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27 Nov 2021
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <A_Smith> I'm sharing nearly 7 TB of Music files, over 1.1 Million, with afew other kinds of files with the DarkMX v1.23 app now 20:37:38
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <A_Smith> afk 20:38:52
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <A_Smith>


@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <TAS_Helpbot> ricochet-website is The Ricochet Refresh open-source project for private and anonymous instant messaging is located at this link https://www.ricochetrefresh.net/ 22:16:26
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <A_Smith>


@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <TAS_Helpbot> ricochet-ASmith is ASmiths Ricochet Refresh P2P Tor ID key to exchange ricochet:6xnggokp7l6sx3mellsfbc4ebkz3qomyxnftp7el32szvow7b5jryfid 22:17:55
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <A_Smith>


@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <TAS_Helpbot> tox-ASmith is ASmiths Tox ID is 3E45BFCB040ED98AD7298AC65503DDA9ADF14F63B88215F2230AD613389F550E42ED2B1C37D4 if you wish to add to your Tox friends to connect with 22:18:38
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <A_Smith> darkmx:chat:TAS@zr7uhmpidq6mtmnhxsk5zopjzpkiwpvtneumvpwkbdejepaqq4sq 22:45:12
@atetuwuv_-:matrix.orgatetuwuv_- joined the room.23:23:01
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <A_Smith> Oregon Ducks finishing on top of a wicked civil war game vs Oregon State, even in Auzten Stadium this was a rough game, lots of flags Oregon 38 Oregon St 29 23:59:46
28 Nov 2021
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <A_Smith> 3rd straight year, Oregon's going to the PAC-12 championship in Las Vegas (next weekend?) 00:00:56
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <A_Smith> My newly autumn planted tomatoes didn't deal with the frost well at all, but carrots, onions, lettuce, radishes, spinich all look fine despite multiple cold nights here 00:07:03
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <A_Smith> potatos look mostly flattened by the cold snaps also in their portable 20gal grow bags 00:07:36
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <A_Smith> afk, chores to carry out 00:08:46
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <Jaxx> there is 1 thing i cant get it to work for darkmx 02:47:24
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <Jaxx> nvm that one 03:07:06
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <se7en> https://freeworldnews.tv/watch?id=61a2d6e091e3df6cfc414aa1 03:08:21
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <ASmith> I've created a new DarkMX chat lobby on RetroShare as well as a new DarkMX forum on RetroShare, hope to see you there! 05:13:18
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <Jaxx> :D 05:15:04
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <ASmith> looks like about the most noticable tool missing would be some kind of mailer that operates over the tor network now on DarkMX 05:17:24
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <Jaxx> feel free to post ur suggestion on their forum 05:18:00
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <Jaxx> https://darkmx.app/register 05:19:12
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <ASmith> thanks, yes I noticed that earlier in my preview of this rather new decentralized network application Jaxx 05:28:51
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <ASmith> And I registered as ASmith and left a Mail tool feature request post in the DarkMX Support forum looks like moderators need to approve posts before publicly visible, that's fine. 05:29:56
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <ASmith> If you have 10 minutes,you are welcome to read over the newest Tor Alpha v0.4.7.2 change log, specifically for the sudden targeting on Tor network congestion control 05:31:25
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <ASmith> wb Jaxx , what do you think of my DarkMX efforts thus far? 20:59:36
@blowrojop:matrix.orgorganized global software reviewing on alternativeto.netHi, I'm just stopping by to say that I was an old user of RetroShare and really remember and enjoy the thought of it to this day. Have there been any recent security audits against the protocols and code? Does the project still improve old systems and replace deprecated protocols with newer safer and more efficient ones?23:17:28
@blowrojop:matrix.orgorganized global software reviewing on alternativeto.netAnd finally, how does it compare with Tor, I2P, and Sphinx overlay protocols in how it protects originator identity and connection reliability?23:22:57
29 Nov 2021
@cosmotron:matrix.orgcosmotronI couldn't get retroshare to work in tor mode. So I went with onionshare, I gotta say I'm pleased!22:19:30

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