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27 Jul 2020
@nohurry:matrix.orgSenko-sanSee ya soon 馃槉02:03:28
@nohurry:matrix.orgSenko-san left the room.02:03:32
@l2eveh:matrix.org携螢V校Lol 05:02:08
@l2eveh:matrix.org携螢V校Well anyone can ping me for whatever reason, il chat if ppl wanna chat about whatevs 05:04:00
@raidshadowlegends:matrix.orgraidshadowlegendsWould be epic 11:09:36
@improfessional:matrix.orgimprofessional joined the room.17:13:48
@vengeance:matrix.orgvengeance joined the room.23:15:28
@vengeance:matrix.orgvengeanceHello guys, what happen to the discord channel?!23:21:12
@l2eveh:matrix.org携螢V校It got removed 23:34:29
@l2eveh:matrix.org携螢V校The main channel is now on Guilded23:34:45
@l2eveh:matrix.org携螢V校This is a backup channel thing I guess 23:34:57
@raidshadowlegends:matrix.orgraidshadowlegendsyeah im probably gonna make a new discord tbh and try and get it out there23:50:01
28 Jul 2020
@l2eveh:matrix.org携螢V校Prob not a good idea to split the community up, that's why senko left here 02:02:07
@l2eveh:matrix.org携螢V校We kinda holding this as a backup if guilded gets mad02:02:33
@raidshadowlegends:matrix.orgraidshadowlegendswell mostly people from the discord have no idea what's happened tbh02:15:44
@flukey:matrix.orgflukey joined the room.23:04:31
29 Jul 2020
@raidshadowlegends:matrix.orgraidshadowlegendsWell there is a new Discord lol03:34:10
@ama01:matrix.org@ama01:matrix.org joined the room.18:40:33
@ama01:matrix.org@ama01:matrix.org left the room.18:41:49
30 Jul 2020
@hajabal1134:matrix.orghajabal1134 joined the room.02:15:43
@hajabal1134:matrix.orghajabal1134Redacted or Malformed Event02:17:51
@hajabal1134:matrix.orghajabal1134Redacted or Malformed Event02:18:05
31 Jul 2020
@xenon-fort:matrix.orgXenonFORTWell, this place is better than anything.18:44:55
@xenon-fort:matrix.orgXenonFORTIn any case, did any find a way to migrate from free matrix.org to a own self-hosted server?18:45:21
@xenon-fort:matrix.orgXenonFORTSo far the only option I saw is to buy element guys a payed server, but anything about migrating from matrix.org to a own-machine installed synapse/whatever server back-end used18:45:59
@l2eveh:matrix.org携螢V校I dunno I think they was going to and abandoned that and just went to Guilded 18:57:38
@xenon-fort:matrix.orgXenonFORTOk, Thanks for the answer :)19:04:38
@xenon-fort:matrix.orgXenonFORT set a profile picture.19:09:01
1 Aug 2020
@esswasim:matrix.orgesswasim joined the room.16:13:02

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