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25 Jan 2021
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde I will try to check it out 22:28:41
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde although I will join Global Game Jam this week so I might not have that much time this week 22:29:00
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi https://github.com/spring1944/spring1944/pull/426 22:29:18
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi dunno if anyone is actualyl play... actually they tried to do a big game on saturday not sure how that went 22:29:44
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde Do you have a Discord? 22:30:18
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi hmmm maybe I am wrong about it using guns 22:30:27
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi there is one but noone uses it 22:30:31
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde heh... 22:30:37
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi you'll have to... get used to... Joe's UI changes 22:31:06
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGoddeRedacted or Malformed Event22:31:15
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde how do you try~to arrange matches? 22:31:19
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde Do I have to rebind some keys? 22:32:28
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde With the UI changes? 22:32:40
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi I haven't played in ages so I wouldn't know, there was just talk of it in #s44 22:34:12
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi you might need to rebind 22:34:17
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi I had to try and disable it all when doing some dev stuff 22:34:26
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi couldn't get full console output was driving me nuts 22:34:45
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi couldn't get full console output was driving me nuts 22:34:52
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi on a total tangent; do you happen to own Call To Arms? 22:35:06
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde No 22:35:48
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi Ah, zvero is making a mod for it with my semi-input 22:36:03
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi its basically my Spring: 1968 game in spirit... which is making me think about actually doing that game again, 😅 Might try out some of the ideas in s44 instead 22:37:16
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde 🙂 22:37:52
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi if you play some s44 maybe you can thrash me in a few rounds of MCL too ❤️ 22:39:06
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde Sure 😄 22:39:33
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog https://zero-k.info/mediawiki/index.php?title=Custom_Modes 23:21:49
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog https://zero-k.info/mediawiki/index.php?title=Mod_Creation 23:23:02
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog The second page has what you would call 'mods' or 'games' in spring. ZK has an infrastructure for uploading and playing them now. 23:23:41
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog However, the technical details of modding in spring just confuse the end user. The main existing mod before this system was zerowars, a map, so I made the custom modes system to answer the common question "how do I play zerowars?" 23:25:22
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog iirc custom modes can be uploaded as well, or maybe that part isn't done yet 23:26:08

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