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2 May 2019
19:13:19@Grillby:matrix.org@Grillby:matrix.orgWhat gun does not kill?
19:13:31@Grillby:matrix.org@Grillby:matrix.org A ve-gun!
19:14:32@Damian1:matrix.orgDamianIt could improve but at least you gave it a shot
19:18:26@Grillby:matrix.org@Grillby:matrix.orgWell I had my schopes up for different types.
19:20:48@Damian1:matrix.orgDamian I fully automatic-ally assumed that was a gun pun but I don’t know what the word Schopes is
19:35:41@Grillby:matrix.org@Grillby:matrix.org(Scope + hope)
3 May 2019
15 May 2019
20:58:02@Grillby:matrix.org@Grillby:matrix.org If packages containing sex toy woulld be delivered to you by a drone, you'd be quite literally given a flying fuck.
4 Jun 2019
13:44:42@Grillby:matrix.org@Grillby:matrix.org left the room.
5 Jun 2019
19:07:26@gsantner:matrix.org@gsantner:matrix.org invited @bloomkitty:flip.earthmad_kittey.
19:08:45@bloomkitty:flip.earthmad_kittey joined the room.
10 Jun 2019
17:05:15@Anon999:matrix.org@Anon999:matrix.org left the room.
28 Jul 2019
19:11:52@transcaffeine:finallycoffee.euJohanna Dorothea Reichmann changed their profile picture.
7 Aug 2019
13:01:47@meteor_impact:matrix.org@meteor_impact:matrix.org left the room.
12 Aug 2019
22:41:37@jgibbons:matrix.orgjgibbonsNo punny business recently
19 Aug 2019
25 Aug 2019
07:37:01@gesatualvou3:matrix.org@gesatualvou3:matrix.org joined the room.
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2 Sep 2019
09:54:12@bloomkitty:flip.earthmad_kittey changed their display name from [♥](Bloom Kitty) to mad_kittey.
6 Oct 2019
01:25:03@morranr:morr.usmorranrDon’t use “beef stew” as a computer password. It’s not stroganoff.
9 Nov 2019
21:44:39@cs2240541:matrix.orgFelix The Fox joined the room.
10 Nov 2019
08:05:49@cs2240541:matrix.orgFelix The Fox changed their profile picture.
18:20:37@cs2240541:matrix.orgFelix The Fox changed their profile picture.
11 Nov 2019
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14:11:56@gsantner:feneas.orgGregor changed their display name from gsantner to Gregor.
13 Nov 2019
08:45:08@jaxinnh2:matrix.org@jaxinnh2:matrix.org joined the room.
7 Dec 2019
13:05:20@jaxinnh2:matrix.org@jaxinnh2:matrix.org left the room.

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