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22 Mar 2024
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23 Mar 2024
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29 Mar 2024
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30 Mar 2024
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2 Apr 2024
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3 Apr 2024
@doggieboy:matrix.orgdoggie boyheya21:38:34
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@fawndue:kanouchat.comFawndue 🐁
In reply to @doggieboy:matrix.org
Oh hello. Sorry the chat has been quiet here for quite some time
@doggieboy:matrix.orgdoggie boyits ok just lookin to make some new friends 21:40:44
@doggieboy:matrix.orgdoggie boywho share my interests 21:41:19
@fawndue:kanouchat.comFawndue 🐁No problems there at all21:44:08
4 Apr 2024
@wild_w0lf:matrix.orgWild Wolf
In reply to @doggieboy:matrix.org
who share my interests
Haha, the pfp
8 Apr 2024
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9 Apr 2024
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10 Apr 2024
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11 Apr 2024
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14 Apr 2024
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15 Apr 2024
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16 Apr 2024
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