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23 Jul 2019
22:58:40@brad:koehn.comBrad Koehnima_d8546da.jpeg
22:59:30@brad:koehn.comBrad Koehn Here’s a heritage flight from Airventure Oshkosh 2019, of a P-51, F-35, F-22, and an A-10.
24 Jul 2019
06:42:47@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobiYesterday I've listened to an interessting podcast about USAF Thunderbirds. The speaker had the opportunity to fly it. There is the podcast as well as a video of the flight: https://omegataupodcast.net/318-my-flight-with-the-usaf-thunderbirds/
28 Jul 2019
16:09:20@brad:koehn.comBrad Koehnima_dc1e4c0.jpeg
16:09:26@brad:koehn.comBrad Koehn Looks like EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2019 is almost over.
25 Aug 2019
06:20:52@bantacofca4:matrix.org@bantacofca4:matrix.org joined the room.
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29 Aug 2019
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4 Sep 2019
19:15:16@kb1rd:kb1rd.netKB1RD changed their display name from KB1RD to yeet.
29 Aug 2019
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4 Sep 2019
19:16:09@kb1rd:kb1rd.netKB1RD changed their display name from yeet to KB1RD.
29 Aug 2019
17:50:01@bobfett:flobob.ovhbobfett changed their profile picture.
31 Aug 2019
15:41:22@brad:koehn.comBrad KoehnHere are some pics I took while at Airventure 2019. https://pixelfed.koehn.com/p/bkoehn/73442726498144256
15:55:39@brad:koehn.comBrad Koehn * Here are some pics I took while at Airventure 2019. https://pixelfed.koehn.com/p/bkoehn/73442726498144256
16 Sep 2019
04:33:02@bobfett:flobob.ovhbobfett left the room.
21:15:52@brad:koehn.comBrad Koehn

When you accidentally ground loop your custom built million dollar toy. RIP Draco! Glad the owner/builder owned his mistake; that couldn’t have been easy.


22:57:22@aaron:raim.istAaron Raimist😮 oh no!
18 Sep 2019
05:32:22@firefox:nopl.deValenWhat a shame, glad the passengers are OK
12 Oct 2019
09:08:42@sentamalin:matrix.orgTremolo Watamaru invited @sentamalin:librem.oneDon Geronimo.
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17 Oct 2019
16:49:05@sentamalin:librem.oneDon Geronimo changed their display name from Tremolo Watamaru to Flight Attendant Tremolo.
19 Nov 2019
12:55:15@brad:koehn.comBrad Koehn

“I said, ‘I can learn to fly,’ and I learned to fly. It was easy.”


14:11:03@aaron:raim.istAaron RaimistWhat a great story
23 Nov 2019
15:14:53@brad:koehn.comBrad Koehnima_ade2b56.jpeg
15:14:53@brad:koehn.comBrad Koehn A little bit chilly, but what the hell.
30 Nov 2019
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8 Dec 2019
06:01:01@sentamalin:librem.oneDon Geronimo changed their display name from Flight Attendant Tremolo to Don Geronimo.
11 Dec 2019
16:49:10@brad:koehn.comBrad Koehnimage.png

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