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20 Jun 2021
@telegram_803686583:corepaper.orgLeoKing TheSheepCat (Telegram)
In reply to Sepkuh (Telegram)
I don't want to remove signed mining either to be honest. Isn't there another way? Like the VRF we discussed a long time a go. So that decentralized pools are possible. Or another way. But when there is a solution...focus should be 100% on that. To achieve this as soon as possible. Not that we are 1 year further and still have nothing. I know it's a side project , but a bit more love would be welcome.

We need to get more devs that's one thing haha.

what is the benefit of signed mining, as of today?

preventing cryptobot malware to be used with klp mining?
@_discord_205688502250242048:corepaper.orgsgaragagghu#0831 changed their profile picture.07:57:34
@telegram_458528917:corepaper.orgJackZhou (Telegram)Because it's already a bear market13:33:04
@_discord_181806680428773376:corepaper.org•KaosOne•#9468 changed their profile picture.15:52:00
@telegram_726084113:corepaper.orgJunte (Telegram)'Chinas mining crackdown' Apparently all kinds of mining facilities get forced to close... Also KLP's? 👀🤷🏼‍♂️17:21:38
@telegram_480285849:corepaper.orgSepkuh (Telegram)Would be nice haha18:28:38
@telegram_926110356:corepaper.org•KaosOne• (Telegram)
In reply to Sepkuh (Telegram)
Would be nice haha
What !?
@telegram_480285849:corepaper.orgSepkuh (Telegram)What Junte says18:31:39
@telegram_480285849:corepaper.orgSepkuh (Telegram)* What Junte says18:31:57
@telegram_926110356:corepaper.org•KaosOne• (Telegram)yes, but why would it be nice?18:32:42
@telegram_726084113:corepaper.orgJunte (Telegram)
In reply to •KaosOne• (Telegram)
yes, but why would it be nice?
Swagga and Sepkuh would get their fair share of the block rewards back!😜🥳🥳
@telegram_480285849:corepaper.orgSepkuh (Telegram)Haha I'm not mining klp at this moment19:43:05
@telegram_726084113:corepaper.orgJunte (Telegram)
In reply to Sepkuh (Telegram)
Haha I'm not mining klp at this moment
Because of the Chinese miners' equipment as we suspect.

You could have a comeback.
@telegram_480285849:corepaper.orgSepkuh (Telegram)I still would be a top 20 miner when I switch back now haha19:47:03
@telegram_480285849:corepaper.orgSepkuh (Telegram)Was a top 1019:47:09
@telegram_480285849:corepaper.orgSepkuh (Telegram)* I still would be a top 20 miner when I switch back now haha19:47:25
@telegram_726084113:corepaper.orgJunte (Telegram)
In reply to Sepkuh (Telegram)
Was a top 10
Nice. Well let's see how the story goes.
@telegram_480285849:corepaper.orgSepkuh (Telegram)Yeah haha.19:49:28
@telegram_1022942654:corepaper.orgT'Challa Son! (Telegram)thats a dump and a half20:52:54
21 Jun 2021
@_discord_181806680428773376:corepaper.org•KaosOne•#9468 someone is trying to cheat or create a blackout ? 😅 14:58:37
@_discord_181806680428773376:corepaper.org•KaosOne•#9468 https://kulupu.subscan.io/transfer 14:58:38
@telegram_344787606:corepaper.orgEric (Telegram)gg14:58:55
@telegram_926110356:corepaper.org•KaosOne• (Telegram)
In reply to Eric (Telegram)
@_discord_242032644232183808:corepaper.orgsorpaas#5636 Do not attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence. 15:15:02
@_discord_242032644232183808:corepaper.orgsorpaas#5636 It's more likely that some exchanges forgot to update the type definition since the triple ref update. 15:15:37
@_discord_181806680428773376:corepaper.org•KaosOne•#9468 My phrase was ironic, I was thinking about what happened, thanks for your point 15:18:44
@telegram_53586556:corepaper.orgsgaragagghu (Telegram) https://kulupu.medium.com/kulupu-ama-on-september-29th-5f716383acfd 16:37:48
22 Jun 2021
@_discord_734147924015054878:corepaper.orgYT changed their profile picture.20:04:09
@_discord_734147924015054878:corepaper.orgYT changed their display name from YT#6312 to YT.20:04:09
@_discord_734147924015054878:corepaper.orgYT Can we please post bounties on Twitter Wei? Why so averse to letting other contribute to Kulupu? What is the treasury for? 20:04:09

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