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Hyperspace is a fluffy client for Mastodon written in React and TypeScript. Mirrors #general on Discord. Subject to Hyperspace Project community guidelines.32 Servers

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16 Apr 2021
@gekkido:asra.grgekkidoI've been a windows user all my life and plan to move to Linux15:38:02
@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.iovar Starlight: some App We recognize it's not for everyone, hence why we still keep Hyperspace Desktop around. 15:38:28
@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.iovar Starlight: some App Suffice to say, we do consider Linux a first-class citizen in the Desktop lineup. This is why we make AppImages, Snaps, and a somewhat reliable Debian package. We're hoping to add Flatpak to this list, once we can figure out how to get that working with Electron. 15:44:40
@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.iovar Starlight: some App I believe the community has also made a version available on AUR 15:44:56
21 Apr 2021
@gekkido:asra.grgekkidolol I still haven't figured out how to use Hyperspace xD19:43:13
@gekkido:asra.grgekkidoToo many updates at the same time!19:43:24
@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.iovar Starlight: some App I'm not sure what you're referring to... 20:05:21
23 Apr 2021
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27 Apr 2021
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28 Apr 2021
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29 Apr 2021
@mukutu:privacytools.iomukutuWould it be possible for Halcyon to have the left column disappear on the timeline when the Halcyon window gets too narrow? Would like to use est docked on the outside like with Mastodon Web - unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.13:36:00
@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.iovar Starlight: some App I'm sorry, we don't offer support for Halcyon, as we don't work on that project (i.e., we're not the developers of Halcyon). (Did you mean Hyperspace Desktop? If so, the more recent releases actually do this for responsive design sake). 14:31:20
30 Apr 2021
@mukutu:privacytools.iomukutuvar Starlight: some App: Oops, accidently posted in the wrong channel^^ Yes, it was about Halcyon.08:30:07
@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.iovar Starlight: some App It's all good! Glad we could clear things up 14:41:52
3 May 2021
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@_discord_831171470092795945:t2bot.iore6neck Hi, thanks !! 14:19:24
10 May 2021
@mukutu:privacytools.iomukutuRedacted or Malformed Event14:39:31
20 May 2021
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@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.iovar Starlight: some App Welcome ccdelacruz.parr (Apologies on late response) 13:20:43
21 May 2021
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6 Jun 2021
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14 Jun 2021
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