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15 Jul 2018
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15:52:46@omichalek:matrix.orgomichalek Hi, is this a place to ask for help please? My friend created an account but we cannot connect. When I search for her @username:matrix.org, I dont see anything, when she searches for 'omichalek' the name shows up but it is greyed out and cannot be clicked! I use the Android app on SailfishOS, she has thw iOS app
15:53:44@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade joined the room.
15:55:09@abbiya:matrix.orgabbiyaTry the desktop version
15:55:04@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeHello there, I just got (not chiffred) on my text input place holder. Is it normal ?
15:57:22@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade I'm using an android client. What is your solutions? Which client are you using on android ?
15:57:42@tulir:maunium.nettulir@omichalek:matrix.org: you can only search for people who are in a room with you. Try using the invite by ID button
15:58:51@tulir:maunium.nettulir reedwade: what do you mean "not chiffred"? This room is for Riot Web, the room for riot android is #riot-android:matrix.org
16:00:30@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade tulir: i just saw, i'm sorry. This is written "send a message (not chiffred)" in the text input placeholder
16:04:47@omichalek:matrix.orgomichalek tulir: 'invite by id' - I'll try to find that, thank you!
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16:10:46@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoreg reedwade: I'm guessing that "not chiffred" is a translation from the French text, which means not encrypted. End-to-end encryption is enabled imdividually for rooms, and can be enabled for a room in the room settings by anyone who has enough power to do so.
16:13:53@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade Ok so it's okay ! Yeah this was a french bad translation from "non chiffré"
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