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2 Mar 2018
11:36:00@rhythm1225:matrix.orgrhythm1225 joined the room.
11:37:09@rhythm1225:matrix.orgrhythm1225Hi guys my self rhythm from india.. Iam a beginner in ml and ai. Can u suggest me any thing like books aor YouTube channels which would help me.. Please
15:39:48@theunixman:matrix.org@theunixman:matrix.orgHello there.
15:39:58@theunixman:matrix.org@theunixman:matrix.orgHave you seen the Stanford AI online course?
17:58:15@rhythm1225:matrix.orgrhythm1225Ya but i found the lectures to be so long.. And i felt tough to concentrate through the whole lecture.. So do u think its better to watch them
17:59:28@rhythm1225:matrix.orgrhythm1225 set a profile picture.
20:12:09@theunixman:matrix.org@theunixman:matrix.orgIf they're not working, we should find something that suits your learning style.
20:12:42@theunixman:matrix.org@theunixman:matrix.orgDo you know how you letarn best? Exercises, text, animations, lectures (probably no lectures)?
3 Mar 2018
06:23:50@rhythm1225:matrix.orgrhythm1225I learn good through lectures with duration around 20-30 minutes and not more than that
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7 Mar 2018
03:56:57@rhythm1225:matrix.orgrhythm1225Can anyone answer me??
11 Apr 2018
17:22:39@asddexter_07:matrix.orgD3XT3R joined the room.
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12 Apr 2018
04:10:56@asddexter_07:matrix.orgD3XT3R changed their profile picture.
04:11:39@asddexter_07:matrix.orgD3XT3R changed their profile picture.
04:12:35@asddexter_07:matrix.orgD3XT3R changed their profile picture.
04:16:47@asddexter_07:matrix.orgD3XT3R rhythm1225: Yeah bro..! That's fine but you should do some hands on practical on that as well.
Me too a newbie in this field , using youtube for learning .
15 Apr 2018
02:24:18@bbrryyaann:matrix.org@bbrryyaann:matrix.org joined the room.
22 Apr 2018
18:27:51@theunixman:matrix.org@theunixman:matrix.orgI’m on codementor now too if anyone wants a discount on sessions from me. https://www.codementor.io/theunixman
18:28:04@theunixman:matrix.org@theunixman:matrix.org 15 minutes free, half off.
8 May 2018
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16 May 2018
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17 May 2018
23:18:05@marshwallow:matrix.orgmarshwallow joined the room.
23:18:20@marshwallow:matrix.orgmarshwallowHi there.
23:18:50@marshwallow:matrix.orgmarshwallowAML anyone?
23:19:40@marshwallow:matrix.orgmarshwallowI have a low coefficient of determination (around 0.133) no matter which regression algorithm I used.
23 May 2018
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25 Jul 2018
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25 Sep 2018
03:37:33@level:matrix.orgrefer joined the room.
24 Nov 2018
12:37:43@idiezo:matrix.orgidiezo joined the room.

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