues with the floor rendering at high resolutions, been kind of tempted to submit a fix for that to rottexpr03:00:54
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3ahh someone already did a PR for that03:02:53
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3little surprised that Catacomb 3-D would be the base and not Keen Dreams but I suppose it's not that crazy11:30:36
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123I think that it's more like a combination of the ID Engine (most ID* files) from Catacomb 3-D, with a heavily modified Keen Dreams game code (ID_HEADS.H and the non-ID* files).11:39:00
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Certain aspects in the game code may be reused, like behaviors specific to the Keen character and the scorebox, but obviously a lot differs, and actually varies across the later 3 episodes.11:39:47
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123 * Certain aspects in the game code may be reused, like behaviors specific to the Keen character and the scorebox, but obviously a lot differs, and actually varies across the later 3 episodes.11:39:50
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3I know, it's just intuitively one would think that Keen Dreams would be closer than Catacombs 3-D even if there's no technical reason to believe that20:53:02
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123The menu looks like a hint. Probably also the presence of music, especially a track which is also used in Keen 4.20:57:23
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Well, it might be less obvious if you inspect just the adventure series, but the cat3d codebase was the one in use.20:58:53
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123I'll quote again from the Chocolate Doom Discord the same user who asked about a ROTT port, after someone else mentioned rottexpr:21:00:31
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123`gb24741, thank you! rottexpr turned out to be redesigned under the sdl 2 port https://icculus.org/rott I built the source port (it is under sdl 1) everything immediately started and worked without editing the source files! The compilation parameters are similar to those used in the last build of chocolate-doom While the game has only sounds without music, now I'm dealing with music.`21:01:20
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3Sounds like he built the old icculus port instead of rottexpr for some reason?21:03:53
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123It was presumably for the aforementioned arm microcomputer.21:14:05
19 Jul 2021
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123So another instance of brainstorming for Reflection Keen (but hopefully a short one this time): I know that it wasn't just me who thought that it'll be good to document vanilla bugs which are emulated, or at least, having workarounds.20:42:15
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123So far, there wasn't a good way, except for maybe using "REFKEEN" marks in comments. So, I can hopefully locate these.20:42:43
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Question is if I should simply document them in text files (e.g., one per game), or alternatively - to kinda force paying attention to these - add a few headers with macros to conditionally enable them.20:43:26
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Again, not more than one such header per game.20:43:38
20 Jul 2021
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3I would do text files18:55:55
21 Jul 2021
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3To elaborate on that a bit (was busy Yesterday), I think the audience for said documentation is going to be wider than just people hacking on the source code. So it would be more useful to write in prose what the bug is and its implications. How it's emulated is of course useful, but I think probably 90% of the time the documentation will be referenced it would be just for people curious about what bugs exist.10:09:30
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3i.e. stuff like this: http://maniacsvault.net/ecwolf/wiki/Engine_quirks10:10:28
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Thanks for the suggestion. My main use-case was listing instances in which behaviors differ from the originals, so I have the option to revisit any of these if I want to e.g., emulate the original behaviors.18:19:42
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123One example I recall is buffer overflows reproduced during rendering in the Catacombs, or at least some time before that. Another one, IIRC with a function related to Catacomb Apocalypse's Time Lords, is a read from an uninitialized variable. (See the function T_Head.)18:24:40
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123It's also a good way to let another coder see the changes, so emulated bugs can be fixed (outside of my repository) if this is desired.18:26:03
22 Jul 2021
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3I would say that from my perspective it'd be just as easy to find the fix from adequate prose describing the issue and ifdefs make code very hard to read. But if there's benefit to you on having toggles then sure07:48:22
24 Jul 2021
@science:matrix.orgscience changed their profile picture.20:36:35
25 Jul 2021
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Well, I guess that I eventually did it, in a way: https://github.com/NY00123/refkeen/commit/ec07b095c9fb65073345af19a7adc01678c1c6a518:04:19
27 Jul 2021
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3Looks mostly good, the TimeCount point could probably be elaborated on with what the original code did that can't be used verbatim00:51:59
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Done: https://github.com/NY00123/refkeen/commit/ed9563acce90631e97254dd5f4aabec2e48b394018:35:42

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