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21 Feb 2019
03:19:57@/k/rabs:matrix.org/k/rabsThe thing is, the kid has some valid points, but he's being so outrageous about it that it becomes insufferable.
03:20:03@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキThat was fun, It felt like 2012 Reddit.
03:20:10@lickmyloin:matrix.orglickmyloinIt really did
03:20:10@/k/rabs:matrix.org/k/rabsPretty much

Don't block, it's less fun if you two don't fight

ahh yes but my friend, the Irish were definitely on to something with the love of arguments. Nobody learns or changes by agreeing on everything

03:20:50@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキ All the Irish in my area have potbellies. 😁
03:20:54@lickmyloin:matrix.orglickmyloinEveryone goes through a “fuck religion” phase. But you get tired of bashing it after a while and realize it’s not so black and white.
03:20:58@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeee /k/rabs: You are a christ tard who does not give a shit about his own people and is fucking lying about his own fucking religion.
03:21:01@lickmyloin:matrix.orglickmyloinJust have to get older
03:21:03@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキCops are all Germanic-Irish
03:21:25@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeee lickmyloin: you just need to die, muslim beheading would be best
03:21:26@/k/rabs:matrix.org/k/rabspotbellied cops? Imagine my shock
03:22:00@lickmyloin:matrix.orglickmyloinIs anyone still racist against the Irish in the 21st century?

Is anyone still racist against the Irish in the 21st century?

the church is.

03:22:32@/k/rabs:matrix.org/k/rabsI only have pity for the Irish, but I gotta say I have some respect for their IRA actions. Got balls on those cunts
03:22:32@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキ*sip*, I set up Windows Server on the side
03:22:53@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキBalding Irish and their Windows Server...
03:23:25@/k/rabs:matrix.org/k/rabsinb4 glowinthedark but imagine if /pol/ had half the organization capabilities of the IRA. It'd be something to see.
03:23:50@/k/rabs:matrix.org/k/rabseh. it's all shitposting anyway.
03:24:04@/k/rabs:matrix.org/k/rabsI'm gonna go grab a brew. Be back around 12.
03:24:21@lickmyloin:matrix.orglickmyloin/pol/ can only meme effectively
03:25:09@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキI wish people were more close-knit and organized like that. Maybe if there was a place, a kind of hallowed ground, that they could go to every week and organize
03:25:14@lickmyloin:matrix.orglickmyloinShills and trolls and journalists sit around on /pol/ and the like
03:25:21@lickmyloin:matrix.orglickmyloinBut a good meme is a good meme
03:26:00@/k/rabs:matrix.org/k/rabsI keep saying that when I eventually buy land I want to make a /k/ube to be a mecca for all of /k/. Maybe I should make it a joint program.
03:35:14@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeee /k/rabs: lickmyloin STOP KILLING YOUR OWN PEOPLE.
03:36:43@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeee 「MASTER」ヒビキ: And you are christian too? WTF three on a POL/ board at the same time?
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