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20 Nov 2020
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephilerebasing is for lurkers00:25:24
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephile^ that is a mnemonic for when to rebase... comparing it to "lurking" on an email discussion list. If you don't really participate in the discussion, but want to keep up with 'main' development without eventual errors, you should rebase. But the minute you join the discussion with main, or want to become an active participant in the development, then you need a different workflow.00:29:17
6 Jan 2021
@addshore:matrix.orgaddshore changed their display name from addshore to addshore2.10:22:37
@addshore:matrix.orgaddshore changed their display name from addshore2 to addshore.10:23:16
19 Feb 2021
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileI have a docker-compose.yml file that creates an 'app' , 'db' and 'elasticsearch' service20:16:05
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileso 3 containers to create my mediawiki app20:16:31
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileI'm trying to run three 'clones' or instances of this app but haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong20:17:29
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileI know I have to expose the web service 'app' container to the host on a unique port20:17:54
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileand supposedly you need a unique name too20:18:07
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephilebut even after doing that 'docker-compose up' stops the pre-existing containers20:19:01

e.g. my docker-compose.yml looks something like this:

version: '3.7'
    container_name: ${APP_CONTAINER_NAME}
    # determines boot order
      - db
      - elasticsearch
      context: ../
      dockerfile: docker/app.dockerfile
        MW_VERSION: $MW
    image: 701079217530.dkr.ecr.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/mediawiki:qa

      - ${HTTP_PORT}:80
      - ${HTTPS_PORT}:443
      - ../images:/var/www/html/images
    container_name: ${DB_CONTAINER_NAME}
        DB_VERSION: $DB
        MW_VERSION: $MW

    image: mariadb
      - ./db/1.35.sql:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/dump.sql
      context: ./

with an .env file like this:

@freephile:matrix.orgfreephile if sandbox1, db1 and es1 are running, then I do docker-compose up for sandbox2 (in a separate directory with it's own adjusted .env file) then docker-compose says "recreating db1, Recreating sandbox1, Recreating elasticsearch1" 20:25:27
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephilegiving the new containers the right names: sandbox2, db2, elasticsearch2 -- But why does it stop/Recreate the first set of containers?20:27:12
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephile This post says that you can run the same image a long as you expose different ports and use different names 20:29:20
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileI have yet to find an example using docker-compose (v. docker run a single image)20:30:55
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileOr, put another way: How am I supposed to run multiple wikis with Docker?20:41:31
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileI have multiple domain names that I can use for each wiki, but I want each one to run in it's own environment20:42:44
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephilesandbox1.example.com sandbox2.example.com sandbox3.example.com20:43:20
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephile maybe I have to use -d to detach. Will try 20:45:15
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileyeah, no. that had the same effect20:46:49
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileThe answer might be -p COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME due to my project layout22:27:04
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileI'm trying that22:27:15
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileIt worked!22:43:59
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileI have a non-standard project layout - with the docker-compose.yml file in a 'docker' subdirectory22:44:41
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephileby using COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME in the .env file of each checkout, I'm able to launch 'namespaced' container environments 22:46:09
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephilenormally, if you have your project checked out to folders apple, banana, cherry, the container environments get automatically namespaced by the basename of the folder.22:48:21
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephilein my case, the folder name was the same across 3 checkouts22:48:50
10 Mar 2021
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1 May 2021
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