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20 Mar 2023
@_discord_329196212282458112:t2bot.io4zv4l the only external library I use is dimscord 21:15:09
@_discord_329196212282458112:t2bot.io4zv4l but yeah it's ok 21:15:14
@_discord_686569573461655588:t2bot.iocaravaggio am i the only one that finds nim exercism challenges bad? 21:15:16
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeef -d:ssl says otherwise 21:15:19
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefI think they can be bad depending if you solve them idiomatically21:15:53
@_discord_329196212282458112:t2bot.io4zv4l yeah right I didn't see it that way xD 21:24:42
@_discord_265937132886032407:t2bot.ioDudugz I made a simple file to compile and test my binaries :v so i just debug run or debug build or debug for both. More practical than going to each one's directory, compiling with -d:ssl and then going back to the binaries directory and running each one 21:34:37
@_discord_204328759715692544:t2bot.ioGumbercules bad in what way? 21:58:07
@_discord_686569573461655588:t2bot.iocaravaggio I've done quite a few exercism stuff, for some reasons the nim ones don't have instructions 22:03:51
@_discord_686569573461655588:t2bot.iocaravaggio I like playing on exercism when am on a pc without a compiler and just turned off the nim track 22:04:20
@_discord_686569573461655588:t2bot.iocaravaggio Most have step by step instructions 22:04:29
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefWhat's the fun in that22:04:37
@_discord_686569573461655588:t2bot.iocaravaggio The nim ones I did. Felt like vague hints on what I needed to do 22:05:08
@_discord_686569573461655588:t2bot.iocaravaggio I guess I was just looking for structure 22:09:12
@_discord_686569573461655588:t2bot.iocaravaggio I dont want the answers handed to me ofc no learning in that 22:09:43
@_discord_686569573461655588:t2bot.iocaravaggio But small step by step hints that lead in the right direction would be useful, no? 22:10:08
@_discord_1046982517921693777:t2bot.ioedf joined the room.22:17:04
@_discord_733059160924749855:t2bot.ioRaynei486 changed their display name from Raynei486 to Raynei486#3955.22:27:34
@_discord_733059160924749855:t2bot.ioRaynei486 changed their display name from Raynei486#3955 to Raynei486.22:27:42
Download image.png
@_discord_733059160924749855:t2bot.ioRaynei486 If there was a function in sdl2/image.nim that is not exported in sdl2.nim, how do I access it? 22:27:44
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeef import std2/image 22:27:58
@_discord_733059160924749855:t2bot.ioRaynei486 I tried importing sdl2/image but it still can't find the proc 22:28:02
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefIs the proc exported in image?22:28:16
@_discord_733059160924749855:t2bot.ioRaynei486 yeah
proc load*(file: cstring): SurfacePtr {.importc: "IMG_Load".}
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeef Then it should be accesible when you do import std2/image 22:29:11
@_discord_733059160924749855:t2bot.ioRaynei486 okay it somehow magically resolved itself when I aliased it as import sdl2/image as image 22:33:13
@_discord_733059160924749855:t2bot.ioRaynei486 I guess it didn't know what I was referring to 22:33:15
@_discord_109484839480107008:t2bot.iogeekrelief#4078 I used exercism to start learning Nim. It got my feet wet and see alternate implementations was educational. Beyond that, I think you'll learn more finding a goal and hacking towards it while reading the manual and api docs. 22:33:22
@_discord_910899642236043294:t2bot.ionot logged in Anyone have a way to pretty print tree-like objects? 22:51:14

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