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27 Oct 2021
@juliebarnum:matrix.orgJulie Barnum (LASP-CU) No problem, dstansby ! We look forward to seeing your migration work later on. :) 16:00:06
1 Nov 2021
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2 Nov 2021
@smithara:matrix.orgAshley Smith

Sorry I wasn't able to join the meetings last week, I'm catching up on some of the recordings now!

Shawn Polson (LASP-CU) cool to see how you are making use of Deepnote for the executable paper! Is jupyterbook.org on your radar as a way to present the content nicely (with links off to JHub / Deepnote etc to execute it)? I've been using it as part of the puzzle for publishing and maintaining notebook resources (e.g. https://book.magneticearth.org/geomag-obs-models/01a_visualising-geomagnetic-observatory-data) and was thinking of suggesting it as a way to revamp the PyHC gallery

@smithara:matrix.orgAshley SmithListening to the later discussions about the maintenance of the gallery, I've been working through a lot of similar issues - essentially how to collaboratively build and maintain code examples on top of a complex changing environment, with focus on tying into Jupyter tooling. I started making some slides about how the gallery could use jupyter-book and some "simple" CI approach to tackle the maintenance (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1SKgxr5rKurr_rIBE_d4O_L0ZM-BreZnu_7_ZUit4Wgg/edit?usp=sharing) - would be happy to talk more about this at a future meeting, maybe as part of a wider discussion about outreach of PyHC to researchers18:39:58
3 Nov 2021
@shawn.polson:matrix.orgShawn Polson (LASP-CU)Thanks for all this Ashley! No, Jupyterbook wasn’t on my radar, but I’m gonna check it out now. And I just looked through your slides there, I think it totally makes sense to talk more about this during a telecon. Keeping the gallery up-to-date is a deceptively hard problem and it’s worth a little more thought. 👍00:04:36
@cadair:cadair.comCadairI would say that the tech stack isn't the issue with the maintenance of the gallery. I can't see any reason why the use of jupyter over .py files would fix any of the issues?18:42:39
@smithara:matrix.orgAshley Smithnot directly no, but working directly with .ipynb files is easier for less experienced people who are coming in with knowledge of Jupyter - the point is to close the gap between the development environment and the published resource so that more people can contribute. Learning sphinx is a bit complicated and jbook hides that complexity away (it is sphinx underneath) while working directly with the .ipynb that is produced/consumed by Jupyter. Recently I was able to collaborate on building a book resource quite painlessly with someone who was not so familiar with notebooks and git - just point them to our JHub and what repo to clone, they write a notebook in the right place and then use the new git extension in JLab (it plays nice with notebooks) to push changes to a new branch that I could then tidy up and merge in. The real maintenance challenge is finding a good strategy for the testing and update cycle, and managing the execution environment - I found that using jupyter-book simplified the development and building (HTML) step. Admittedly though, switching to notebooks and jupyter-book might be a problem later on - who knows what is popular in five years and if that is maintained. 19:35:37
@cadair:cadair.comCadairI love Jupyterbook, I just don't think a tech stack switch is going to make any difference to the gallery at this point. To add an example to the gallery at the moment you only need to write a simple .py file. The issue is that it's not really being maintained / not enough momentum behind it. If someone wants to pick it up and take ownership of it, and swap the tech at the same time then all power to them!19:45:45
@smithara:matrix.orgAshley SmithAh yes well we also need to find incentives for that to happen :) A push for a step change in the content (so it could be useful for training, outreach etc), while thinking about where we would like it to be at in the future, might help get it snowballing. It's also tied in with that problem of understanding and summarising the functionalities across PyHC20:15:07
11 Nov 2021
@wtbarnes:matrix.orgwtbarnesIf you're on the astropy-dev mailing list, you've likely seen this already, but may be of interest to many people here: https://code.astrodata.nyc/16:56:40
17 Nov 2021
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3 Dec 2021
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5 Dec 2021
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6 Dec 2021

I’ve just uploaded the first version (v0.1.0) of a new package, astrospice , for generating astropy coordinates from SPICE kernels: https://astrospice.readthedocs.io/en/stable/. The goal is to replace heliopy.spice with a better and more maintainable package.

If anyone’s interested I’d be super interested in any feedback (and bug reports!)

@namurphy:matrix.orgNick Murphy dstansby — that's great! 16:52:47
@namurphy:matrix.orgNick Murphy I also saw a newsletter announcement for a Request for Information on the Heliophysics Data Environment from NASA, with submissions due on Jan 31. I'm curious if anyone from PyHC is planning on submitting anything to that, especially as a prequel for a paper to be submitted to the heliophysics decadal in the US. This would be most relevant to IHDEA, but definitely relevant to PyHC too. 16:56:35
@juliebarnum:matrix.orgJulie Barnum (LASP-CU)Hi all, Barbara Thompson got a new PyHC HelioNauts private group set up for us to try out, yay! In order to be a member of the group, you have to first join HelioNauts. The below link is valid until Tuesday, December 14th. https://helionauts.org/invites/m5f5iC23UC If you're already a member of HelioNauts and would like to be added to the PyHC private group, send me an email (Julie.Barnum@lasp.colorado.edu) with your username for HelioNauts.21:14:08
14 Dec 2021
@juliebarnum:matrix.orgJulie Barnum (LASP-CU)

Hey everyone,

A reminder that the PyHC online-only poster session will be held tomorrow, Wednesday December 15th from 16:00 - 17:15 PM CT. See the session info page for more details.


15 Dec 2021
@juliebarnum:matrix.orgJulie Barnum (LASP-CU)*** Update *** Since there’s been a fair bit of confusion with how to access the session/how AGU has set things up, we decided to dedicate the first PyHC telecon of 2022 to these posters. That telecon is scheduled for Monday, January 10th, at 9 AM MT / 11 AM ET / 16 UTC, on Zoom. The benefit there is that we can all be on Zoom, all questions can be asked directly on Zoom (and not through another AGU app), and non-AGU members could then benefit from seeing the posters. I look forward to seeing everyone there!17:01:21
21 Dec 2021
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5 Jan 2022
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7 Jan 2022
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10 Jan 2022
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@juliebarnum:matrix.orgJulie Barnum (LASP-CU)Hey, all! A reminder that we'll have our first telecon of 2022 here in ~25 minutes at 9 AM MT / 11 AM ET / 16 UTC. Zoom Info Topic: PyHC Telecons/Meetings Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime Join Zoom Meeting https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/9737236906915:34:49
@jtniehof:matrix.orgjtniehofHey Komodo folks, glad you're using SpacePy for the coordinates. We're about to merge a major overhaul to get rid of the Fortran ( https://github.com/spacepy/spacepy/pull/296 )...can one of you drop me a line so we can have you stress test it?16:59:51
@jtniehof:matrix.orgjtniehof * Hey Kamodo folks, glad you're using SpacePy for the coordinates. We're about to merge a major overhaul to get rid of the Fortran ( https://github.com/spacepy/spacepy/pull/296 )...can one of you drop me a line so we can have you stress test it?17:06:39
12 Jan 2022
@SolarBoy:matrix.orgSolarBoyFYI, NASA Goddard Helio is looking to hire a python programmer (US Citizenship or Permanent Residency is required): https://sesda.com/careers/python-programmer/20:03:13
13 Jan 2022
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16 Jan 2022
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20 Jan 2022
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