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24 Mar 2018
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07:35:12@quesada:matrix.orgquesadawhy is the encrypt logo greyed out next to my user?
07:35:47@quesada:matrix.orgquesadaIt feels that every interaction is laggy, I can imagine because there are many users?
07:36:32@quesada:matrix.orgquesadaI'm planning to move my friends and employees to one encrypted chat, just need to make sure it 'works', it'd be awful to have to move again
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07:49:33@gutigen:matrix.orggutigen quesada: if you host your own homeserver it should be snappy, channels running on matrix.org instance are slow cause it gets overloaded quickly
07:54:49@quesada:matrix.orgquesadaI see
07:56:14@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenalso even with encryption homeserver admin can still monitor and collect metadata, so if you want actual security for your company's communication, you should host it yourself
07:59:29@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeequesada: this room is public and therefore not encrypted. If you start your own room you can set it to encrypted if you like.
08:01:53@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffee Matrix.org is the biggest server, and the default server for Riot. Suffice to say that there are a lot of people on it, and it is struggling with its own success.
08:02:19@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenyea, but that still allows admin to collect metadata - who contacts who at what time for how long from where and so on
08:02:58@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenfor a company chat platform using third party homeservers is bad idea, security wise
08:04:45@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffee Also reliability and corporate wise, given there's no service contract or anything like that.
08:06:20@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeFortunately you can simply run your own, and still talk to everyone else out there.
08:09:23@quesada:matrix.orgquesadais audio and video encrypted?
08:09:35@quesada:matrix.orgquesadaI see it uses jistsi
08:13:34@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeDirect calls between 2 people can be WebRTC, for which encryption is mandatory.
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10:37:03@roublard:matrix.orgroublardShould I be able to search people by their username? A friend created a account yesterday, and when I search for his username nothing come up.
10:42:18@tulir:maunium.nettulir you can only search for users who are in a room with you.

To contact other users, you need to enter their full user id (@user:example.com) or a 3pid (e.g. email, phone) that they have added to their account

10:42:56@roublard:matrix.orgroublardAh great. Thank you.

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