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22 Oct 2020
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. Johnson Properly written software with autotools should just cross out of the box but most authors don't do what's necessary to make that work 23:05:06
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. Johnson You have more success with Go because the programmers in general don't need to do anything extra 23:05:37
@majestrate:matrix.orgmajestratei think that's a mark of a good language if anything23:06:23
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. JohnsonThey could still do things like add in a macro system or a preprocessor23:07:24
@majestrate:matrix.orgmajestratewhy ruin a good language with macros?23:08:14
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. Johnson Tags and buildmodes and suffix switching isn't always enough 23:08:28
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. Johnson Using macros you can reduce a lot of copied code if you need to use platform specific stuff via suffix switching and let people build without requiring using build tags 23:10:15
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. Johnson Also a preprocessor combined with a macro system would let you essentially inline things that would otherwise need to be extra calls 23:11:33
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. Johnson I get their motivation though, all of that is going to make things less readable or less immediately apparent at a glance 23:12:44
@bkil:grin.hubkil joined the room.23:16:33
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessivedoes yggdrasil work with iSH? (app)23:19:19
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. JohnsonProbably would without tun/tap23:20:43
23 Oct 2020
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderobsessive: We have an actual iOS app which runs as a VPN provider07:48:00
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessive im aware and it will probably work out of the box but that's likely boring 😄 iSH is in the app store and looks fun to tinker with. curious if someone gave yggdrasil a try 07:52:07
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@tolstoevsky:m.phreedom.tktolstoevsky set a profile picture.09:04:29
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. Johnson Arceliar neilalexander https://github.com/pkt-cash/pktd/issues/82, not sure if you test on go-dev, but this was some weirdness 10:23:25
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. JohnsonJust a heads up10:23:57
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. Johnson


Author: Jeff Johnson <jeff@gridfinity.com>
Date:   Fri Oct 23 10:28:48 2020 -0400

    Default back to MADV_DONTNEED on Linux
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. Johnsonah, nothing like patching the go runtime14:31:37
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderWhy patch the runtime?14:32:14
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexander Put GODEBUG=madvdontneed=1 into your environment :-) 14:32:28
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. JohnsonThe problem is poor interaction with overcommit enabled.14:35:23
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. JohnsonAnd it's not always my environment :)14:35:43
@jeff:matrix.gridfinity.comJeffrey H. JohnsonIn this case, yes, but soon it might not always be in the general case.14:35:57
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessivelol i can actually compile inside iSH and connect to a peer! had to disable tun though. that it means it acts as a router right22:19:25
24 Oct 2020
@deavmi:disroot.orgTristan B. Kildairewhat is iSH?17:40:53
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderIt's an iOS app that emulates an x86 Linux environment17:41:28
@revertron:zhub.linkRevertron 20:06:12
25 Oct 2020
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