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2 Feb 2023
@pkej1236:mozilla.orgkgdjcb46158 changed their display name from pkej1236 to kgdjcb46158.10:28:13
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@RomainL:libera.chatRomainLHello, I would like to contact you, we use your solution and we are very happy with it. Following the CVE-2023-24055 for Keepass, is KeepassXC impacted by this security flaw?10:55:13
@varjolintu:matrix.orgvarjolintu RomainL: No. 10:56:22
@RomainL:libera.chatRomainL you don't use the basic Keepass core ? 10:57:57
@varjolintu:matrix.orgvarjolintuWe don't share the code. KeePass is a separate project10:58:29
@varjolintu:matrix.orgvarjolintuKeePassXC does not support similar kind of triggers10:59:09
@XXCoder:libera.chatXXCoderdidnt a romain come in few days ago and ask exact same question and was answered same?10:59:27
@RomainL:libera.chatRomainLno it is not me11:00:54
@XXCoder:libera.chatXXCoderhm guess not, but yeah basically exact same question though11:01:55
@XXCoder:libera.chatXXCoderits good to know for sure though11:02:12
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@Djamel:libera.chatDjamelut le monde11:19:16
@Djamel:libera.chatDjamelbonjour tout le monde11:19:29
@pkej1236:mozilla.orgkgdjcb46158Redacted or Malformed Event14:28:14
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@Guest9394:libera.chatGuest9394Hello does anyone know if this vulnerability is present in the latest release of KeepassXC21:15:23
@angry_vincent:libera.chatangry_vincentkeepass != keepassxc21:16:16
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@Guest9379:libera.chatGuest9379Or how to approach the devs so this can be looked at?21:18:40
@angry_vincent:libera.chatangry_vincentGuest9379: https://bpa.st/AKDK621:23:09
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