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12 Aug 2020
@chungy:matrix.orgchungyThat's my main impression of Wolf3D in general.06:17:17
@chungy:matrix.orgchungymaybe I'm wrong but ECWolf seems to be the first cross-platform port.06:17:35
@chungy:matrix.orgchungyYou know it'd be kind of cool and ironic if Wisdom Tree puts Super 3D Noah's Ark on the Nintendo Switch, as an official product in the e-shop06:20:51
@chungy:matrix.orgchungyand yeah that's not really irony :B06:23:00
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3The parent port, Wolf4SDL was also cross platform. Before that I know WolfGL was. Wolf3D Redux may have also been portable given that id used it for the iOS version06:50:21
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3that said prior to Wolf4SDL the situation with Wolf3D ports was basically the same as ROTT. They existed, but they were mostly broken06:52:28
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123I recall being able to make a Linux build of rottexpr, so I consider it cross-platform. Unsure about rott94.07:10:16
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3IIRC rottexpr was originally Linux only07:10:39
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123 Well, rott94 seems to work on Android and Windows altogether, so it's technically cross-platform. Originally started as Android-exclusive IIRC. 07:11:10
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3rott94 used to be ARM exclusive I believe. Both of those ports relatively recently got x86 Windows versions07:11:46
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Well, also WinRT, I guess.07:12:08
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3rottexpr of course is based on the icculus ROTT port which was for Linux but had an allegedly broken Windows version07:12:09
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3WinRT is ARM07:12:22
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3I'm just saying that ROTT ports have tended to not be compatible with the big three :P07:12:58
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Hmm, I see. Assuming that you refer to the big three desktop computing environment, of course.07:17:50
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123 Now the one feature that I think is still missing from all ROTT ports (except for any not investigated by me) is proper OPL emulation, including required support for Apogee's EMIDI API. 07:19:31
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123At least for the ones who prefer to hear the music in this manner.07:19:54
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123One thing that changed for ROTT between versions 1.2 and 1.3 is the timbres.07:20:09
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3as a wavetable guy: good :P07:20:16
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3not too surprising that port developers chose to take the easier path of just supporting playing the MIDIs through a MIDI synth07:21:17
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123 Hmm, looks like Icculus kept the old sound code in case of building a DOS exe, now I realize. For other platforms, a separate SDL/SDL_mixer driver was added to the Apogee Sound System for sound playback, but it's bypassed for MIDI music, which goes straight to SDL_mixer. 07:36:27
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123JonoF, on the other hand, also added MIDI support for Windows in his JFBuild ports. Other platforms were added later. Eventually, Nuke.YKT added OPL emulation, initially in a separate old Rednukem repository branch.07:38:14
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123 One think that should probably be mentioned, IIRC a request/suggestion of another dev, is that now the OPL3 emulator as present in EDuke32/NBlood can optionally do something that the OPL3 itself couldn't. That is, 18-op stereo OPL3 playback. 07:39:42
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123 Stereo playback leads to missing notes in Duke with a real OPL3. Also mono playback with an OPL2. Don't think this was the reason stereo was originally disabled in the DOS code, though. 07:41:02
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123 Sorry, might've meant channels instead of op. 07:44:40
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Hmm, looked for an explanation of Nuke.YKT about this in a chat I had with him, and it looks like the abovementioned extension (using all 18 channels in stereo playback with full panning of MIDI) is also present in ZDoom. So is the ability to run multiple instances of the emulator in order to get even more voices.08:06:00
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3yeah ZDoom has had an option to increase the number of emulated chips since as far back as I can remember08:17:45
@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3I don't know anything about 18 channels with panning though08:19:12
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Nuke.YKT said that with stereo OPL playback, Apogee's audiolib basically emulates the SB Pro's dual-OPL2 using OPL3 hardware, so 9 voices play strictly on the left channel, and 9 more on the right channel. Thus, the maximal voice amount is halved, compared to mono OPL3 playback.08:56:12
@ny00123:matrix.orgNY00123Referring to the original DOS code, of course.08:56:59

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