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14 Dec 2017
20:15:25@kevbacon:matrix.orgKev Bacon 🍺[27, SM, US]🍸 joined the room.
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21:33:03@bookworm:retobrunner.chbookworm changed their profile picture.
21:43:09@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcus joined the room.
21:46:12@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcusIs it a known problem that search is never working?
21:46:40@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcusI always get a 504 error after a minute or two of waiting for a response
21:47:09@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcusregardless of channel/network that I'm bridged to
21:49:16@bookworm:retobrunner.chbookwormProbably due to the large load on matrix.org...
21:51:03@xlymian:matrix.orgxlymian joined the room.
21:51:03@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcusokay, would that work better when self-hosting a home-server?
21:51:52@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcusor would search somehow still depend on the matrix.org servers?
21:52:31@bookworm:retobrunner.chbookwormYes it does (at least on mine)
21:56:19@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcusThat would be a good reason to finally set that up :-)
21:56:37@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcusIs moving homeservers supported?
21:56:54@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcusMoving an account to another homeserver, I mean.
22:01:36@bookworm:retobrunner.chbookworm Nope, you'd need to start from scratch
22:04:06@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordYou could move manualy of course by inviting the New one and giving it the same Power Level of the old one. And after it leaving with the old Account (Double Check for the Power Level etc before leaving a room!)
22:09:24@bubuiic:matrix.orgMarcusmmh, that means I should do this sooner rather than later...
22:11:03@bookworm:retobrunner.chbookworm You could also try a less loaded public one, there's a list somewhere
22:11:21@bookworm:retobrunner.chbookworm But that's less fun of course
22:32:12@narispo:home.matrix.one-crazy-human.netnarispo left the room.
22:33:12@Cam-B:matrix.org@Cam-B:matrix.orgother than it being crapple are there any known issues with the riot ios app? My wife's app only receives notifications half the time. All notifications are turned on in her app. It's a Iphone 7 plus.
22:34:17@Cam-B:matrix.org@Cam-B:matrix.orgI've been trying to convert her to the decentralized world but everything that works smooth on linux and android seems to have problems wwith apple.
22:59:56@unnoticeable:matrix.orgunnoticeable joined the room.
23:56:07@kingflurkel:matrix.orgkingflurkel joined the room.
15 Dec 2017
00:52:55@dupa11111dupa:matrix.orgjusttestingdoes Riot support http2?
01:13:31@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaRiot-web supports it if your browser does.
01:13:41@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaDon't know about android/ios.
02:39:30@mirlur:matrix.orgmirlur joined the room.
03:01:12@Elon_Satoshi:matrix.orgFully Automatic Luxury Gay Orbital AVoid5 Digital Anarchocommunism changed their display name from Full Automation Luxury Gay AVoid5 Cosmic Digital Anarchocommunism to Fully Automatic Luxury Gay Orbital AVoid5 Digital Anarchocommunism.

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