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3 Jun 2022
@_slack_kubeflow_U032R42D9P0:matrix.orgTamanna Verma Hey Everyone! Is Kubeflow v1.4-branch compatible with Amazon EKS v1.22? 08:36:47
@_slack_kubeflow_U014PVBKWEQ:matrix.orgSuraj Kota No. K8s 1.22 support is an open issue and is expected to be addressed in Kubeflow-1.6 15:43:23
@_slack_kubeflow_U014PVBKWEQ:matrix.orgSuraj Kota also, there is no v1.4-branch. Please use the released tags or branches with release- prefix 15:46:01
4 Jun 2022
@_slack_kubeflow_U02QG484SPM:matrix.orgAndrej Albrecht changed their display name from _slack_kubeflow_U02QG484SPM to Andrej Albrecht.18:35:43
@_slack_kubeflow_U02QG484SPM:matrix.orgAndrej Albrecht set a profile picture.18:35:48
6 Jun 2022
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@_slack_kubeflow_U02U3Q4T2R4:matrix.orgThomas Korrison (edited) ... code: error: ... => ... code: ```#!/usr/bin/env python3 import kfp from kfp.compiler import Compiler from kfp.v2 import dsl from kfp.v2.components.types.artifact_types import Dataset from kfp.v2.components.types.type_annotations import Output @dsl.component def hello_world(output: Output[Dataset]): import os output.metadata["s3_region"] = "eu-west-1" os.environ["AWS_REGION"] = "eu-west-1" with open(output.path, "w") as writer: writer.write(output.path) @dsl.pipeline( name="Hello World V2", description="Hello World Pipeline using kfp v2 sdk", pipeline_root="<s3://kubeflow-s3-bucket>" ) def pipeline(): hello_world_task = hello_world() if __name__ == '__main__': # Compiling the pipeline Compiler(mode=kfp.dsl.PipelineExecutionMode.V2_COMPATIBLE).compile( pipeline_func=pipeline, package_path=__file__ + '.yaml' )``` error: ... 13:19:27
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11 Jun 2022
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13 Jun 2022
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16 Jun 2022
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24 Jun 2022
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26 Jun 2022
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1 Jul 2022
@frankcryptic:matrix.org@frankcryptic:matrix.orgI'll help 10 individuals how to earn $20,000 in just 72 hours from the crypto/forex market. But you will pay me 10% commission when you receive your profit. if interested send me a direct message via Whatapp by asking me HOW for more details on how to get started +1 (570) 801-086204:14:21
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15 Jul 2022
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16 Jul 2022
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29 Jul 2022
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@sis3020:matrix.org@sis3020:matrix.orgCome try the greatest mmorpg https://blackhatseo.win/ qvtmeu try soon07:05:40
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30 Jul 2022
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31 Jul 2022
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@sk3310op:matrix.org@sk3310op:matrix.orgMatrix Spamming Tool v2.34 -> https://ufile.io/68m21gfj17:23:44
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5 Aug 2022
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10 Aug 2022
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