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Mha Roleplay!!!! Please read the rules, before starting a wonderful MHA adventure~! Don't spam ping/mention people. It's annoying. Do not send images that people may be uncomfortable with. Ask for consent before sending potentially disturbing or sensitive images. To send NSFW images, you must first ask for the permission of an admin. Politics are a controversial topic, and as such, please don't bring them here. They'll most likely cause an argument. Unless you're civil about it. Do not start drama in this room, as a lot of us are sensitive to such topics. Those who violate this rule will be muted. How long shall depend on the level of distress caused.9 Servers

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8 Mar 2021
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUt or d18:59:41
@deku_the_puppy:matrix.orgdeku_the_puppyt ig 18:59:50
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUtell me ur darkest secret19:00:07
@deku_the_puppy:matrix.orgdeku_the_puppyig my darkest secret would have to be i drank beer at 12 so two years ago ig idk or it could be that i still smoke ig19:01:43
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUnoice Xp19:02:06
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUur turnn19:02:15
@deku_the_puppy:matrix.orgdeku_the_puppyi dont smoke that much just when i need it19:02:19
@deku_the_puppy:matrix.orgdeku_the_puppyt or d19:02:23
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUD19:02:30
@deku_the_puppy:matrix.orgdeku_the_puppyi dare u to dm me what u look like 19:02:50
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUnah im good .>.19:03:10
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUi dont show stuff like that19:03:20
@deku_the_puppy:matrix.orgdeku_the_puppy;-; im being called pretty its is scary19:03:22
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUoop-19:03:41
@deku_the_puppy:matrix.orgdeku_the_puppyim ugly but they wont agree anyway ur turn19:04:10
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUt or d19:04:22
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUdo something weird Xp19:05:00
@deku_the_puppy:matrix.orgdeku_the_puppynope my aunt is working so 19:05:43
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUi ment likei n here XP19:06:09
@deku_the_puppy:matrix.orgdeku_the_puppyidk what to do tho this is mean19:06:49
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUXP19:08:49
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvUAFK19:15:37
@deku_the_puppy:matrix.orgdeku_the_puppy No sé qué hacer eso es extraño, así que; -; soy srry19:15:38
@deku_the_puppy:matrix.orgdeku_the_puppyserá una vida triste19:16:46
@blakeoop:matrix.orggracie~ that one ugly bitch changed their display name from gracie~ to gracie~ that one ugly bitch.20:04:04
@blakeoop:matrix.orggracie~ that one ugly bitch changed their profile picture.20:52:49
@katsukibakugo1:matrix.orgwolf baku UvU changed their profile picture.21:28:01

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