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10 Oct 2018
12:32:39@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis Feel free to like, share and/or upvote here or here and ... ofc don't forget to read our update on the DApp 🙂 ❤
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12 Oct 2018
12:24:17@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis Giveth in the news with our fantastic Giveth bot! Feel free to like & retweet and ofc read 😉
15 Oct 2018
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16 Oct 2018
13:28:38@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis Support Joshua by liking / retweeting this explanation of his great skills and the Giveth Sonic Logo & ecosystem.
13:29:16@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis In the thread you can also see the video he talks about, a direct link here in case you've never seen this. 🙂
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18 Oct 2018
15:42:29@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis Feel free to like retweet and if you'll be in Berlin of course JOIN!!!
16:40:04@joshafairhead:matrix.orgjoshafairheadSee you there!
19 Oct 2018
23:02:55@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis @room @channel Unfortunately our youtube channel got hacked. If you have a direct contact at Google or Youtube in Cupertino (local branches won't be able to help afaik), please contact griffgreen or myself. You can also help us out by retweeting this message.
23:03:35@slack_giveth_UAX69775J:giveth.ioSih Let me help
23:03:57@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisyou work at google @sih?
23:04:29@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisiswe are not part of the partner program, so we cannot use that option unfortunately.
22 Oct 2018
10:24:34@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisStreaming live RIGHT NOW from Web3! JOIN us & help us spread the message, we need video content, after being hacked 😉 https://twitter.com/Givethio/status/1054313047467147264
23 Oct 2018
09:17:39@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis Join us at day 2 of Web3Summit live or via the livestream ! Very welcome to share 😉 ❤
09:36:47@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis Upvote on reddit welcome too ofc!
31 Oct 2018
14:04:28@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis great streams for everyone to watch (if you're not into devcon streams 😉 ) or you could just save this for a rainy day. Likes & retweets etc always appreciated! ❤ Apologies for audio quality at some places, soon coming to ... a podcast near you ! 🙌😮
13 Nov 2018
22:54:55@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/9wf2w8/blockchain_for_good_here_are_some_blockchain_in/?utm_source=reddit-android
22:55:02@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisNice one to upvote
16 Nov 2018
16:51:40@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis The Aragon Monthly 09 is out - for the first time done by the Aragon DAC (by Giveth), you can read it here and always welcome to like and upvote
17 Nov 2018
16:04:14@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis an inspiring interview with Griff Green on many projects within the Giveth Galaxy! Do watch & feel free to like & retweet. And know that any donations until Sunday are doubled! (right now we have one person! 🙂)
19 Nov 2018
16:56:17@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis So in case you missed it, the social coding team announced the winners of the Blockternship! Feel free to like, retweet, upvote and ofc read what they've been upto!
22 Nov 2018
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26 Nov 2018
13:51:00@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis First episode of DATT is live!! - feel free to like, share & listen ofc!
29 Nov 2018
15:44:39@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis And just out - bowensanders wrote a great post not only on the results of the blockternship with all the links plus also how he tackled the challenge of defining the winners! Read up & feel free to like, retweet and/or upvote! ❤
30 Nov 2018
16:59:43@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis And we're up and running to the outside world! Read up on the development of the Unicorn DAC through this great post by lanski, plz do share your thoughts on this process in #governance /#giveth-governance:matrix.org - we'd love your input, this is a work in progress. Very welcome to like, retweet and/or upvote
1 Dec 2018
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3 Dec 2018
16:43:23@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis And another Giveth post is out ! Big thanks to eli_etzioni for this one! Feel free to read, retweet, like and upvote!
5 Dec 2018
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