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16 Apr 2021
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog imo this is just wrong, no game or player wants it to work this way 09:20:23
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog it's code from 15+ years ago that was written in a way that avoided the issue of tracking double-keypress timeout 09:20:50
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde should the camera ever change position when you press ctrl+number? 09:22:16
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde I'd say no 09:22:23
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog no 09:22:26
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde okey, my previous description is not entirely correct 09:22:53
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde but almost 09:23:22
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog now in ZK with luaUI enabled, pressing ctrl+1 even once while the control group is selected causes the camera to zoom back 09:23:26
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog probably because the fix is done by some haxy widget that doesn't deal with modkeys 09:23:41
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog I don't see the need to enshrine this behaviour. If I had the time and updated buildable and deployable engine, I'd be modernising the engine by going through and making inbuilt behaviours like this default to the behaviour you'd expect from playing any other RTS. 09:26:11
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde yeah 09:26:39
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde Maybe it is just because of the standard way of cycling through command in Spring 09:28:55
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog the action system? 09:29:12
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog perhaps part of the fix would be to extend the action system to let doublepresses trigger actions 09:29:50
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog I would not like to include ad hoc keypress timeout tracking directly in the engine 09:30:19
@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog or maybe the simpler way is for a callin like ivand suggests, but that calls for every single control group selection so that lua can do its own callin dt tracking and decide whether to let a zoom occur 09:31:03
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGoddeRedacted or Malformed Event09:31:08
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde or maybe not 09:38:52
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde hm... 09:38:57
@_discord_178635836781232128:springrts.comGodde Kal'tist meant that zk has a fork of chobby in that it supports distinctive autohosting and voting 13:42:49
@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand GoogleFrog for something above to be considered seriously, you need to put together some roadmap if/when/how ZK moves to the engine fork. And I expect some dev collaboration from ZK side as well.
Right now my resources are already fully utilized, so some features you want/need will need to be developed by yourselves.
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17 Apr 2021
@kakolainen:matrix.orgkakolainenmouse, keyboard, keybindings and camera all should be handled in LuaUI and purged from the engine, if you disagree you probably incompetent developer06:04:49
@_discord_550000146289524737:springrts.comKal'tist Godde 06:08:38
@_discord_550000146289524737:springrts.comKal'tist godde might feel very insulted 06:08:52
@kakolainen:matrix.orgkakolainenis godde even a developer?06:18:31
@kakolainen:matrix.orgkakolainena double mouse click might work with the current messy layered event system but double keypress probably can't work06:19:42
@kakolainen:matrix.orgkakolainenso best way is to keep everything on one layer since other layers are mostly unneeded06:20:18
@_discord_550000146289524737:springrts.comKal'tist probably not an engine developer 06:23:55

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