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16 Feb 2024
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17 Feb 2024
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19 Feb 2024
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20 Feb 2024
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21 Feb 2024
@_discord_691992332245008424:t2bot.ioigor.ramazanov Nice!

I honestly once had an idea of developing and maintaining a continiously synchronized fork of Helix which would support Metals extensions.

But back in the time I wasn't proficcient with Rust and terminals, so that stuff was just too overwhelming.

Eventually I switched to Kakoune with Metals and kakoune-lsp being my main daily driver.

I'm actually considering adding a documentation for Kakoune alongside Helix.
@_discord_691992332245008424:t2bot.ioigor.ramazanov Also really looking forward for when they merge the Inlay Hints PR, it would drastically improve the experience on Helix and Kakoune 01:10:15
@_discord_691992332245008424:t2bot.ioigor.ramazanov I wonder what was the rationale by relying on Metals extensions.

Perhaps, LSP was limited and folks wanted to provide the best experience out-of-the-box for major editors.
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik Inlay Hints are actually newer than the extension we used. So it was used at the time there was no alternative 07:39:16
22 Feb 2024
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23 Feb 2024
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25 Feb 2024
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27 Feb 2024
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28 Feb 2024
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@_discord_632303296094142464:t2bot.iompilquist is there a way to get decompiled view of current buffer like vscode metals has? 16:35:19
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29 Feb 2024
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@_discord_310835408961536000:t2bot.io.korven. i don't think so, since helix really just implements the proper lsp spec (or a subset there of) 16:29:01
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1 Mar 2024
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2 Mar 2024
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