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24 Jun 2021
@beardog:amorgan.xyzbearSo, PETS 2021 is coming up. I was going to attend but $125 to walk around a proprietary virtual town (and not comped by my employer) doesn't sound very great. 02:19:08
26 Jun 2021
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@gtank:matrix.orggtank sarahjamielewis Dan Ballard: is there a runbook for the cwtch group servers somewhere? i see the dockerfile and can work with that, just wondering if i missed a doc! 21:39:07
@gtank:matrix.orggtankerr, actually i see that's just an entrypoint script and a torrc21:40:06
@gtank:matrix.orggtank the proper Dockerfile is in the unified repo, not the broken out server repo https://git.openprivacy.ca/cwtch.im/cwtch/src/branch/master/Dockerfile 21:41:52
@gtank:matrix.orggtankgot it21:42:01
@gtank:matrix.orggtank * got it21:42:06
@dan:matrix.mindstab.netDan BallardYeah the server stuff needs some attention. In part cus we also want to roll it into the main app, but I'd also like to clean it up for running stand alone easier more too so thats def on the road map and hopefully soon ish ๐Ÿ‘22:20:38
@dan:matrix.mindstab.netDan BallardThanks for the reminder! ๐Ÿ˜22:20:57
@gtank:matrix.orggtankHow persistent do the group servers need to be? Could it be bundled in the main app like a flash proxy?23:30:00
@gtank:matrix.orggtankBased on my current understanding it seems like no, you'd lose pending async messages that way when an ephemeral host goes offline23:31:09
@gtank:matrix.orggtankby the way, congrats on the launch!23:31:51
27 Jun 2021
@gtank:matrix.orggtankwhy does it start two onion services?01:19:33
3 Jul 2021
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7 Jul 2021
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20 Jul 2021
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28 Jul 2021
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30 Jul 2021
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21 Aug 2021
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26 Aug 2021
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12 Sep 2021
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16 Sep 2021
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27 Sep 2021
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8 Oct 2021
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10 Oct 2021
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