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4 Aug 2021
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <TAS_Helpbot> fikabot: DBI connect('dbname=/media/terabyte1/limnoria/data/#retroshare/hailo.sqlite','',...) failed: unable to open database file at /usr/local/share/perl/5.26.1/Hailo/Storage.pm line 43. 07:52:49
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <TAS_Helpbot> Jaxx@oftc im not operator of that bot at all,but A_Smith is 07:53:43
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <TAS_Helpbot> I'll have to manually see if that is possible 07:55:01
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <ASmith> ignore fikabot 07:55:55
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <ASmith> flags #retroshare fikabot -V 07:56:34
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <TAS_Helpbot> / A_Smith changed mode on #retroshare@oftc to +o TAS_Helpbot 08:04:27
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <TAS_Helpbot> ok, hitting the sack here, gd'nite 08:07:09
@bkil:grin.hubkilSo, was it successful?08:07:21
@bkil:grin.hubkilCan I reenable it?08:07:24
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <TAS_Helpbot> dunno all I can do is set to ignore fikabot 08:07:47
@bkil:grin.hubkilIt didn't work, still forwarding08:07:57
@bkil:grin.hubkilOkay then, maybe we'll look at it next time08:08:17
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <TAS_Helpbot> I don't see anything, forwarding where? 08:08:29
@bkil:grin.hubkilOkay, this should do the trick08:10:24
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <irctester123> Thanks 08:10:38
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <A_Smith> testing one and two 08:10:40
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <ASmith> testing one and three 08:10:54
@bkil:grin.hubkilExcellent, now I've split it in too and it now doesn't loop08:11:05
@bkil:grin.hubkilWill still look crufty in OFTC, but at least it now looks better in Matrix πŸ˜„08:11:24
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <A_Smith> ok, sleepy, gotta hit the sack, gd'nite 08:11:43
@bkil:grin.hubkilNow we can rest in peace πŸ›Œ πŸ˜ͺ08:11:49
@bkil:grin.hubkilGood night!08:11:53
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@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ <liquidsnake> hi all 14:44:53

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