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3 Dec 2019
18:46:31@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotI don't know whether the complexity limits forbid you from joining it
21:17:36@thibaut:fslhome.modular.imVidel changed their profile picture.
5 Dec 2019
In reply to @Half-Shot:half-shot.uk
I don't know whether the complexity limits forbid you from joining it
They do, regrettably
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7 Dec 2019
13:38:30@twily:pony.modular.imTwilyas far as i understand to make own sticker pack you have to have access to a homeserver, as an admin, am i right?
13:39:02@twily:pony.modular.imTwilythen my question is: is this possible to define my own sticker pack on my modular instance?
13:39:58@tulir:maunium.nettulirmatrix doesn't have sticker packs yet
13:40:42@tulir:maunium.nettulirand dimension doesn't need admin access to a homeserver
14:08:23@hawkowl:atleastfornow.nethawkowlSticker packs are done through an integration manager
14:08:58@hawkowl:atleastfornow.nethawkowlwhich Dimension is one (IIRC?)
14:10:15@hawkowl:atleastfornow.nethawkowlYou can configure your integration manager in Riot, it's (again, IIRC, I haven't looked into it much) more of a clientside thing than a serverside thing
14:13:25@hawkowl:atleastfornow.nethawkowlSo if you were to run your own Dimension/etc instance, you could then use that with your Modular instance, yeah.
14:15:12@hawkowl:atleastfornow.nethawkowlWe're working on better integration of this as an "out of the box" thing for Modular users, so that they get the ability to add integrations and etc as a part of the service, but I'm not that far across it so I'm not really able to say much more than that
14:41:13@andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoa You can also just set dimension.t2bot.io as your integration manager in Settings>General in Riot and make/use sticker packs from there.
9 Dec 2019
10:31:31@literallynobody:junta.plliterallynobodyWhat is even the point of sticker packs? For common stuff there are emojis and for uncommon stuff you can just use images.
10:31:54@juxi:matrix.org@juxi:matrix.org left the room.
10:32:44@literallynobody:junta.plliterallynobodyRedacted or Malformed Event
10:46:28@andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoaImage was a bit disruptive, so removed.
In reply to @literallynobody:junta.pl
What is even the point of sticker packs? For common stuff there are emojis and for uncommon stuff you can just use images.
They are indeed a bit under-featured at the moment, but you can imagine a future version where stickerpacks can easily be added and shared. They're quite popular in other messaging apps.
In reply to @andrewm:amorgan.xyz
Image was a bit disruptive, so removed.
Would be nice for images to display only thumbnails instead of taking up basically half the screen.
11:58:24* @andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoa agrees
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10 Dec 2019
18:08:09@hawkowl:atleastfornow.nethawkowlHi y'all, Modular instances of riot-web have been updated to 1.5.6.
11 Dec 2019
14:30:19@valere35:matrix.orgvalere changed their display name from valere (BillCarsonFr) to valere.
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12 Dec 2019
10:55:02@tom:lant.uktoml changed their display name from toml to tom.
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13 Dec 2019
13:08:10@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkAll Modular hosts now updated to Synapse 1.7.0
14 Dec 2019
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16 Dec 2019
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