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4 Oct 2022
@_discord_249092384523026432:t2bot.ioPtaQ#4565 armtrans costs 89 metal equivalent vs nano - 263 13:30:34
@_discord_249092384523026432:t2bot.ioPtaQ#4565 instead of building a new nano block use transporters to move them from an obsolete block (which cant reach anything anymore) 13:31:27
@_discord_249092384523026432:t2bot.ioPtaQ#4565 a standard nano stack can cost up to 2-3 afus equivalent 13:33:15
@_discord_249092384523026432:t2bot.ioPtaQ#4565 so should be quite a boost 13:33:23
@_discord_249092384523026432:t2bot.ioPtaQ#4565 though heavy micro required 13:33:31
Download 6vfrdo.jpg
@_discord_256143757781630977:t2bot.ioBigfonzie Ppl should reclaim my winds , and build a fusion for me as payment 14:21:02
@_discord_256143757781630977:t2bot.ioBigfonzie That would be like so much easy m 14:26:44
@_discord_348641621698674689:t2bot.ioAres#4632 how will you compensate them for their labour? 14:38:36
Download Untitledj.png
@_discord_348641621698674689:t2bot.ioAres#4632 they would have to reclaim 116 of your wind gens to even break even 14:56:29
@_discord_992501784440475708:t2bot.ioBlueFrostz Fonzie has the winnnddd! How many fleas need to be reclaimed is the true question.... 15:15:42
@_discord_992501784440475708:t2bot.ioBlueFrostz PtaQ i agreed or when people do like 4/5 thick wide nano blocks but like 40long.... once there surrounded the nanos are just useless space, moving the nanos and using like 20/25 air cons 15:17:18
@_discord_992501784440475708:t2bot.ioBlueFrostz Jetpack butlers 15:17:55
@_discord_205453829611716608:t2bot.ioZow#0238 winds are better than fusion on most map so unless space is an issue fonzie is the real winner 15:42:32
@_discord_205453829611716608:t2bot.ioZow#0238 with all his winds 15:42:34
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@_discord_726092609310687244:t2bot.ionetMan gg, ba is closer than you think, keep your tin foil hats on 20:03:07
Als Antwort auf @_discord_348641621698674689:t2bot.io
how many hours did you code, code man?
Over 9000
@Code_Man:matrix.orgCode_ManI see machine code everytime i close my eyes20:20:34
@_discord_399248003132817430:t2bot.iogoopy Poor code man 21:09:15
@_discord_399248003132817430:t2bot.iogoopy Can't escape 21:09:22
@_discord_586976948127793255:t2bot.ioaccele#7452 https://tenor.com/view/chatterton-rjchatterton-quantum-matrix-code-gif-25433421 22:08:12
@_discord_586976948127793255:t2bot.ioaccele#7452 code_man 22:08:43
5 Oct 2022
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6 Oct 2022
@_discord_256143757781630977:t2bot.ioBigfonzie https://www.reddit.com/r/collapse/comments/xwhzwg/globally_governments_spend_more_than_500_billion 01:01:05
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@Code_Man:matrix.orgCode_ManThey steal the money they can do what they like with it09:47:56
@_discord_348641621698674689:t2bot.ioAres#4632 https://www.zmescience.com/other/pieces/how-much-capibara-bath-13092022/ 12:04:12
@_discord_726092609310687244:t2bot.ionetMan no cold showers? 😦 19:38:52

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