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18 May 2022
@droidmonkey_kpxc:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyAdd a sleep before keepassxc call10:08:11
@droidmonkey_kpxc:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyRemove the automount10:08:16
@droidmonkey_kpxc:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyDon't auto open the database 10:08:29
@droidmonkey_kpxc:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyDoes it start automatically without anything special through our autostart on login setting?10:09:09
@droidmonkey_kpxc:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyDoes this script work if run manually?10:09:50
@Mo:libera.chatMo Hi, I can't get Username and password auto-filled at https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com 10:31:02
@Mo:libera.chatMoSorry, now it works. URL seems to have changed...10:32:47
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@Guest1:libera.chat@Guest1:libera.chatHi. I’m looking for some advice if possible?13:06:34
@Guest1:libera.chat@Guest1:libera.chatMy brother passed away recently. I’ve got access to his computer but can’t access anything due to not knowing passwords. He used your service. Is there any options to gain access?13:07:36
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@ziegenberg:matrix.orgziegenberg changed their display name from ziegenberg (Vacation 'till 17.05. 🏝️) to ziegenberg.13:49:47
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@deanmoncho:matrix.orgDean MonchoHad Old KeePass, which stopped working (not supported by newer version of IoS) Have downloaded KeePass XC. Now cant find the database file with ALL my passwords.... any ideas??14:12:25
@phoerious:mozilla.orgphoeriousKeePassXC doesn't work on iOS. Are you talking about StrongBox or KeePassium?14:21:42
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