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Discussion of the Open Container Initiative distribution-spec (#artifact-registry). Bridged through to https://opencontainers.slack.com/ and the #opencontainers IRC channel.2 Servers

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20 May 2019
07:58:37@_slack_opencontainers_UGGPC8W85:matrix.orgSteve Lasker And jdolitsky just released Bundle.bar https://bundle.bar/ for lightweight artifacts like Helm and OPA
21 May 2019
20:11:04@_slack_opencontainers_UGGPC8W85:matrix.orgSteve Lasker I've been building up the PR for OCI Artifact Registries: https://github.com/AzureCR/distribution-spec/blob/artifact-registry/artifacts.md I could use feedback, but also opinion on whether I should start this as a PR on distribution, so we can start to collect comments.
22 May 2019
08:51:52@_slack_opencontainers_UGGPC8W85:matrix.orgSteve Lasker reminder for the breakout meetings today: KubeCon OCI & CNAB meetings: Wednesday: Room CC7.14 - OCI Artifact Registries: 3pm-4pm - CNAB Registries: 4pm-5pm - OCI Catalog API - 5pm-6pm
29 May 2019
17:56:59@_slack_opencontainers_UGGPC8W85:matrix.orgSteve Lasker Meeting notes from the KubeCon OCI Artifacts and CNAB discussions: https://hackmd.io/s/S1X6JNnTN
12 Jun 2019
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13 Jun 2019
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20 Aug 2019
19:18:40@_slack_opencontainers_UGGPC8W85:matrix.orgSteve Lasker changed their profile picture.
19:18:42@_slack_opencontainers_UGGPC8W85:matrix.orgSteve Lasker @room Just wanted to let everyone know we did get artifacts adopted as an OCI project: https://github.com/opencontainers/artifacts We haven't yet done any social media around it as we're reviewing a blog post to intro artifacts. Thanks to everyone who's helped from jdolitsky who helped us evolve chart museum to stevvooe who helped us understand the design behind manifests and indexes for it's support, to Joey and Jimmy for their experiences with Quay, Claire for AWS/ecr views and of course vbatts, mikebrow, derek, estesp and others that helped us shape up the TOB and Repo.
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21 Aug 2019
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22 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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26 Aug 2019
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4 Sep 2019
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14 Sep 2019
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18 Sep 2019
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16:01:59@_slack_opencontainers_UGHGSC5LP:matrix.orgjdolitsky Hi, I’d like to share slides for a talk I gave last week “From ChartMuseum to Harbor” about the push to store Helm charts etc. in registries: https://helmsummit2019.sched.com/event/7f95f979d9e98da303c34a3aba004855 Lot’s of mentions of OCI, Artifacts, ORAS, Steve Lasker and the like 🙂
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20 Sep 2019
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23 Sep 2019
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8 Jan 2020
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16 Jan 2020
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