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27 Oct 2019
14:45:37@readriotact:matrix.orgreadriotact joined the room.
30 Oct 2019
The voucher phase of the presale is over. Only angel voucher can be redeemed at this time, and all replication has stopped.
31 Oct 2019
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1 Nov 2019
00:32:07@lindalap:matrix.orgLinda changed their profile picture.
01:31:02@lindalap:matrix.orgLinda changed their profile picture.
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3 Nov 2019
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09:15:01@musicmatze:matrix.orgmusicmatzegood morning... is the wiki already open for registration?
5 Nov 2019
08:46:11@lindalap:matrix.orgLindahttps://signup.c3assemblies.de/assembly/c92640c1-e105-434d-ae71-7e267dbb8ebe don't come
6 Nov 2019
14:01:35@maiestro:matrix.orgmaiestrohello guys, does anybody know if there's an official 36c3-Logo already?
14:30:21@lindalap:matrix.orgLindaI've not seen one yet.
14:41:47@maiestro:matrix.orgmaiestro ok thanks Linda
10 Nov 2019
15:50:37@lindalap:matrix.orgLindaSecond ticket sales open in 10 minutes.
In reply to @lindalap:matrix.org
Second ticket sales open in 10 minutes.
There are currently 7939 users in front of you in the queue to access the ticket shop.
There are currently 8351 users in front of you in the queue to access the ticket shop.
There are currently 8438 users in front of you in the queue to access the ticket shop.
16:04:44@lindalap:matrix.orgLinda sorry people, 36c3 is cancelled
There are currently 8612 users in front of you in the queue to access the ticket shop.
There are currently 2950 users in front of you in the queue to access the ticket shop.
We sold all tickets available in this presale round.
If you have a voucher or want to look up your order status, the ticket shop will be back for you in a few hours.
16:43:45@wiml:matrix.orgwimlI got to about 1000 users from the head of the queue before this batch sold out. :/
16:43:58@lindalap:matrix.orgLinda2019-11-21T20:00:00Z (21:00 UTC+1) tickets.events.ccc.de
16:45:00@wiml:matrix.orgwimlHow many tickets are in each round?
12 Nov 2019
07:26:26@sepp:matrix.allmende.iosepp joined the room.
13 Nov 2019
16:25:18@musicmatze:matrix.orgmusicmatzeLet the Dating begin: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2019/wiki/index.php/Dating
16:25:28@musicmatze:matrix.orgmusicmatzePlease spread the word!

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