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11 Aug 2016
@anomie:matrix.organomie changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".03:52:56
@Hawkheart:hawkheart.xyzHawkheart joined the room.03:58:19
Room Avatar Renderer.04:02:50
19 Feb 2017
@Half-Shot:matrix.orgHalf-Shot (Matrix Acct) joined the room.15:45:44
@travis:t2l.io@travis:t2l.io joined the room.18:27:31
25 Feb 2017
@162002:matrix.orgGuest 162002 joined the room.23:11:48
17 Mar 2017
@mikaela:disroot.org@mikaela:disroot.org joined the room.20:03:42
@mikaela:disroot.org@mikaela:disroot.organomie: could you mention in the topic that this is not #discord-bridge:matrix.org (#discord:half-shot.uk) as one would expect to find the room from Discord Bridge with alias #discord:matrix.org?20:06:30
@mikaela:disroot.org@mikaela:disroot.org left the room.20:06:48
10 Apr 2017
@202783:matrix.orgGuest 202783 joined the room.09:20:26
18 Apr 2017
@spaceghost:matrix.orgspaceghost joined the room.09:08:12
28 Apr 2017
@thewalkno1:matrix.org@thewalkno1:matrix.org joined the room.05:41:55
@thewalkno1:matrix.org@thewalkno1:matrix.org left the room.05:53:51
6 May 2017
@anomie:matrix.organomie changed their display name from anomie to http://sprunge.us/EGbJ.04:26:16
@anomie:matrix.organomie changed their display name from http://sprunge.us/EGbJ to 0xF00FC7C8#8638ROLEMemberNOTE.04:26:40

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