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9 Apr 2020
17:45:59@_discord_224879832935170048:springrts.comFloris well back then i sometimes asked a questions in #sy and i recall either being ignored or gettign a discouraging response, things getting lost without history lookup as well, as well as irrelevant lidl and aldi
17:48:24@_discord_224879832935170048:springrts.comFloris then again nowadays that isnt improved much regarding engine dev stuff
17:50:42@_discord_663728006233063424:springrts.comPepeAmpere i have a backlog of questions from those times, esp. from 2009-2013 period, i think i should ressurect it and bring it here 😄
17:50:48@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand I think Discord is great for gathering communities
17:52:38@_discord_287055722502684683:springrts.comSprung lurk around the ZK repo, possibly a lot of stuff that was hard in 2009-13 might have already been done
17:52:40@_discord_291975290295549952:springrts.comivand Somehow most of those who used to give vague and discouraging responses fortunately enough stay loyal to their prehistoric chat systems.
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10 Apr 2020
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03:00:05@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog I heard of some Upspring preference where I could make it automatically load textures by pointing it to a folder
03:00:14@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog does anyone recall anything about it?
03:01:21@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog oh, I found it
10:56:26@_discord_287055722502684683:springrts.comSprung got a link? i always just copypaste stuff from ./objects3D to ./unittextures for work
11:01:01@_discord_225682278066552832:springrts.comGoogleFrog I had previously put the directory in Texture archives but that seemed to do nothing

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