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22 Mar 2019
16:18:42@mbobra:matrix.orgmbobraCan someone share the link to the Google doc?
16:19:30@blalterman:matrix.orgBen AltermanSorry for my late arrival. A meeting went over. Have I missed anything not on the Google Doc?
16:19:36@namurphy:matrix.orgNick Murphyhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1CGu1XPGrQxmruV7jZUu3Y-IYAaww7qReQPToCcusRR0/edit?usp=sharing
16:21:14@mbobra:matrix.orgmbobraI think the Google doc is tracking everything nicely
16:29:30@wtbarnes:matrix.orgwtbarnes jmason86: To respond to your comment in the docs, fiasco grew out of differences in opinion in how a Python interface to CHIANTI should be developed
16:29:44@wtbarnes:matrix.orgwtbarnesIn an ideal world, they would be the same package
17:02:56@blalterman:matrix.orgBen AltermanAre there any conversations from the telecon that folks want to continue at this moment?
17:06:04@ehsteve:matrix.orgehsteve Hey Ben Alterman just wanted to state again that we can definitely try to do somethning with NumFocus from the SunPy side to try to address your issue.
17:09:27@blalterman:matrix.orgBen Alterman ehsteve:
17:09:38@blalterman:matrix.orgBen Altermanthat'd be great
17:11:33@namurphy:matrix.orgNick MurphyYeah, that does sound like the most promising way to go about it. Going through SAO may otherwise be possible but probably limited to hosting you for a visit and thus less flexible.
17:12:34@ehsteve:matrix.orgehsteveother potential ideas though more niche. DKISTpy, radio package to support EOVSA data.
17:16:35@blalterman:matrix.orgBen Altermanany thoughts about tools for connecting these packages?
17:17:05@blalterman:matrix.orgBen AltermanOr just developing example jupyter notebooks demonstrating how they can be easily used together?
17:18:51@blalterman:matrix.orgBen Altermansomething like the matplotlib example gallary
17:21:26@namurphy:matrix.orgNick MurphyDKIST is an NSF project so we'd have to check to make sure that DKISTpy would be eligible for NASA funding.
17:21:28@ehsteve:matrix.orgehstevethere is an example gallery for us!
17:22:14@ehsteve:matrix.orgehsteveStuart set it up for us.
17:22:58@cadair:cadair.comCadairDonations of extra hours in days so I have more time to work on it welcome.
17:22:29@blalterman:matrix.orgBen AltermanThen just adding to it?
17:22:41@ehsteve:matrix.orgehsteveseems like the link from the heliopython.org website to it has disapeared though so I'm not surprised people don't know about it.
17:23:27@blalterman:matrix.orgBen AltermanI mean, one of the ideas I've been rolling around is requesting authors with publications provide code for some/each figure in their papers as part of an example gallery.
17:24:06@cadair:cadair.comCadairYeah it should be operational. It could use a bit of extra polish but contributions of examples very welcome.
17:24:14@blalterman:matrix.orgBen AltermanAlso helps push folks to strip down their publication code into the core elements so that it's more useful in other places as well.
24 Mar 2019
14:33:33@ehsteve:matrix.orgehsteve@room Please have a look at your email. Based on the conversation in the meeting please add yourself to the list if you are thinking that a small amount of money would be helpful to standardize your package. Here is the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CGu1XPGrQxmruV7jZUu3Y-IYAaww7qReQPToCcusRR0/edit?usp=sharing
14:45:35@blalterman:matrix.orgBen AltermanFor those, like me, who are graduate students or will be graduating soon, but can't propose to the call, it would be useful to figure out how many of us there are who fall into this $5k-$10k range. For those interested, can you fill out this poll letting us know when you're available for a phone call so we can start coordinating? https://www.when2meet.com/?7681511-tyHlB
25 Mar 2019
12:32:03@jonv:matrix.orgjonv joined the room.

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