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15 May 2021
@freenode_petris:matrix.orgpetris5.13 already fixes the issue03:24:00
@freenode_petris:matrix.orgpetrisjust need to wait for it to be released...03:24:06
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]Abi: I would suggest motioneye04:30:11
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]Been also wanting to try out https://github.com/eonr/cctv-recap04:31:52
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]I also have Amcrest cameras04:32:55
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]I'm looking for the model but ot04:33:43
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]it's 4k, was priced significantly less than 100$ has great video quality and good night time video (w & w/o IR) and has a video preview in the web gui that does not require some jank java applet04:34:57
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m](not all of my amcrest camras have that last feature)04:35:14
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]They are all on an internet-free VLAN. no in or out. Just DHCP and NTP being hosted by the router04:36:06
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]Unrelated: I just spent way too much money on an apple magic touchpad. Thanks a lot Gnome 40...04:37:37
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]So it seems my 4K Amcrest model is no longer being sold on Amazon04:39:16
@freenode_jgkamat:matrix.orgjgkamat huh, it looks like there's a bug in fuse in 5.12.3 which breaks bedrock 07:06:36
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@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]Woo Comcast randomly increased my internet speed (Haven't gotten the bill yet...) Now I can reach my monthly bandwidth quota in less than two days 🙄18:10:39
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]Cheapest regular plan they offer18:11:11
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]But am legit happy to see an increase in upstream bandwidth ~2.5 mbit to 5.x18:12:17
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]Everything I do on my phone goes through my home Wireguard. I'm a patient person.18:13:01
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]Just reduced my "loaded" ping from 120ms to 15ms with SQM18:15:42
16 May 2021
@freenode_petris:matrix.orgpetris fignew: you can get an unlimited option for $50/mo 00:35:57
@freenode_petris:matrix.orgpetrisI generally used 2-3TB/mo and they never complained00:36:12
@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedy verizon is rolling out their 5G network in Home Park. We are using them for the house's internet and they are undercutting comcast on price at their fastest tier with unlimited usage per month. 00:48:24
@freenode_jkennedy:matrix.orgjkennedy They glue a 12" cube to the window (requires line of site to the cell tower), and it retransmits as a wifi signal 00:51:36
@freenode_Abi12:matrix.orgAbi12 petris I'm currently testing out Shinobi 02:10:05
@freenode_Abi12:matrix.orgAbi12 it's very basic... 02:10:11
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m] Abi12: Give motioneye a shot 03:09:45
@freenode_fignew[m]:matrix.orgfignew[m]it's the best OSS DVR you'll get03:10:06
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17 May 2021
@freenode_Abi12:matrix.orgAbi12 fignew hmm it doesn't have an apple app :/ 02:30:49
@freenode_Abi12:matrix.orgAbi12Shinobi has one on TestFlight 02:30:53

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