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12 Dec 2019
19:15:47@freenode_perguth:matrix.orgperguth > Hmmm. I could probably do something fancy on router to detect non-yddrasil traffic and send it thr...
19:15:48@freenode_perguth:matrix.orgperguthI de-multiplex Ygg and HTTP traffic on :443. That means you can either peer with Ygg on :443 or ask Nginx for a website.
19:16:02@freenode_perguth:matrix.orgperguthThe lib for that is: https://github.com/yrutschle/sslh
19:17:02@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexander perguth: Is this possible because of the TLS listeners, or was it working before?
19:24:10@freenode_perguth:matrix.orgperguth It's looking into package headers (?) I figure. That's my configuration: https://gist.github.com/perguth/164d7d24f57d77ff3851911ffb1d7862
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20:55:43@freenode_perguth:matrix.orgperguth Arceliar A birds eye view would be nice. We try to cover as much ground as possible -- thing can remain as magic. We like pragmatism :)
20:56:33@freenode_perguth:matrix.orgperguthWould you be willing to take part? :D
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13 Dec 2019
00:01:59@jump_spider:allgood.devserra left the room.
00:41:51@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerwNowadays all of my servers have multiple log entries similar to these
00:41:52@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerw Disconnected TCP: 205:2fce:fd48:e757:ff64:b094:9df1:fb93@, source; error: message error: read tcp> use of closed network connection
00:42:08@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerwDisconnected TCP: 216:fe3:aa0f:93db:62b7:ae98:83c5:8719@, source; error: message error: EOF
00:42:37@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerwUsing 0.3.12
00:44:45@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerw Nowadays Yakamo's API doesnt see my server hostnames for some reason
00:45:10@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerwHavent changed configuration since 0.3.10
00:56:45@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerwOnly unknown.devices.y.christerwaren.fi(200:90c2:424c:6a5a:d15c:640e:8192:8b58) is shown properly of all my christerwaren.fi servers and it has different peer but still it doesnt explain sudden missing information
00:56:53@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerwChecked config it
00:57:24@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerw 's is same as have documented when I previously checked it*
01:02:08@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerw NodeInfo: {
01:02:08@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerw "name": "tempora.devices.y.christerwaren.fi"
01:02:08@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerw }
01:09:01@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerw yggdrasil-map.y.cwinfo.org only shows few names and almost all of them are in Archived Yakamo's Nodelist (https://github.com/yakamok/yggdrasil-nodelist)
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04:03:36@Arceliar:matrix.orgArceliar cwchristerw: there seems to be a problem with the nodeinfo crawler (it also affects y.yakamo.org:3001 for example). we're not sure what the problem is, but it's almost certainly not a problem with your nodeinfo config
04:04:23@Arceliar:matrix.orgArceliari'm guessing either someting in the crawler's environment was accidentally changed, or maybe an update to the Go compiler/language/standard-library changed some behavior that broke something in an unexpected way, since we also haven't touched the nodeinfo code in ygg recently

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