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17 Sep 2019
18:08:02@freenode_MiningMarsh:matrix.orgMiningMarshget well soon
18:19:59@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedy I'm used to abusing my feet, they'll be fine.
20:32:01@freenode_jgkamat:matrix.orgjgkamatdid you guys hear about how apple is bricking their entire platform in the next update lol
20:42:28@freenode_jgkamat:matrix.orgjgkamatthey should probably kill x86 at this point as well lmao
20:43:10@bjgbob:matrix.orgradio_guy "Notarizing Your Mac Software for macOS Catalina"? Not sure what that means
20:43:31@freenode_jgkamat:matrix.orgjgkamat it means you cannot run software apple won't approve
18 Sep 2019
08:48:38@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedy MiningMarsh: I don't think I can walk today. I'll have to try for later this week.
08:52:59@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedyMy foot pain is getting worse rather than better
10:41:49@freenode_MiningMarsh:matrix.orgMiningMarshPerhaps see a doctor
10:41:58@freenode_MiningMarsh:matrix.orgMiningMarsh That's a bit more important than the walk :P
10:42:04@freenode_MiningMarsh:matrix.orgMiningMarshI hope your foot is alright
13:34:37@freenode_MiningMarsh:matrix.orgMiningMarshjkennedy: how did you hurt your foot?
14:49:01@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedy I'm not sure. I went on a twice monthly half-marathon walk, and it didn't hurt when I got home.
14:50:14@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedy24 hours later it swole up.
15:22:29@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedyIt only hurts when I move it, so I am just going to immobilize it.
19 Sep 2019
19:49:25@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedyMiningMarsh: I should be healed by tomorrow evening.
19:49:37@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedywant to do something on Friday?
19:56:48@freenode_MiningMarsh:matrix.orgMiningMarshjkennedy: probably not, phone interview for new job right at 4 after I leave work
19:56:54@freenode_MiningMarsh:matrix.orgMiningMarsh and I don't know how long that's going to take
19:57:10@freenode_MiningMarsh:matrix.orgMiningMarsh but I mean if you don't mind short notice and it doesn't last very long I could let you know and we could eat or watch a movie or something
19:57:12@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedyOkay, I understand. Good luck with that.
19:57:20@freenode_MiningMarsh:matrix.orgMiningMarshjkennedy: ^ read that last part
19:59:45@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedyIt takes 1 hour for me to get from Midtown to Doraville station. If you can give me at least that much notice, we can meet friday.
19:59:57@freenode_MiningMarsh:matrix.orgMiningMarsh we'll see then
20:46:04@bjgbob:matrix.orgradio_guy Aw, can't do Friday because I'm going to a hockey game after work
20:46:08@bjgbob:matrix.orgradio_guy Y'all have fun though!

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