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29 Sep 2020
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand Ugh sounds bad 10:22:17
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid Why? 10:22:23
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand Performance, memory footprint 10:22:32
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid Once parsed it's just a 2d table 10:22:35
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivandRedacted or Malformed Event10:23:10
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand Can you test your idea with something simpler, like a PPM file? 10:23:19
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid i'm not particular on the format as long as it is easy to export from common editors 10:24:01
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand Or even some bitmap, if you go for booleans 10:24:09
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand PPM is pretty common I think 10:24:27
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid seems to always be rgb tho 10:24:47
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid what's good about PPM? 10:25:02
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand Easy to parse in lua 10:25:17
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchidRedacted or Malformed Event10:25:47
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid Easier than just plopping in an existing png lib? :P 10:25:54
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand Idk, is it Lua only parser? No need for some binary blob laying around? 10:26:39
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid pure lua, at least so says dr. readme 10:26:53
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid fwiw an entirely opposite approach would be to use vectors, basically like startboxes 10:27:44
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand I've grown skeptical on Lua performance, though for one time off task its slowness can be tolerated 10:27:50
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid then render that to raster and upload to gpu and done 10:28:03
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivandRedacted or Malformed Event10:28:05
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand Yes, I was going to propose that 10:28:16
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid but also someone wrote a widget to line spam SVG's 10:28:25
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand Some maps define relatively circular areas and treat them specially 10:28:55
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid except a raster map has features that an outline vector doesnt, such as smoothness 10:29:25
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand You can calc distance from the vector, though it is slow in case of polyline 10:30:48
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid that either implies extending startpos widget with gradient support, or same with svg import 10:31:36
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid and then lobs will think they can use the rest of the svg features 10:32:01
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid and before you notice you're running javascript inside svg inside lua 10:32:25
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand Lol 10:33:03
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand Yeah try png, if it is low res enough maybe it is not that bad 10:33:27

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