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30 Jun 2020
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi so weird 19:48:42
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi Anyone here actually know what the difference is between the three? GetUnitWeaponFreeLineOfFire, GetUnitWeaponTryTarget, GetUnitWeaponTestTarget? 20:01:42
@_discord_223556945133436929:springrts.comhokomoko check the engine 20:06:24
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi looking now 20:06:56
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi testTarget factors in weapon aim lead, havefreelineoffire considers script AimFrom piece 20:07:54
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi and lead 20:08:27
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi so just try target doesn't factor in lead 20:08:35
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi that is at lua level 20:09:38
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi going deeper TryTarget calls HaveFreeLineOfFire anyway 20:09:50
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi and test target 20:10:17
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi testTarget checks stuff like category, crashing state, does consider los status, etc 20:11:50
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi freelineoffire basically just calls traceray 20:14:03
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi chance sare I looked this up when deciding which to use originally 20:14:15
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi HFLOF considers accuracy but I set that to 0 (i.e. perfect) and still the same behaviour 20:27:42
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi gotta be some other part of my code doing something weird but... but it is true then false on consecutive frames with no movmenet, arrrrrrrrrehgrgh 20:32:59
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi bedtime I guess 20:33:03
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi it often does it for a few dozen frames then decides which it prefers 20:45:46
@joe:feneas.orgjoe 21:22:40
1 Jul 2020
@_discord_408366442044719127:springrts.comBeherith hokomoko can start-script be ensured to run on the next frame? 06:47:50
@_discord_408366442044719127:springrts.comBeherith [S44]FLOZi "you're printing in aimweapon then printing in the started script?"

Yes 🙂
@_discord_223556945133436929:springrts.comhokomoko Beherith no idea when it runs 07:11:22
@_discord_408366442044719127:springrts.comBeherith thanks hokomoko , ill maybe try to see if lus spawns on time 😄 07:41:43
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@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi Pretty sure StartThread does run on the next frame for LUS 08:32:37
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi well, I feel like I would have realised previously if it didn't but I don't think I have anything to back it up than gut instinct 08:33:19
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid $AAPL has decided to cook Intel 11:42:50
@_discord_272050574814347264:springrts.comAnarchid Arm spring soon? 😛 11:42:53
@_discord_243111059198574603:springrts.com[S44]FLOZi gajop btw there is a MCL autohost now and back under active development. You can get your butt excitedingly handed to you by Godde ! 14:38:39

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