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3 Dec 2019
00:31:48@antoniac:matrix.orgAntonia Chen joined the room.
00:33:59@antoniac:matrix.orgAntonia Chen changed their display name from antoniac to Antonia Chen.
00:34:17@antoniac:matrix.orgAntonia Chen set a profile picture.
02:19:46@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | melea 0xthreebody | Polkawallet: if you like invite @akhanaton:matrix.org he is working on polkablocks and validator for Kusama now
02:19:58@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | meleathanks
02:20:17@0xthreebody:matrix.org0xthreebody | Polkawallet invited @akhanaton:matrix.orgakhanaton | Tartan Staking.
02:21:21@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | meleaty
06:46:34@akhanaton:matrix.orgakhanaton | Tartan Staking joined the room.
06:48:06@akhanaton:matrix.orgakhanaton | Tartan Staking 0xthreebody | Polkawallet , Víctor | melea , thanks for the invite
06:56:13@0xthreebody:matrix.org0xthreebody | PolkawalletWelcome to the Acala world.
4 Dec 2019
05:39:09@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | melea changed their profile picture.
16:57:04@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | meleaRedacted or Malformed Event
16:57:45@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | melea can please invite @nuevax:matrix.org is old validator friend for others projects, is interested in Alcala after chat about, ty
17:18:57@0xthreebody:matrix.org0xthreebody | Polkawallet invited @nuevax:matrix.orgnuevax.
20:36:54@nuevax:matrix.orgnuevax joined the room.
5 Dec 2019
17:24:31@developerfred:matrix.orgdeveloperfred joined the room.
6 Dec 2019
15:40:41@0xthreebody:matrix.org0xthreebody | Polkawallethttps://twitter.com/AcalaNetwork/status/1202969434207313923 Participate in kusama, explore it :) Retweet and write your Kusama address in the comment section. Will be pleasantly surprised. This event comes from the community.
16:17:55@realgar:matrix.orgpolkadot.prouhuhhh awesome, just received it and i will airdrop as well in the name of acala
16:37:27@nicole:matrix.parity.ionicole invited @yaoqi:matrix.parity.ioyaoqi.
16:45:24@yaoqi:matrix.parity.ioyaoqi joined the room.
8 Dec 2019
16:33:15@nuevax:matrix.orgnuevaxRedacted or Malformed Event
16:33:28@nuevax:matrix.orgnuevaxis there any way to participate without Twitter account?
16:50:22@nuevax:matrix.orgnuevaxI am not a Twitter user, and getting one failed.
9 Dec 2019
06:12:33@0xthreebody:matrix.org0xthreebody | Polkawallet nuevax: show your kusama address there.
11 Dec 2019
22:32:34@nuevax:matrix.orgnuevaxRedacted or Malformed Event
22:46:48@nuevax:matrix.orgnuevaxRedacted or Malformed Event

this is my Kusama address, thanks for adding


12 Dec 2019
14:50:20@0xthreebody:matrix.org0xthreebody | Polkawallet nuevax: sent
20:15:32@nuevax:matrix.orgnuevaxthanks, received.
13 Dec 2019
04:08:37@nuevax:matrix.orgnuevaxI sent back the amount to the same address. I did not know the purpose of the requested addresses, but without Twitter I cannot do promotion with it.

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