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8 Sep 2019
06:20:43@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3ECWolf is now on Git. Formal announcement coming after I fix the infrastructure since right now it's basically just a straight repo conversion
9 Sep 2019
00:34:10@_neb_rssbot_=40_blzut3=3amatrix.org:matrix.org@_neb_rssbot_=40_blzut3=3amatrix.org:matrix.org left the room.
00:38:12@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3Looks like Bitbucket quietly got rid of the rss feature while letting existing urls work. That sucks
11 Sep 2019
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15 Sep 2019
18:32:32@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3Why are Git GUIs just so filled with caveats? The whole reason I want one is to browse around in history. Just tried Gitkraken and they apparently have a hard coded number of commits they'll show. Guess that tool is useless to me
16 Sep 2019
02:06:24@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3GitEye does this weird thing where it has to create a project file in the repo directory and is generally pretty slow when flipping through commits
9 Oct 2019
21:05:01@NeuralStunner:matrix.orgNeuralStunnerAre timed powerups implemented at all?
10 Oct 2019
13 Nov 2019
20:20:04@NeuralStunner:matrix.orgNeuralStunnerWould be neat to see new Steam library art for S3DNA that looks like a SNES cart
20:34:26@NeuralStunner:matrix.orgNeuralStunnerAww, this person did art for it: https://www.reddit.com/r/steamgrid/comments/db4f3f/c_not_animated_but_heres_240_covers_for_a_variety/
14 Nov 2019
08:01:44@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3I can talk to Piko Interactive about adding something officially
23 Nov 2019
20:15:08@NeuralStunner:matrix.orgNeuralStunnerSince it came up elsewhere: Ever look into trying to get S3DNA on GOG again?
30 Nov 2019
08:53:47@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3I have not
08:54:12@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3As far as I'm concerned GOG is free to contact Piko Interactive if they want it
3 Dec 2019
04:41:30@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3Started work on Wolfstone extraction utility https://bitbucket.org/ecwolf/wolfstoneextract/src/master/
21 Dec 2019
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29 Dec 2019
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15:33:28@vilhelmgray:matrix.orgvilhelmgrayI'm trying to track down the current state of the license of the original Wolfenstein 3D game assets (the artwork, not the source code). I'm hoping someone here might know.
15:33:51@vilhelmgray:matrix.orgvilhelmgrayI'm aware that this is the license when the source code was released: https://github.com/id-Software/wolf3d/blob/master/WOLFSRC/README/LICENSE.DOC
15:35:16@vilhelmgray:matrix.orgvilhelmgrayThat license doesn't permit modifications to the artwork or game assets, but I suspect this changed at a later point as was the case for the Doom series.
15:36:49@vilhelmgray:matrix.orgvilhelmgrayFor example, Doom was rereleased later under an EULA that has a "Permitted New Creations" section explicitly allowing mods to the game assets: https://gitweb.gentoo.org/repo/gentoo.git/plain/licenses/DOOM-COLLECTORS-EDITION
15:37:27@vilhelmgray:matrix.orgvilhelmgrayI'm having trouble finding a similar EULA for Wolfenstein 3D. Does anyone know if one exists?
15:50:06@vilhelmgray:matrix.orgvilhelmgrayAlternatively, if someone has a copy of the license included with the GOG or Steam release of the game, I suspect that will be the latest version.
16:50:52@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3You'd probably have to hunt down original disk images, since I'm sure like Doom it was distributed under multiple boilerplate EULAs
16:52:09@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3however I doubt that Wolf3D has a similiar clause since the game has no modding support (changing one graphic requires redistributing all the others) so it's likely that id just turned a blind eye to it all
16:55:41@blzut3:maniacsvault.netBlzut3There are definitely quotes out there from id that suggests that Doom's modding support is a result of the Wolf3D community reverse engineering everything to make mods in spite of everything
17:13:37@vilhelmgray:matrix.orgvilhelmgrayYeah that's what I'm suspecting too that it's not really explicitly allowed but id software decided not to stop the modding since it ended up being better business that way
19:44:38@vilhelmgray:matrix.orgvilhelmgray * Yeah that's what I'm suspecting too that it's not really explicitly allowed but id software decided not to stop the modding since it ended up being better business that way
12 Jan 2020
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