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26 May 2020
17:02:29@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerw error: message error: read tcp> use of closed network connection
17:02:47@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerwerror: message error: EOF
17:03:00@freenode_cwchristerw:matrix.orgcwchristerwthis kind of messages
17:05:44@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderThose are normal errors if you have connection problems reaching your peers
17:43:42@jvm:nltrix.netJohn-NL joined the room.
17:49:19@jvm:nltrix.netJohn-NLAny Dutch speaking people here ?
17:51:00@freenode_PoroCYon:matrix.orgPoroCYonI guess?
17:54:03@jvm:nltrix.netJohn-NLCan I ask you something about Yggdrasil in Dutch ?
17:54:31@freenode_PoroCYon:matrix.orgPoroCYonsure / natuurlij
17:58:40@deavmi:disroot.orgTristan B. KildaireI can speak afrikaans which is like dutch but sounds cooler
17:58:46@deavmi:disroot.orgTristan B. Kildaire😂
17:59:59@deavmi:disroot.orgTristan B. KildaireNatuurlik
18:00:01@deavmi:disroot.orgTristan B. Kildaire;)
18:15:33@jvm:nltrix.netJohn-NLIs there also a android or Chromeos version ?
18:51:16@freenode_perguth:matrix.orgperguth On Chrome OS you can run YGG within the Linux system. So just use the debian installation manual. John-NL
19:04:25@mikaela:feneas.orgMikaela (😺) I think some have tried to use it in Termux in Android
19:50:56@ne-vlezay80:matrix.orgne-vlezay80Is it possible to remove check the source address from yggdrasil?
19:55:03@karel:hackerspaces.bekarel joined the room.
19:54:27@ne-vlezay80:matrix.orgne-vlezay80 * Is it possible to remove check the source address from yggdrasil?
19:55:25@gretel:utwente.iogretel joined the room.
In reply to @jvm:nltrix.net
Is there also a android or Chromeos version ?
There is an Android build somewhere but I don’t think the app was ever finished
In reply to @ne-vlezay80:matrix.org
Is it possible to remove check the source address from yggdrasil?
Currently we require the source address to be listed in the CKR sources, there’s no option to disable that
21:33:59@zaib0n:matrix.orgzaib0n joined the room.
21:40:28@ne-vlezay80:matrix.orgne-vlezay80It would not be bad to implement
21:40:54@ne-vlezay80:matrix.orgne-vlezay80from ip transit and ix
21:40:59@ne-vlezay80:matrix.orgne-vlezay80over ygg

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