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Scala CLI is a command-line tool to interact with the Scala language. It lets you compile, run, test, and package your Scala code (and more!) scala-cli.virtuslab.org2 Servers

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24 May 2022
@_discord_644849095785054218:t2bot.iobjornregnell#7361 Noob mistake ๐Ÿค• 10:55:22
@_discord_231350810565410817:t2bot.ioragnar#4252 The environment should not have changed though โ€ฆ but if it works now ๐Ÿ‘ 10:56:31
@_discord_644849095785054218:t2bot.iobjornregnell#7361 Perhaps both cs and scala-cli should hint to restart terminal... 10:56:39
@_discord_644849095785054218:t2bot.iobjornregnell#7361 * Perhaps both cs and scala-cli should hint to restart terminal after install... 10:57:05
@_discord_644849095785054218:t2bot.iobjornregnell#7361 Well I guess env can change of you change the way scala-cli is installed? 10:57:39
@_discord_231350810565410817:t2bot.ioragnar#4252 coursier DOES tell you that you need to fix your environment if .local/share/coursier/bin/ is not in the path, but for you it was so everything should have worked 10:57:41
@_discord_231350810565410817:t2bot.ioragnar#4252 I do not think any of them mess with your environment variables by themselves 10:58:10
@_discord_644849095785054218:t2bot.iobjornregnell#7361 well it worked in a new terminal... 10:58:51
@_discord_231350810565410817:t2bot.ioragnar#4252 I mean, everything is possible ๐Ÿ˜„.
cs has been very unreliable with regard to updating for a while now. I think 2.1.0-M6 is the fist โ€œreleasedโ€ coursier version since a year ago, and the in between time was very hit or miss for me as well. The main issue being that it often changed formats of how things are installed, and that it sometimes keeps installing things from your local cache and telling you no new versions are available (I had this issue with JVMs managed by cs a lot).
@_discord_231350810565410817:t2bot.ioragnar#4252 If nothing else helps, you can always delete ~/.cache/coursier :- 11:02:45
@_discord_231350810565410817:t2bot.ioragnar#4252 * If nothing else helps, you can always delete ~/.cache/coursier :-) 11:02:46
@_discord_231350810565410817:t2bot.ioragnar#4252 Lets hope things get better with this new stable coursier version ๐Ÿคž 11:03:08
@_discord_644849095785054218:t2bot.iobjornregnell#7361 ok thanks. well now I seem to be on the latest version both cs and scala-cli and it seems as if cs has taken over the responsibility of scala-cli which is what I wanted 11:03:40
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25 May 2022
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26 May 2022
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