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25 Jan 2024
@dekken:matrix.orgPhilip changed their display name from Philip @ home to Philip.08:42:21
26 Jan 2024
@slack_pyhc_U03UEAKKXU0:openastronomy.orgJulie Barnum Speaking of the summer school... please be sure to share the summer school announcement with anyone and everyone who may be interested! Let's make this the hottest, most well-attended summer school of 2024. 😎 https://pyhc.org/2024/01/19/pyhc-summer-school-2024-announced.html 22:54:25
29 Jan 2024
@slack_pyhc_U04NJ3W9FSS:openastronomy.orgEric Winter s/sequal/sequel/g😁 01:29:33
31 Jan 2024
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2 Feb 2024
@slack_pyhc_U049MAG1VPG:openastronomy.orgKim Moreland joined the room.01:13:16
@slack_pyhc_U049MAG1VPG:openastronomy.orgKim Moreland Can anyone here point me to who to ask about the Sunpy HEK connector to get the GOES flare data from SWPC? I'm trying to find out if the flare classification has been updated on the data. TIA! 01:14:20
@slack_pyhc_U057UEW4P4N:openastronomy.orgNabil Freij From what I recall, the sunpy hek client just queries the HEK, so you will need to ask the HEK folks what the source is. I think their email address would be hek_support@lmsal.com (I can't load https://www.lmsal.com/hek/ to check at the current moment). 02:46:04
@slack_pyhc_U0456G40VFZ:openastronomy.orgNick Murphy In case anyone noticed their CI tests suddenly start failing, it may have been because pytest 8.0.0 was released very recently. It had a few breaking changes, including how warnings are handled with pytest.warns and pytest.raises. It also has some improvements, such as improved diffs. 14:00:00
@cadair:cadair.comCadairOr because pandas started throwing deprecation warnings for things that agent deprecations15:10:09
@slack_pyhc_U0456G40VFZ:openastronomy.orgNick Murphy Oh yes. That too. https://github.com/pandas-dev/pandas/issues/54466 15:11:10
@cadair:cadair.comCadairMy favourite thing about that was the fact the message starts with a line break15:46:45
6 Feb 2024
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7 Feb 2024
@slack_pyhc_U059YA2B7V5:openastronomy.orgJon Niehof Here we go again, more updates: https://github.com/heliophysicsPy/standards/pull/22 18:22:06
@slack_pyhc_U049MAG1VPG:openastronomy.orgKim Moreland Just an FYI for anyone - the HEK does not seem to have the re-calibrated GOES flare classification data yet. Waiting on reply from HEK! 18:24:15
@jeandet:one.ems.hostjeandet Hello, I'm willing to add more examples into the SciQLop gallery, any idea of PyHC packages that could benefit fast time-series plotting capabilities? 18:46:08
@slack_pyhc_U03UEAKKXU0:openastronomy.orgJulie Barnum Very exciting news! PyHC was recently awarded $50k in travel funding support for selected PyHC 2024 summer school attendees. We’re thrilled to be able to offer some funding support this summer school, and greatly thank NSF for this opportunity! See our blog post announcement for more details: https://heliopython.org/2024/02/06/summer-school-funding-announced.html 22:47:49
9 Feb 2024
@louis-richard:matrix.orgLouis Richard joined the room.13:04:09
12 Feb 2024
@slack_pyhc_U059YA2B7V5:openastronomy.orgJon Niehof if anybody's a Zenodo wizard, it would be appreciated to check my work: https://github.com/heliophysicsPy/standards/issues/24#issuecomment-1939466972 20:10:54
@slack_pyhc_U058LP1JQ8Z:openastronomy.orgDonny Winston Seeking usability feedback on my team's pre-alpha, heliophysics-focused TOPST ScienceCore lesson materials. When: via 30-minute sessions next week (Feb 19-23). More info: >. Please share. 22:23:51
13 Feb 2024
@slack_pyhc_U04A6HMJWM7:openastronomy.orgMilo Buitrago-Casas joined the room.16:02:10
21 Feb 2024
@slack_pyhc_U03UEAKKXU0:openastronomy.orgJulie Barnum Hey all, Our spring 2024 meeting (virtual only) is quickly approaching! • Monday, March 11th, 2024 – Thursday, March 14th, 2024, 9 – 11 AM MT on Zoom each day • Registration FREE, but REQUIRED. Due by Friday March 8th, 2024. See website for registration link/more details on the meeting: ◦ Website: https://pyhc.org/meetings/spring2024/ Do be sure to register, as I will soon only be sending spring meeting reminders to registered attendees. 😉 18:45:29
22 Feb 2024
@slack_pyhc_U03UEAKKXU0:openastronomy.orgJulie Barnum Some news to pass along from the DASH/IHDEA 2024 front! 2024 DASH/IHDEA meeting: call for session topics —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Calling all software developers and scientists who are interested in algorithms, software and data systems related to heliophysics (solar physics, space physics, geospace and related sciences)! Come see what your colleagues are working on! Mark your calendars! 14-18 October 2024, at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) of ESA, near Madrid, Spain and hybrid: DASH (Data Analysis and Software in Heliophysics) and IHDEA (International Heliophysics Data environment Alliance) annual meetings More information at https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/ihdea/ihdea-dash-2024 where we invite you to submit session topics for DASH by March 18 at ihdea_dash_2024@cosmos.esa.int! The European Space Agency (ESA) is pleased to host the venue of the upcoming DASH (Data Analysis and Software in Heliophysics) and IHDEA (International Heliophysics Data Environment Alliance) annual meetings in its premises at ESAC. Oct. 14-16: DASH serves as a forum for software developers and scientists to present and discuss algorithms, software, and data systems used in the acquisition, reduction, analysis, and dissemination of data for Heliophysics, including space and ground-based measurements as well as models. After the successful inaugural meeting at John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory mid-October 2023, this meeting will further connect practitioners across institutions, agencies and countries to identify common challenges and opportunities in open source software structure and design, including modern data infrastructure, methods and pipelines. International participation is the key to our community’s success, and all ranges of experience are welcome. Oct. 17-18: The IHDEA meeting will complement this conversation by focusing on the challenges and opportunities in aligning data and data products with community standards, the FAIR principles and general Open Science practices, and the software necessary for accomplishing those goals. The goal of the International Heliophysics Data Environment Alliance (IHDEA) is to encourage the use of common standards and services by major data providers, including simulation services and science platforms, in order to enable sharing of data and to enhance science. IHDEA also aims at bridging the gap between different communities such as GNSS and Earth observations communities in the context of a global Heliophysics information architecture. Looking forward to seeing you!! DASH Science Organising Committee 21:36:45

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