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Hyperspace is a fluffy client for Mastodon written in React and TypeScript. | GitHub: https://github.com/hyperspacedev/hyperspace3 Servers

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9 Oct 2019
20:56:47@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan More info on the GM release and when we'll drop the stable release: https://www.patreon.com/posts/30634078
21:43:16@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan I'm considering adding another tier to Patreon. Any ideas on what rewards you'd want to see for this? Calling @Supporter and @Developers on this in particular
21:43:45@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan Only one I could really think of is custom theme in Hyperspace builds...
10 Oct 2019
00:30:13@_discord_97487080166281216:t2bot.iobio, the jew who believes in you When did you get a patreon
00:30:56@_discord_123906931881410560:t2bot.ioDewMan001 bio, the jew who believes in you just wanted to say you have a delightful display name.
00:31:04@_discord_97487080166281216:t2bot.iobio, the jew who believes in you Thanks
00:31:16@_discord_97487080166281216:t2bot.iobio, the jew who believes in you
00:31:52@_discord_123906931881410560:t2bot.ioDewMan001Redacted or Malformed Event
00:32:06@_discord_123906931881410560:t2bot.ioDewMan001 I kinda want you to make a video of you going "hi I'm bio. The Jew who believes snaps finger and points into camera in you"
00:32:17@_discord_97487080166281216:t2bot.iobio, the jew who believes in you Uhm
00:32:26@_discord_97487080166281216:t2bot.iobio, the jew who believes in you Perhaps
00:33:42@_discord_97487080166281216:t2bot.iobio, the jew who believes in you Sorry I'm just really tired
00:33:58@_discord_97487080166281216:t2bot.iobio, the jew who believes in you Today was a major fast
00:34:55@_discord_97487080166281216:t2bot.iobio, the jew who believes in you I was in synagogue for about 12 hrs today
11 Oct 2019
13:58:28@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan Today's the big day guys
14:01:39@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan Oh and bio, the jew who believes in you we've had a Patreon for Hyperspace since June/July
14:04:02@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan This is the link: https://patreon.com/hyperspacedev
14:23:43@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan Experiencing the big anger with VirtualBox right now
15:09:25@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan Hang on bois we going for a ride
15:34:45@_neb_rssbot_=40ubunturox104=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@ubunturox104:matrix.org] Release notes from hyperspace:
Hyperspace 1.0.0
16:13:48@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan @room We did it, folks! Here's the scoop about release 1.0.0! Mac App Store update is pending. https://www.patreon.com/posts/30681684
16:14:00@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan Oh, and the download link: https://github.com/hyperspacedev/hyperspace/releases/tag/v1.0.0
18:22:23@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan YYEEEEEESSSSSSS!
19 Oct 2019
01:00:07@travisk:matrix.orgtravisk joined the room.
01:00:26@travisk:matrix.orgtraviskhowdy folks!
01:05:29@_discord_304605408796868609:t2bot.ioKatorin-chan 👋
08:42:45@_discord_216303189073461248:t2bot.ioPatreon joined the room.

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