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6 Oct 2022
@bluetail:libera.chatbluetailDo you want keepassxc to make a screenshot of itself?12:57:21
@Guest41:libera.chatGuest41i want to take printscreen or screenshot of keepass to put it in the instruction im preparing for users on how to configure keepass12:57:22
@bluetail:libera.chatbluetailAnd you fail at that?12:57:34
@xx:libera.chatxxGuest41: keepass does not prevent screenshots12:57:36
@Guest41:libera.chatGuest41but it dissapears everytime i try to print screen it12:57:39
@Guest41:libera.chatGuest41 when i tak print screen with keepass on my screen, it's not there on prtscrn 12:58:24
@bluetail:libera.chatbluetailon what os are you even12:58:45
@bluetail:libera.chatbluetailand why do you not use a screen recording tool12:58:53
@Guest41:libera.chatGuest41windows 1112:59:11
@bluetail:libera.chatbluetailSounds like a Windows 11 issue then... 12:59:20
@bluetail:libera.chatbluetailJust use Greenshot12:59:23
@xx:libera.chatxx+1 for greenshot12:59:47
@Guest41:libera.chatGuest41 can't download it, my company blocked acces to the website xd 13:00:15
@bluetail:libera.chatbluetailThen use your private machine13:02:10
@bluetail:libera.chatbluetail don't let them slow you down 13:02:14
@xx:libera.chatxx you'll have to make the guide on another machine then 13:02:21
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@sm1999:kde.orgsm1999 Guest41: https://keepassxc.org/docs/KeePassXC_UserGuide.html#_screenshot_security 18:27:56
@xx:libera.chatxx oh it's a windows thing 18:35:43
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@Case_Of:libera.chatCase_Ofbluetail: on windows and mac, keepassxc is preventing screenshots by default19:55:28
@Case_Of:libera.chatCase_Ofbluetail: it’s not doing on linux because there is too many scenarios to cover19:55:47
@Case_Of:libera.chatCase_Ofxx: ↑19:56:32
@Case_Of:libera.chatCase_Ofit was introduced in v2.719:56:57
@xx:libera.chatxx yeah I'm on 2.6.6 19:57:16
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