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26 Mar 2019
19:17:56@_discord_164505599562874882:linuxgaming.life@_discord_164505599562874882:linuxgaming.life left the room.
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20:50:44@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin QtCurve, Kvantum or qt5ct?
20:51:54@_discord_249987062084665344:linuxgaming.lifepontos none of those
20:52:14@_discord_249987062084665344:linuxgaming.lifepontos Breeze or Fusion
20:58:38@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin >:(
20:59:04@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin I'm on lxqt
20:59:18@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin how do I change themes for breeze/fusion then?
In reply to @_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.life
QtCurve, Kvantum or qt5ct?
Qt5ct is not a theme engine, it's a configuration tool for systems that lack a settings module for Qt.
21:02:10@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin oh
21:03:11@noahdvs:matrix.orgnoahdvsBreeze and Fusion are widget styles. You can change the colorschemes for them and do some relatively minor changes to the appearance of Breeze, but you cannot change the shapes of buttons.
21:04:46@noahdvs:matrix.orgnoahdvsI don't know much about QtCurve. Apparently some people love it, but it's a bit buggy and not as well maintained as Breeze.
21:06:17@noahdvs:matrix.orgnoahdvsKvantum is a Qt theme engine that has its own SVG based themes. If you know how to use Inkscape, but don't know how to make a theme engine in C++, Kvantum is your best choice for making your own widget themes.
21:07:54@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin I don't wanna make my own
21:08:05@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin Just wanna get some fancy ones
21:09:42@noahdvs:matrix.orgnoahdvsThere's also forks of Breeze that are modified to look like MacOS, but I'll secretly judge you if you make a MacOS clone with an Apple logo included.
21:10:14@noahdvs:matrix.orgnoahdvsI think one of them is called BreezeSierra
21:11:52@noahdvs:matrix.orgnoahdvsKvantum does have some well know themes like Arc, Adapta and some other stuff.
21:12:48@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin I usually use aether with kvantum
21:13:12@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin I do use Mac borders because I think color filled buttons look better
21:13:26@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin There is one that uses ribbons
21:13:32@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin I like that one too
21:13:46@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin I'm not a fan of having X, + and - for the decoration
21:29:57@_discord_249987062084665344:linuxgaming.lifepontos I use SierraBreezeEnhanced
21:30:09@_discord_249987062084665344:linuxgaming.lifepontos Despite the name it has more than the OSX orbs
21:37:38@_discord_197108481533280256:linuxgaming.lifedamnNAFTA I'm pretty happy with plain old Breeze dark and Latte to get transparency
21:57:12@_discord_101496561460060160:linuxgaming.lifePyroclasticMayhem#4093 changed their profile picture.
22:30:38@_discord_491489342510989316:linuxgaming.lifedac Shiny is also nice and happy

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