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22 Aug 2020
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: @zaSmilingIdiot I see. We already have an adjustable option for the No of Ring sigs in the Particl Deskop. Also the cli commands allows that number to be set but unfortunately that is being used veeery rarely. The vast majority of txs use the default setting. So please do the testing and please consider increasing that number 🙏 5 and 8 is extreamely low. Especially now in the beginning where we will not have that many anon txs. For example, people using a BTC payment bot, the automated workflow involves only btc2part exchange->convert2anon->anon2blind. Dunno if it involves more than one rings in the process but rings of size 8 are waaaay to small.

We need some sort of high default setting. Otherwise, say I write a tutorial for the DW users and suggest a global setting set to 28 while the default is 8 for the PD and 5 for the cli, that as far as I understand will allow the attackers to focus on the rings of size 28 attempting to deanonymize the txs. Not saying that it will be easy but why make it easier. 24 should be ok enough for most users especially if there is a enough noise. The noise can be artificially created but convincing people to change the default values might require significantly more effort.

Tbh I really liked the fact that in the PD changes in the default No of ring sigs doesnt persist and you need to do it change it again for every transaction 🙂 So maybe you guys should leave it like that and only if someone changes some global configurable setting allow it to persist.

Last but not least, should I open a feature request/suggestion for the Core default setting to be changed on Github or you could poke Kewde to change that single numerical value as you said after you guys test and agree on the new default value ?

23 Aug 2020
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <zaSmilingIdiot@discord>: Hmmm, yeah, so the "single value change" comment I made was with reference only to particl-desktop. I cant speak for core etc.

I do understand what you're suggesting though...
I'll mention to kewde the request, but its always a good idea to create an issue on github anyway, especially for tracking purposes.

24 Aug 2020
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lastovicca22@discord>: @dros see if you can get part listed here . New exchange with futures just found it. btse.com/en/tokenlisting 14:44:17
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <MITBF@discord>: Isn’t that the one Lina went to work for? 14:44:50
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <dros@discord>: Chicken and egg thing. Would you think btse would create buzz? 14:45:31
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lastovicca22@discord>: Yes why not 15:14:28
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <yfgame@discord>: I don't see this as a chicken and egg problem. I see this more like a baby chicken growing into a adult problem. I don't think that we need to just get more attention for no reason, or a random price Inflation. Instead we should focus on improving the platform for vendors and sellers and grow organically. Personally I am waiting for V3 with great excitement! 15:20:13
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <tannedrussians@discord>: the thing though, v3 will only add new features but not improve existing ones which are the reason for no adoption so far (or slow rather). Yes there are some improvements but for adoption other stuff is needed (on roadmap sort of kind of yes). I'd like to see v3 though and play with it a little 16:58:01
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <genuinelyfx@discord>: 'the reason for no adoption'...how do you know? 17:05:11
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: Monte-Carlo mental simulation of market user preferences aka single sample based stochastic extrapolation 😛 17:35:06
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <genuinelyfx@discord>: I think some people look at Amazon, then at Particl, Amazon again, then Particl again. Another look at Amazon and then Particl. Then conclude Particl has failed in comparison with Amazon..🤦‍♂️ 17:49:02
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <yfgame@discord>: no, it is just the beginning. Look at amazons history it also had a rough beginning. 17:50:55
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <yfgame@discord>: The most important thing is to keep on growing organically and not to give into the temptation of speculative hype. That's how amazon made it. (At some point they almost went bankrupt and now they recovered). 17:52:04
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: Lightning Network + atomic swaps DEX and some serious developers influx and viola the final product might even start threatening Amazon 🤓 18:22:24
29 Aug 2020
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <Nouchou@discord>: The download of the Particl Desktop app is one of the very first steps of the new comers process.
It would be more compliant with the privacy methods to make it available through a torrent.
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <dros@discord>: How about seeding it and making a PR to integrate into the download section? 14:10:06
31 Aug 2020
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <tannedrussians@discord>: https://twitter.com/AnyswapNetwork 08:07:38
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <tannedrussians@discord>: i think it would be great to have an integration there 08:07:55
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <tannedrussians@discord>: they're live 08:10:57
2 Sep 2020
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <tannedrussians@discord>: mayb try to get listed on ftx.com @imyb 15:48:23
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <Arantuil@discord>:

i think it would be great to have an integration there
Would be great if part would be one of the first coins listed on there 👍

13 Sep 2020
@igor:ru-matrix.orgigor 21:21:35
14 Sep 2020
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <Ozan@discord>: What about community proposals added to the default wallet thus people are staking can contribute governance? It's too much hassle to move my staking funds to the market wallet for the voting. This may not be the prioritized case for now, but should not be overlooked. 22:06:46
16 Sep 2020
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18 Sep 2020
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21 Sep 2020
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22 Sep 2020
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25 Sep 2020
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26 Sep 2020
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14 Oct 2020
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