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22 Mar 2022
@solsticedhiver:matrix.orgsolsTiCedHiverand interesting. But even with re-enabled confirmation notifcation, i don't see that nagging dialog, just the selecting dialog12:16:45
@solsticedhiver:matrix.orgsolsTiCedHivernever mind12:17:39
@Guest9992:libera.chatGuest9992Any chance to change the accent colour?12:18:50
@hifi:vi.fihifiit works differently for the global selection dialog, if you have the selection disabled it'll blindly type the first match if there's only one12:19:40
@hifi:vi.fihifi Guest9992: if neither of the default themes (light and dark) work for you, the classic theme comes from your system that can be customized from system side 12:23:05
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@solsticedhiver:matrix.orgsolsTiCedHiver hifi: thank you 12:26:05
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@solsticedhiver:matrix.orgsolsTiCedHiversolokeys are cheap. that's why i finally bought one 🤑 a v1 fr only 20€13:36:51
@solsticedhiver:matrix.orgsolsTiCedHiver * solokeys are cheap. that's why I finally bought one 🤑 a v1 fr only 20€13:36:58
@solsticedhiver:matrix.orgsolsTiCedHiver * solokeys are cheap. that's why I finally bought one 🤑 a v1 for only 20€13:37:05
@solsticedhiver:matrix.orgsolsTiCedHiver * solokeys are cheap. that's why I finally bought one 🤑 a v1 for only 20€ ... and it's open source13:38:02
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@Guest1:libera.chatGuest1KeePassXC 2.7.0 : issues with password generator ...it does not work14:26:32
@Guest1:libera.chatGuest1when clicking on the dice the symbol that would generate new passwords by click is colored grey..so clicking on it does not create passwords...nothing happens14:27:19
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@varjolintu:libera.chatvarjolintu it would be more helpful if you'd stay on the channel 14:32:10
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@canny-v5:matrix.org@canny-v5:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event14:49:45
@canny-v5:matrix.org@canny-v5:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event14:50:25
@louib:matrix.orglouib canny-v5 Flathub is currently not an official distribution channel, but that might change in the near future 14:54:06

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