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16 Sep 2019
14:57:42@420:perthchat.org420 Legalise Meth GameSpy
14:57:52@420:perthchat.org420 Legalise Meth PunkBuster
14:58:02@420:perthchat.org420 Legalise Methwhat were the rest loo
14:58:04@420:perthchat.org420 Legalise Methlol
14:58:23@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Admini hella wanna get gpu passthrough figured out with 2 amd gpus, never need to dual boot ever again!
14:59:21@420:perthchat.org420 Legalise Methhow to do it with nvidia though
14:59:33@420:perthchat.org420 Legalise Methw_500.png
14:59:40@420:perthchat.org420 Legalise Methnostalgia alert
15:03:00@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Admingpu passthrough might be easier with a intel/nvidia setup idk, you can use the integrated graphics chip in an intel processor for the hostOS then passthrough your larger card and a 2nd screen
In reply to @heady:matrix.org
is there significance to the naming scheme of motherboards
Maybe, maybe not....
15:57:29@bobfett:flobob.ovhbobfettThis shit is a fucking mystery
16:02:25@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Admin changed their profile picture.
16:02:44@foreverx86:matrix.orgforeverx86 There's some consistency but I'm pretty sure manufacturers just like flinging their shit st everyone
16:04:39@bobfett:flobob.ovhbobfettthe difference between B450 and B450M can be just a branding name and does not matter or be that one works on linux and the other not (with all the variations between)
16:05:59@foreverx86:matrix.orgforeverx86 There's consistency per manufacturer but not universally
16:06:23@foreverx86:matrix.orgforeverx86Ah you mean like that
16:06:39@foreverx86:matrix.orgforeverx86 Well then yeah there's a some consistency
23:23:56@foreverx86:matrix.orgforeverx86But manufacturers like chucking bogus tags on and artificially limiting the features of boards as well so
17 Sep 2019
00:34:21@birdt_:matrix.orgbirdt_A moment of silence.
00:36:05@birdt_:matrix.orgbirdt_ And the link for proof: https://stallman.org/archives/2019-jul-oct.html#16_September_2019_(Resignation)
00:40:19@foreverx86:matrix.orgforeverx86The bastards
01:01:06@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Adminanyone want to elaborate?
01:10:52@birdt_:matrix.orgbirdt_Recently, a medium article [ https://medium.com/@selamie/remove-richard-stallman-fec6ec210794 ], was written about Stallman. TL;DR, Stallman defends Minsky, an MIT researcher who is accused of soliciting sex with Epstein's victims. Stallman wrote in an email to the MIT mailing list, quote: "We can imagine many scenarios, but the most plausible scenario is that she presented herself to him as entirely willing. Assuming she was being coerced by Epstein, he would have had every reason to tell her to conceal that from most of his associates." By the Medium article's author, this was interpreted as Stallman saying that Epsteins victims were entirely willing. After the publishing of the Medium article, it began to spread and eventually became mainstream news, with harrasment towards MIT and Stallman as a result. Now, Stallman has resigned from MIT due to the backlash.
01:11:25@birdt_:matrix.orgbirdt_Redacted or Malformed Event
01:22:15@foreverx86:matrix.orgforeverx86 Due to illiterate millenials misinterpreting something RMS said about Epstein & MIT he has been forced to resign
01:22:31@foreverx86:matrix.orgforeverx86 That's a TLDR

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