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25 Jan 2019
11:29:44@Grillby:matrix.org[♥](Bloom Kitty)IMG_20190124_102643.jpg
26 Jan 2019
01:18:43@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManDissolving the boundaries
17:47:14@Grillby:matrix.org[♥](Bloom Kitty)IMG_20190126_184421.png
18:29:15@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeMan slow clapping
18:30:10@Anon999:matrix.orgAnon999I want that game
18:32:05@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManI imagine Bitcher's favorite sign, Fakyu It burns just like Agni, but is directed at enemy's mind.
18:34:38@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManIt's a simple sign, requiring you to close your fist and raise a single finger in front of the enemy.
18:36:28@Grillby:matrix.org[♥](Bloom Kitty)The center finger, IIRC.
18:39:41@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManCorrect. Some say it's a curious example of an air-elemental sign, belonging in similar group to Aard. Both expel a wave of psychokinetic force, just one has a greater... penetration value than the other.
18:41:31@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManSome call it the sign of the bird, due to it's air association and reported auditory hallucinations, resembling squawking.
18:45:19@Grillby:matrix.org[♥](Bloom Kitty)I thought it was because of the direction the certain finger shows in.
18:48:07@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManAh, that too.
18:49:41@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManThere are a number of names for this technique, actually, so there are plenty of reasons for them too. For example, some students use crude but technically correct name of "showing it up yours", as they do shove the energy into their opponent's nervous system. Some other
18:50:17@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManname relates to the loss of coordination, making it a popular prank tool. In those cases, it's called "flipping someone off".
28 Jan 2019
20:00:05@beautiful__naw:matrix.orgBella_Bear changed their display name from Conner and Summers Girl to Conner's Girl.
20:02:47@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManHello! Welcome to puns! If you have any gifts of wordplay to share with other puny humans in this room, please do so!
31 Jan 2019
19:56:23@beautiful__naw:matrix.orgBella_Bear changed their display name from Conner's Girl to Bella_Bear.
2 Feb 2019
9 Feb 2019
12 Feb 2019
01:22:54@jgibbons:matrix.orgjgibbonsTeacher: Is your work finished?
01:23:08@jgibbons:matrix.orgjgibbonswhitty student:: No, it's American.
14 Feb 2019
14:32:33@richardcorsale:matrix.orgShadow removed their profile picture.
14:48:48@richardcorsale:matrix.orgShadow set a profile picture.
15 Feb 2019
02:52:59@richardcorsale:matrix.orgShadow changed their profile picture.

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